Through 15 seasons, Criminal Minds has probably conveyed the most curved and stunning chronic executioner cases to at any point hit TV. The show, however, isn't just about the FBI tackling violations, getting chronic executioners, and saving lives. This show ultimately puts resources into the existence of characters and the psychological pressure working on a task like this can put on somebody.

With such countless incredible Criminal Minds episodes throughout the 15 years of stories, we have found more extraordinary ones you ought to look at if you need to marathon watch the best of Criminal Minds.

Top 25 Best Criminal Minds Episodes

1. Masterpiece (S4, Ep 8)

The Killer confesses to killing seven missing ladies the BAU had been hunting and that there were five others, including three youngsters.

2. 100 (S5, Ep 9)

After 11 years, the lead examiner for the situation considered Hotch and said that he was passing on and accepted The Reaper would begin killing once more.

3. The Fisher King (S2, Ep 1)

The case encompassed a man named Randall Garner, who was severely scorched in a fire that took nearly his whole family.

4. Revelations (S2, Ep 15)

Spencer Reid is one of the most intriguing characters on Criminal Minds, a splendid young fellow who experiences difficulty managing his instabilities.

5. 300 (S14, Ep1)

10 years after the BAU halted a religion chief named Benjamin Cyrus, his adherents returned for retribution in the 300th Criminal Minds episode.

6. Damaged (S3, Ep 14)

"Damaged" is a Rossi-driven episode and follows him as he sets out to address a case that spooky him for a very long time at last.

7. Penelope (S3, Ep 9)

"Penelope" was a complicated watch because perhaps the most darling person on Criminal Minds, Garcia, battled for her life after she was the objective of the new unsub.

8. Mayhem (S4, Ep 1)

"Mayhem" is the season 4 debut as the BAU examines the bombarding of an SUV in New York City, conveying an individual from the group.

9. Minimal Loss (S4, Ep 3)

"Minimal Loss" was only the third episode of the fourth time of Criminal Minds, yet it was vital, the best episode of the whole series with "300" north of 10 years after the fact.

10. The Replicator (S8, Ep 24)

There have been not many passing of the characters. However, that changed in the episode "The Replicator."

11. Lauren (S6, Ep 18)

In it, the group needs to unite as one when Prentiss disappears. As they understand, she's following a dangerous foe from her time secret as a lady.

12. The Tall Man (S14 Ep 5)

Whenever two individuals disappear in the forest, and a third is found, the group researches a humble community phantom story.

13. Entropy (S11, Ep 11)

Spencer Reid will, in general, be the subject of prisoner circumstances a great deal; however, that is probable since he's a fan #1.

14. Mr. Scratch (S10, Ep 21)

This specific episode set his getaway and the break of considerably more chronic executioners, moving for a more extended story bend.

15. Mosley Lane (S5, Ep 16)

The storyline included a few children raised as a "family" by their hijackers. It was one about trust for the groups of missing individuals.

16. Believer (S13, Ep 22)

The Strangler is the chronic executioner and clique pioneer who designated Reid alongside his devotees.

17. Date Night (S15, Ep 6)

This episode has Reid planning for her execution, yet she has another move, as she requests one date with Reid before she bites the dust and has his better half's dad and sister grabbed to compel this to occur.

18. Zugzwang (S8, Ep 12)

Diane was somebody that harmed Reid more than nearly anybody when she offed herself and Reid's, leaving him broken for the majority of the remainder of the time.

19.True Genius (S7, Ep 11)

"True Genius" is a Reid-driven Criminal Minds episode. This has the BAU head to San Francisco when they accept that the Zodiac Killer could have returned years after the fact.

20. Amplification (S4, Ep 24)

The unsub in this episode needed to do a particular something - he needed to show individuals of America how weak the region was.

21. Extreme Aggressor (S1, Ep 1)

The BAU group researched a progression of murders where the casualties were held for quite a long time before being killed.

22. The Uncanny Valley (S5, Ep 11)

A female unsub was snatching ladies - past terrible, mainly since the ladies were aware the entire time.

23. Jones (S2, Ep 18)

Reid's battle with his Dilaudid habit arrived at a defining moment in "Jones," yet while that was a significant feature of the episode, it was not its just strength.

24. Memoriam (S4, Ep 7)

The episode generally held tight the incline of going extraordinarily dull, as Reid's recollections kept on recommending terrible mysteries about his dad and his own life.

25. Elephant’s Memory (S3, Ep 16)

When a tormented, abused teen snapped and started killing individuals who had violated him, Reid could relate to his grieved life.

Where to watch criminal minds?

CBS's streaming stage, Paramount +, can be the ideal choice for people who need to observe all times of Criminal Minds in one go. It also presents behind the scenes and prizes content to the watchers. Criminal Minds is the original series of Paramount+, so all 15 seasons are available. You can also watch Criminal Minds on Netflix, but the last three seasons are not available.

How can I download criminal minds?

Whether you're stacking up a plane, driving via train, or planning for a cross-country transport trip, your vessel of decision most likely won't advance toward Wi-Fi. You can watch criminal minds by downloading the series from StreamGaGa Pramamount Plus Downloader.

You can download videos from StreamGaGa Netflix Offline if you are using Netflix.


Q. What is the total number of episodes of criminal minds?

Criminal Minds have a total of 324 episodes.

Q. How long is each episode?

The estimated length of every episode of Criminal Minds is around 42-45 minutes.