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[Quick & Easy] How to Activate Disney Plus on TVs and Consoles?

Are you looking for the way to activate code? This post delved into everything about Disney Plus TV code to help you activate Disney Plus.

Do you find yourself craving all the exclusive Marvel and Disney content that is absent on popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime? Look no further, as Disney Plus is here to fulfill your entertainment needs. With a plethora of latest shows and movies that cannot be found elsewhere, Disney Plus has emerged as the go-to subscription app for avid fans of Disney originals.

disney plus tv code

Disney+ supports various device. To enjoy the latest content on TVs. You can easily subscribe and log in using login/begin 8 digit code. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step instructions on how to efficiently use Disney Plus, activate your account, and seamlessly download videos for an enhanced viewing experience.

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What is Disney Plus TV Code?

Disney Plus TV Code, namely, the login/begin 8 digit code allows you to log in and use Disney Plus on various devices, including TVs and consoles. Disney Plus 8 digit enables you to connect the Disney Plus to the following device:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV (4th generation and later)
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Android TV devices
  • Hisense smart TVs
  • LG WebOS smart TVs
  • Samsung Tizen smart TVs
  • Vizio SmartCast TV
  • Cox Contour TV and Contour Stream Player Box
  • Xfinity Flex and X1 TV Box
  • Xumo TV and XiOne Box

This 8 digit code makes it easy for you to connect your Disney Plus account on various devices without filling in any additional info, which is very convenient for users.

How to Use Disney Plus TV Code?

disney plus tv code

The Disney Plus app is available on the play store or app store. You can also download this application on various platforms. Just open the app and log in using your username and password. If you do not have a Disney Plus account, sign up first by following these steps:

  • First, go to
  • Click on the sign-up option to create account.
  • Enter the email and set a password. Follow the instruction to complete the account info.
  • Set subscription plan and add a payment option.

Now, you can find the login/begin TV code and activate Disney Plus on your Smart TV or consoles through the simple steps below:

  • Turn on your smart TV and launch the Disney Plus app.
  • Login and the 8-digit code will be presented.
  • Now go to login/begin using your computer or mobile device.
  • Enter the code on the smart TV to the web.
  • Now you can visit Disney plus on your TV.

The detailed way to use Disney Plus login code to activate on different device will be went through one by one in the next section.

Note: If you've subscribed to Disney Bundle, it should be noted it is necessary to activate your Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ subscriptions individually for the smooth operation of your services. This requirement applies even if you have already activated Disney+ on your device.

How to Activate Disney Plus on Various Devices?

You do not have to use Disney Plus only on the web or smartphone. Now, you can activate this service on your smart TV of any size. Enjoy your favorite marvel, Pixar, and Disney's latest content on a bigger screen for free if you've subscribed to Disney Plus.

Disney+ is compatible with many Android smart TVs, game consoles like Xbox and PS4, Firesticks, and Android boxes. Here are the detailed ways to activate Disney plus on your device.

On Xbox

activate disney plus on xbox

  • Install Disney+ from the Microsoft Store of your Xbox.
  • Enter the home of Xbox and find the Disney+ .
  • Open the app and click on the option login with a unique code.
  • You will see 8 digit code.
  • Now open using a browser on your phone or PC.
  • Type in the 8 digit code that you saw on your screen.
  • You can enjoy Disney Plus movies and shows on your Xbox now.

On PS4

activate disney plus on ps4

  • Navigate to PlayStation Store and install Disney+ on your PS4.
  • Launch Disney+ and select signin using the code option.
  • Now open the link link on your browser using another device.
  • Sign in to the PS4 using the email and password.
  • Enter the activation code that you saw on the console.
  • The PS4 will get activated. Now you can find your favorite shows and stream.

On Xfinity

activate disney plus on xfinity

Here are the steps to use Disney Plus on Xfinity.

  • Press the Xfinity button to access it from your remote.
  • Go to apps.
  • Find the Disney plus app and tap open it.
  • If you already have an account, press sign in from the remote otherwise login.
  • Enter your username and password using your keyboard.
  • After signing in, your app is ready to use with Disney_ service.

On Apple TV

activate disney plus on apple tv

  • Download Disney+ app from the App Store.
  • Launch Disney+ from the home.
  • You will see an activation code at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now type in in your browser on another device.
  • Type in the code on the screen of Apple TV.
  • The Disney plus app will automatically get activated.
  • Now you can stream Disney+ on Apple TV.

If you're still confused, read this post How to Get Disney Plus on Apple TV? from the StreamGaGa Blog.

On Samsung TV

activate disney plus on samsung tv

  • Install the app Disney+ from the store of Samsung TV.
  • Search the home to find the Disney+ app, and launch it.
  • Login your Disney Plus account and you will see an activation code on the screen.
  • Now type in in your browser on another device.
  • Type in the code on your Samsung TV.
  • The Disney plus app will automatically get activated.
  • Now you can stream your favorite Disney+ shows on your Samsung TV.

On Chromecast

activate disney plus on chromecast

Chromecast aims to convert your regular TV to a smart TV, so that you can stream shows from different apps using Chromecast:

  • Attach the Chromecast device to your TV.
  • Connect internet.
  • Open the Disney+ app on your android or apple device, and sign in using your email and password.
  • Select the video you want to watch.
  • Click on the cast icon and choose the device you want to cast to.
  • Now you can stream Disney+ content with Chromecast.

On Fire TV/Firestick

activate disney plus on amazon fire tv

  • Navigate to the Fire TV home page and click on the search icon located at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Enter "Disney plus" and select Disney+ from the apps and games tab.
  • Click on the "get" option to install Disney+ on your Fire TV.
  • Open the app and log in your Disney+ account.
  • An activation code will be displayed on your TV screen.
  • Grab another device, open a browser and navigate to "".
  • Enter the code displayed on your TV screen.
  • The Disney+ app will now activate on your Fire TV automatically. Streat Streaming now!

How to Watch Downloaded Disney Plus Shows on TV?

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To download Disney+ videos using StreamGaGa is pretty easy too. You only need to follow these steps:]

Download and install StreamGaGa on your mac/Windows PC.
Launch StreamGaGa and find Disney+ from the "VIP Services".

download disney plus videos

Login your Disney account with the build-in browser, and play the video you want to download.
Customize the download settings and download.

A prompt will show for you to customize the download settings. Click "Download Now" to initiate the download process.

download disney plus videos

You can check the download process through "Downloading" and find the downloaded videos from "Downloaded". To find the video files, you can click the file icon beside the downloaded videos to open the local folder on your PC.

Final Words

To sum up the discussion, Disney Plus is an excellent service that allows you to watch various exclusive shows, including Pixar, Disney Originals, Pixar movies, Star Wars series, and the most popular Marvel movies. This post delves into the detailed info about Disney Plus TV code and offers detailed steps to activate Disney Plus on various smart TVs and devices.

Hope this article can help you enjoy your favorite Disney+ movies on a bigger screen. To enjoy downloaded Disney+ shows on your TV or other bigger screen, you can try StreamGaGa Disney Plus Downloader.

StreamGaGa Disney Plus Downloader
StreamGaGa Disney Plus Downloader is a software to download videos from Disney Plus in high-quality to MP4/MKV format. With subtitle download, ad-free offline viewing, and more features, it can be your best Disney Plus downloader. Learn More >
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