Theater experience has become a lot easier with the arrival of amazon prime. But, since the app has launched on mobile and laptop, we have heard complaints about the lack of Chromecast support. When two tech giants go head to head can negatively impact the consumers. Fortunately, in 2019, Google and Amazon have managed to maintain a friendlier relationship and support for Chromecast.

As two techs can hurt consumers when they come head to head, similarly, when they come together can bring unique experiences. However, now you can have Friday night fun by direct amazon prime videos on Chromecast.

How to watch Amazon Prime on Chromecast?

The friendly bond between the two techs has brought many advantages, including the option to watch amazon prime on Chromecast from different devices. Here are the instructions for different devices.

From a Tablet or Smartphone

If you like to enjoy the big screen, Chromecast amazon prime is a blessing in disguise for you. Enjoy your time without any interruption by following these simple steps.

  • Ensure that you have the latest version or up-to-date amazon prime video app on your smartphone.
  • Be careful about your network connection. Therefore, make sure to connect the tablet or phone to the same internet connection on which Chromecast is connected.
  • Launch the app and open it. Right after opening, you will see a large icon named "Cast" at the bottom right corner of the smartphone's screen.
  • Tap on the cast icon and choose the Chromecast device you are willing to connect to.
  • The movies and shows will appear on your screen. Select the movie you want to watch tonight and top on the movie. Now you will be able to enjoy amazon prime chrome cast on your mobile.

A thing to keep in mind is that the cast icon is not similar to the watch-on button that you may witness right under the video. This icon is to watch movies and TV shows on a Fire TV device. In order to connect to a Chromecast, the button is visible at the bottom right corner of the mobile screen.

From Mac or Personal Computer

Streaming amazon prime video to Chromecast from a computer is as simple as on mobile. Set up the Google Chrome browser on your computer. You are just a few steps away from having Google Chromecast amazon prime on your TV.

  • Check the official website of amazon prime video on your chrome.
  • Choose the TV show or movie you are willing to watch on the television and hit the play button.
  • Wait a minute and make sure that you do not switch to full-screen mode.
  • The three vertical dots will be visible at the top right corner. They will lead you to the menu in the chrome browser; click them.
  • Here the icon will appear with the name "Cast," and click the Chromecast you want to connect.
  • Here you go. The PC or laptop screen will be mirrored on the television. Enjoy!

Keep in mind that this restricts the amazon prime video resolution to 1080p when you Chromecast with 4K resolution.

Guidance for Viewing Amazon Prime Videos on other Programs

If amazon Chromecast is not a possible option for you, alternate programs are also available. However, Chromecast is a reliable source with a bunch of advantages, but you can also use these programs to enjoy amazon prime on television


Ruko is a well-known streaming player introduced by an American company. It facilitates users to cast a host of online content on TV. You can get access to hundreds of famous channels like Netflix, Disney plus, prime videos, etc. once any channel has been added, content casting becomes convenient. Through the channel section on the TV, navigate with the help of the remote to go to the channel and play your favorite movie.

Fire TV

It is the name of multiple streaming devices created by amazon, including Fire TV cube, Amazon on Fire TV stick, etc. With the availability of thousands of applications and Alexa skills, Fire TV brings all the streaming content that would make you switch to TV from a laptop.

Apple TV

If you are not a fan of Chromecast amazon prime, you should give apple TV a try. It allows casting to the TV from Apple's content and other streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, etc.

Can I Watch Amazon Prime Offline in High Resolution?

Offline mode is an essential feature required to have distortion-free content. But, having different channels can mess up the arrangement of downloaded series. Here begins the game ofStreamGaGa Amazon Video Downloader. It allows the user to connect to different channels and download your favorite movie with high resolution and speed.

In order to download the video, open StreamGaGa and select amazon prime. Then search your favorite movie from the search bar and initiate todownload amazon prime videos with StreamGaGa. It allows the user to download high-quality content with subtitles. You can download subtitles integrated with the movie or separately in the file form that can allow you to mix them with text.

StreamGaGa allows you to navigate different channels in one place, like Hulu with amazon prime. But, some people confuseHulu and amazon primeas one streaming service. Actually, they are a rival streaming service available at StreamGaGa in one place.

Final Words

Before getting a subscription to a streaming platform, it is natural to wonder, so people usually wonder, can you Chromecast amazon prime? Yes, you can Chromecast amazon prime. Actually, it is a handy way to watch your favorite show right from your personal computer and android to television.

While connecting may be a complex process, you can make it easy and smooth with the above description. Moreover, you can enjoy your favorite show without buffering and during the unavailability of the internet by saving it for the future. streamGaGa is a handy tool that can help you download amazon prime videos with high speed.