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[2024 Latest] AnyStream Review: Is AnyStream Down? Alternatives to AnyStream

This AnyStream review covers the top feature, usage, price, pros and cons of the popular downloader AnyStream and is Anystream down in 2024.

Have you, at any point in time, found yourself wondering which video downloader to use from the vast majority currently available? The feeling of having a perfect one is overwhelming, considering how many are out there. In such an eventuality, we thought of taking one video downloader that is pretty famous called RedFox AnyStream.

anystream review

In this AnyStream review, our focus will be on its top features, exploring its usability, analyzing the pricing structure, the pros and cons of using this particular service and is AnyStream down. Check this AnyStream Review to get a detailed insight into the popular software. And if you're here, you might also be interested in the RedFox AnyStream crack. Check out more articles on StreamGaGa Blog.

Is AnyStream Down?

The RedFox AnyStream website ( appears to be down currently. This could be due to server issues or maintenance, but no specific reason has been provided by RedFox. Users have been experiencing issues with AnyStream, especially related to downloading DRM-protected content from certain streaming services like Netflix and Disney+.

For the latest updates and potential solutions, it is recommended to check the RedFox forums where the community and support team provide ongoing information and assistance.

What is AnyStream?

Let's step in for the overview of AnyStream. To deliver the most reliable review possible—both for you and for the critical decision—I subjected AnyStream to complex testing before I wrote this. All the information reported in this article is based on observations made during that test.

Top Features of AnyStream

AnyStream is a powerful downloader designed exclusively for Windows PC users, allowing video downloading from popular streaming services. With AnyStream, you can unlock the following top features:

Feature 1
Save Movies in MP4 Format

AnyStream enables you to effortlessly download movies and series as MP4 files from 5 renowned streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+. By subscribing to AnyStream Plus, you can unlock another 9 supported platforms.

anystream review

Feature 2
Comprehensive Search and Browse

Find your desired movies and series with ease. AnyStream empowers you to browse and search across multiple streaming services from a single platform. All the search and download work can be done within the software.

Feature 3
High-Quality Download

AnyStream supports Dolby Digital Surround Audio 5.1 and high resolution up to 1080P, ensuring a captivating audio and video experience that enhances the overall enjoyment of your downloaded content.

Feature 4
Download Speed Control

Tailor your download experience. AnyStream allows you to control the download speed, ensuring optimal utilization of your internet connection and enabling you to manage your bandwidth efficiently. You can change the setting from File > Settings > Download.

anystream download speed

Feature 5
Subtitle Support

AnyStream provides versatile subtitle support. Whether it's embedded text or image subtitles or external subtitle files in TTML or SRT format, you can enjoy your movies and series with the subtitles that suit your preferences.

Feature 6
Ad-Free Downloads

AnyStream removes ads, including those from 'Free with Ads' content on some streaming services, ensuring a distraction-free and enjoyable viewing experience while saving your money for more advanced functions.

Note: While these top features are available in AnyStream, it's worth noting that certain advanced features, including batch download, adding movies to the download queue, adding entire seasons to the download queue, and accessing additional streaming services, are exclusive to AnyStream Plus.

How to Use AnyStream?

Follow these steps to get videos in MP4 format on your Windows PC:

  1. Download the AnyStream software and install it on your PC:

Visit the official website and locate the download section. Download the software executable file onto your computer. Follow the provided instructions to install AnyStream on your computer. Allow the installation process to complete.

  1. Launch AnyStream and finish the initial setup

Upon launching the software for the first time, a message will prompt you to log in to the service. Click "OK" when you encounter the message "You are not logged in to the service." From the list of available services, choose the streaming platform you wish to use with AnyStream.


  1. Log in to your streaming service and play the desired video

After selecting your preferred service, log in your personal account of the streaming platform. Navigate to the page of the video you wish to download and click it within the AnyStream software interface. When the following pop-up shows, click "Download".

anystream review

  1. Customize download settings

Based on your preferences, customize the video settings, audio language and subtitle before starting the download. Once you have tailored the settings, click "Download!" to initiate the download process.

anystream review

  1. Check the downloading process

Now you can check the download speed and estimated left time at the very bottom, and the overall download tasks on the right column. Wait, and the videos will be saved on your computer.

anystream review

Read the article to know how to use RedFox AnyStream in detail.

Price and Plan of AnyStream

RedFox AnyStream offers two type of subscription: AnyStream and AnyStream Plus. From the perspective of overall cost performance, we recommend AnyStream Plus. But you should be based on your own preference to different services to make a better decision of each plan:

Plan AnyStream AnyStream Plus
  • €59/1 year
  • €75/2 year
  • €89/3 year
  • €109/LFT
  • €109/1 year
  • €125/2 year
  • €139/3 year
  • €159/LFT
Supported Services 5 9 (Addition: Max, Hulu, itvX, Joyn, Max, Paramount+, Peacock, Rakuten TV, WowTV)
Quota 100 downloads (refill 1/36 min) 100 downloads (refill 1/36 min)
Subtitle Download
High-Quality Download
MP4 Download
Batch Download

You can also use the free 21-day trial of AnyStream before making any purchase. With the free version, you can download up to 10 full videos from the above mentioned 14 platforms in the 21 days. If it's used up, it will refill at a rate of 1 download every day. It means that you can download up to 21 videos during the trial period.

Note: However, it should be noticed that now AnyStream doesn't supported credit card payment in the US. You can still use Paypal or pay in Bitcoin through Cah App and Robinhood.

Pros & Cons of AnyStream

Based on the test, we make a clear and intuitive form of "pros & cons" to summarize our using experience about AnyStream. Before this, we have done a test of downloading one episode from Netflix using AnyStream. Here are the pros and cons:

  • Quick response.
  • High-quality up to 1080P.
  • Separate subtitle download feature.
  • Download videos in compatible MP4 format.
  • Limited supported sites.
  • Complex and hard-to-navigate UI.
  • Long download time (1 episode for 48 min).
  • No privacy policy for the build-in browser.
  • No 1-month or half-year plan.
  • No support for mac users.

Best Alternative to AnyStream: StreamGaGa Downloader

We have introduced the basic features, usage, free trial, pros and cons of AnyStream and is AnyStream down. As you can see, it really holds only a little less features for the price and the server is not stable. it is not suitable for those who use other streaming services such as FANZA, Crunchyroll, Paramount+ and so on.

So, are there other more capable download software with similar features to AnyStream? Here we recommend StreamGaGa, a similar downloader, but for both mac/Windows PC users. What's more, it supports 1500+ sites.

Features of StreamGaGa


StreamGaGa is a new kind of software that will revolutionize the way you think about streaming videos. It allows you to download video easily from more than 1,500 websites, including all popular paid video services, with an intuitive, neat UI.

It also offers monthly plans for people with different needs. To wipe away any trace of apprehensions, it presents a complete privacy policy and a free trial with a refund policy. So download StreamGaGa right now and see its efficiency for yourself.

How to Use StreamGaGa?

The download procedure with StraemGaGa is also pretty easy.

Launch StreamGaGa and Navigate to "VIP Services"

Download and install StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader on your Windows PC/Mac. Launch StreamGaGa, navigate to VIP Services and find the platform you want to download from. Here we will take Netflix for an example.


Login Your Netflix Account and Play the Video

Login your Netflix account with the build-in browser. Browse the Netflix library to pick one video you want to download and play it.


Customize the Download Settings and Begin to Download

Once you play the video, StreamGaGa will begin to analyze the URL and prepare for downloading. Then a pop-up will show for you to customize your download settings. You may choose your video and audio, and select subtitles files. Click "Download Now" when settings are done.



AnyStream offers a comprehensive set of features for streaming enthusiasts, making it a reliable choice for downloading and converting videos from this AnyStream review. Its pricing options cater to different usage needs, although it is limited to Windows users. If you are looking for an alternative, StreamGaGa presents with similar functionalities and cross-platform support. Morevoer, StreamGaGa is more stable considering the rencently server problem of AnyStream.

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