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Discovery Plus Review 2023: Is it Worth it? Subscription, Pricing, Channel, Download

In the Discovery Plus review, you’ll learn about basic info about Discovery Plus and the steps to download shows on Discovery Plus in easy ways.

Although not as large as Netflix or Hulu, Discovery Plus is a well-liked streaming service that offers thousands of shows. However, many people are unsure if it's worth subscribing to another streaming platform.


Is joining a different streaming provider worthwhile? How much is Discovery Plus? What services are available on Discovery Plus? Can I download programs from Discovery Plus to my gadgets? These queries are puzzling a lot of people.

This article provides a detailed Discovery Plus review about itsplans, pricing, channel, the Discovery Plus app, and the noteworthy shows in their library, what's more importantly, download feature. Hope this review will help your choice.

And since you're here, you may also be interested in how to get Discovery Plus student discount and how to fix Discovery Plus when it down.

What is Discovery Plus? - The Basics

To begin with, the Discovery Plus review will introduce the basic info about Discovery+. Warner Bros. Discovery owns the American streaming service Discovery+, which is pronounced "Discovery Plus" and styled as discovery+. The service primarily features original series (including spin-offs of shows from Discovery's networks), acquired material, and factual programming culled from the archives of Discovery's primary channel brands.

Discovery+ is very suitable for the following three groups of individuals:

  • Those who prefer non-fiction television and can't get enough of it through their current streaming alternatives, whether they are cord-cutters or never were.
  • Pay-TV customers who desire ad-free access to Discovery's archived programs.
  • Fans of Discovery who wish to view Discovery+ originals in addition to their pay-TV subscription.

If you want to know more before joining Discovery Plus? If you're considering it? Let's get going!

Discovery Plus Subscription and Price

One of the most concerned question is "how much is Discovery Plus?" or "is Discovery Plus free?" For most streaming service subscribers, Discovery Plus price may be the most important concern. So, what about Discovery+ subscription and the prices? The followingDiscovery Plus review will introduce the info about price.


In fact, one of the most economical streaming TV alternatives right now is Discovery+. Although Discovery+ now only provide monthly plan, the cost of its ad-supported plan is $4.99/mo., while the cost of its ad-free plan is $6.99/mo. Students can even purchase the ad-supported plan at a reduced rate of $2.99/mo.

Despite the fact that there is no free tier, some Verizon customers with unlimited data plans can receive six months of the Discovery+ ad-free plan for free. What's more, a 7-day free trial of Discovery+ is available. You are free to cancel at any time because there are no contracts or long-term commitments.

Discovery Plus vs. Discovery Go

Many people are still unsure about the distinctions between Discovery Plus and Discovery Go, but in reality, the difference is quite straightforward, which will be explained in detail in the followingDiscovery Plus review.

Unlike the GO apps, Discovery Plus does not require a cable TV subscription. Once you subscribe to Discovery Plus, you can instantly stream over 70,000 episodes using your internet connection. Moreover, Discovery Plus provides an ad-free experience.

If you are a cable subscriber with access to Discovery networks, you can still enjoy the live feeds and on-demand content of Discovery Plus through the GO apps.


Instead of live TV from its family of networks, Discovery+ features exclusive original programs and archive material. Some shows require a cable, satellite, or live TV subscription to be able to view them when they first air.

For some fans of networks owned by Discovery, the lack of live TV makes the streaming service more difficult to recommend. Due to the fact that Discovery receives a large profit from affiliate fees, live TV is not included. With Discovery+, it hopes to complement its existing ties with cable, satellite, and live TV streaming platforms.

What Channels are on Discovery Plus?


Access to more than 70,000 episodes from more than 2,500 current and vintage series is available through Discovery+, a network portfolio owned by Discovery. It includes popular channels such as HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Animal Planet, OWN, Discovery, and Investigation Discovery. Additionally, Discovery+ presents its own original content alongside other channels like Magnolia Network, A&E, Lifetime, History, Trvl, DIY Network, Science Channel, and The Dodo.

Don't know want to stream on Discovery Plus? Wondering what is on Discovery Plus that is worth seeing? You can check the following list in theDiscovery Plus review to find your favorite shows.

Discovery Plus offers you the flexibility to enjoy shows either on-demand or through a selection of live channels. These live channels differ from traditional cable channels, as they showcase specific shows or TV genres, similar to what you would find on apps like Pluto TV or The Roku Channel. The following are some noteworthy titles:

  • Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives
  • Chopped
  • The Pioneer Woman
  • House Hunters
  • Love it or List It
  • Lylana: Fix My Life
  • Love Off the Grid
  • Battlebots
  • ...

Or you can also enjoy some original shows on Discovery+:

  • 90 Days Bares All
  • Amy Schumer Learns to Cook: Uncensored
  • Cakealikes
  • Tregaye’s Way in the Kitchen
  • American Detective with Lt. Joe Kenda
  • Onison: In Real Life
  • Frozen in Time
  • Bobby & Giada in Rome
  • Fixer Upper: Welcome Home
  • ...

To discover more about Discovery Channel streaming, visit the official website of Discovery Plus.

How to Stream Discovery Plus?

Apart from the above information, the Discovery Plus review will answer another question "How to stream Discovery Plus"? Using a device that is linked to the internet, you can stream Discovery+ whether you are at home or on the move. Up to five user accounts and four concurrent streams are supported by Discovery+ per account.

Discovery+ is available on devices including phones, tablets, computers, gaming consoles and connected TVs, which include Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Roku. The list of supported device is as follow:

  • Amazon Fire Cube, Stick, TV
  • Roku Yltra, Express, Premiere, Stick, TV
  • Samsung TVs
  • Android phones, tablets, TV
  • iPhone, iPad
  • Apple TV (4th gen.), Apple TV 4K
  • Chromecast, Chromecast with Google TV
  • Echo Show
  • PC, Mac Web Browsers
  • Xbox 360, Xbox One or Series S/X
  • Xfinity Flex, X1


Once I've done a Discovery Plus review, the first thing I saw was how fast and without lag or buffering I was able to surf Discovery+. You'll see a "For You" area with tailored content recommendations when you first open the Discovery+ app, which is based on your watching history.

The navigation is organized into genres, such as true crime, food, relationships, and the home. By choosing the Discovery brand that most appeals to you, you may browse. Additionally, when you click on a brand logo, a list of the finest material available on that network, including trending content, will appear.

You have the option to stream a program later by adding it to "My List" or watching it immediately when you click on a show. In addition, the service introduced specialized "channels" that continuously broadcast well-liked programming including Ghost Adventures, 90 Day Fiancé, House Hunters, and Fixer Upper.

Download Feature

Apart from the basic info and questions mentioned above, another concern in the Discovery Plus review is about the download feature of Discovery+, of course. Many people are concerned about Discovery Plus shows free download, so, is it possible? Can you download shows on Discovery+? The answer is: Yes!

How to Download on Discovery Plus?

To download shows on Discovery Plus, you need to be a current and active subscriber with the ad-free subscription plan firstly. And then you should install Discovery Plus app on any of the following devices:

  • iPhone or iPad with iOS 13 or a newer version.
  • Android phone or tablet running Android 5.1 or later.
  • Amazon Fire tablet with Fire OS 5.0 or a later version.

Then you have the option to select a downloadable video from Discovery Plus. While using the app, you'll encounter a show or video with an arrow icon, signifying its availability for offline enjoyment. To initiate the download, simply tap on the Download icon, and your device will begin the process for that specific show or video. All your downloads will be conveniently stored in a designated folder within the app.


Sounds very simple, right? However, you should always notice that there are restrictions too. For example, even if you can play the videos in Discovery Plus app, you still won't be able to download them if you subscribe to an ad-supported plan.

What's more, even if you've subscribed to the ad-free plan, not all shows or videos can be downloaded. And you can only download videos on Discovery Plus on your mobile devices in special format instead of on PCs. Thus you can't edit the videos you download from Discovery Plus if using the official download feature.

However, the good news is that the number of content downloads isn't fixed; it actually relies on your device's storage capacity. The more storage space you have, the greater number of downloads you can have!

StreamGaGa Discovery Plus Downloader

Although there are so many restrictions posed by Discovery Plus on download feature. Don't worry! You can use a third-party program, such as StreamGaGa Discovery Plus Downloader, to download your preferred Discovery Plus shows.


It's quite simple to use this downloading technique. You must start by installing StreamGaGa Discovery Plus Downloader. If you want to download your favorite Discovery Plus episodes or series and watch them offline without commercial breaks, or edit them freely, anytime anywhere, StreamGaGa Video Downloader is the best option. Additionally, it allows customers to download HD videos in compatible MP4 format quickly.

Here are the steps to download videos from Discovery Plus:

Step 1 – Install and launch StreamGaGa Discovery Plus Downloader

You may download the StreamGaGa Discovery Plus Downloader on the official website or just by clicking the following buttons. Download and install it on your Mac or Windows PC.

Step 2 – Access Discovery Plus and locate your video

Then launch it and look for VIP Services, and you can navigate to Discovery Plus. Logging into your Discovery Plus account using the build-in browser to find and play the video you wish to download.


Step 3 – Play the Video to start downloading

As long as you can play the video you want to download on Discovery Plus, StreamGaGa can help analyze it and the download should begin right away as you start playing it. You may customize the download settings in the following popup. Then you can click "Download Now" to start downloading.


Once the video has been downloaded, you may transfer the file to your Android smartphone via a USB cord. You may also load the information onto your iPhone using the Airdrop feature on your iPhone. You can even edit these downloaded videos on your computer.

To learn more about the details of StreamGaGa and the usage, you can read this article about the way to download Discovery Plus videos on Mac, Windows and mobile device for offline viewing.

Discovery Plus Pros and Cons

It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of Discovery Plus before deciding to subscribe to the service.

Pros Cons
Affordable plans

No live TV option

Tons of lifestyle and entertainment shows No free tier
Attractive original content Limited types of TV shows
Parental controls Not all shows can be downloaded

If you don't have a pay-TV subscription, Discovery+ is a fantastic deal, but if you have cable, satellite, or a live TV streaming service, it may not be necessary.

Consider this: You may record your preferred Discovery family of network episodes with YouTube TV or Philo's limitless DVR to build your own private library of entertainment that you can access whenever you want. Additionally, unlike Discovery+, users of YouTube TV and Philo may continue to view the newest episodes as soon as they air.


Discovery Plus may not have blockbuster hits, but it provides plenty of popular reality titles that often get overlooked on other platforms.

Discovery+ isn't going to be a substitute for Netflix, Disney+, or even HBO Max for the majority of customers. However, depending on your household's streaming budget and preference for more non-fiction and reality television, it may be a useful supplemental option. I hope this review of Discovery Plus satisfies your curiosity. It is strongly advised to use StreamGaGa Discovery Plus Downloader if you need to download shows from Discovery Plus.


What channels are free on Discovery Plus?

Regrettably, free channels are absent on Discovery+. However, the good news is that Discovery Plus comes at an affordable price of just $4.99/mo. (with ads) or $6.99/mo. (without ads). You can even get it at $2.99/mo. if you are a verified student, military or veteran.

How to get Discovery Plus shows free download?

First of all, as a new or current Verizon Unlimited mobile customer, you have the opportunity to contrastingly enjoy a free year of Discovery+. Alternatively, you can experience Discovery+ for a trial period of seven days at zero cost (credit card or PayPal payment information necessary).

Then during these mentioned two kinds of free period, you can use the 3-time free trial of StreamGaGa Discovery Plus Downloader to download videos you like on Discovery Plus.

Are there live channels in Discovery Plus?

While the Discovery+ streaming service offers an extensive library of on-demand content, it lacks live programming. With a staggering 55,000 hours of on-demand content, Discovery+ captivates viewers with a vast selection. However, if you want to keep up with the latest episodes of your favorite shows as they air, you'll need to subscribe to a cable, satellite, or live TV streaming service that provides access to the respective channel.

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