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How to solve the problem of not being able to download videos with CocoCut

This article explains why you cannot download videos with CocoCut and possible solutions. We also recommend other video downloading software.

CocoCut is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to download videos from various video sharing sites.

However, sometimes downloading does not work.

This article explains why CocoCut cannot download videos and how to solve the problem.

In addition, we will also introduce other recommended software for downloading videos.

What is CocoCut?

CocoCut is a web browser extension called "Google Chrome" that allows you to download videos from many video sharing sites.

It supports Nico Nico Douga, Dailymotion, FC2 Video, Himawari Video, SayMove!

Why can't I download videos with CocoCut?

If you are unable to download your favorite videos with CocoCut, there are four possible causes. Let's take a look at them one by one.

Cause 1: Specification change of the video distribution service

If you suddenly cannot download a video, it is most likely due to a change in the specifications of the video distribution service.

Due to stricter regulations on illegal uploading, video distribution services are disabling download tools and changing technical specifications on a regular basis.

Cause 2: Bug in CocoCut

In addition to the video distribution service's specification changes, there is also a possibility that a bug has occurred in CocoCut.

For example, videos may not be detected or may not work properly, or other errors may occur.

Cause 3: Connection environment is not stable.

If the Internet connection is unstable, the video download will stop midway.

If the connection environment is the cause, you may want to consider changing providers.

Cause 4: Influence of anti-virus software

Depending on the settings of your antivirus software, the downloaded file may be determined to be a virus and you may not be able to download it.

If you are unable to download videos, check your security settings to see if your antivirus software is affecting them.

In the next section, we will explain what to do if you cannot download your favorite videos.

Solution if you cannot download videos with CocoCut

Solution 1: Restart your PC and clear the cache

In addition to downloading videos, restarting your computer can sometimes solve the problem of slow computer operation.

When a computer is used for an extended period of time, a large amount of virtual memory is created on the hard disk, which slows down CocoCut and tends to stop downloading.

If you are unable to download, try restarting your computer first.

Solution 2: Try reinstalling CocoCut

If you are using CocoCut, there may be a problem and it may not work properly.

In addition, caches may build up and slow down the processing speed.

If this happens, try reinstalling the latest version of CocoCut.

Restoring CocoCut to its original state may allow you to download videos again.

Solution 3: Check your security software settings

Depending on the settings of your security software, the video file may be deemed a virus and you may not be able to download it.

Check your security settings to see if access to the site or downloading is restricted.

Although not recommended, you can also turn off security settings only when downloading.

Solution 4: Use a video downloader that is updated frequently.

When there is a change in the specifications of a video distribution service, downloading often becomes impossible due to delays in the application's response.

It is best to use a video downloader that is updated as frequently as possible so that you can quickly detect and respond to changes in the specifications of the video delivery service.

Alternative to CocoCut: StreamGaGa

Here is another download tool that is just as good as CocoCut!

StreamGaGa is a tool that allows you to download videos in high quality from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, and other video delivery sites.

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4K / FHD quality videos can be saved as is.

With StreamGaGa Video Downloader, you can download your favorite pornographic videos in a variety of resolutions. The maximum video resolution supported is 4K.

Ad-free viewing experience

The most important feature of StreamGaGa is that it uses advanced technology to eliminate video ads. We deliver the best viewing experience unencumbered by ads.

Various subtitle settings

When downloading videos, you can set subtitles as follows You can directly extract the SRT file with subtitles. You can also save the video with embedded subtitles. Please choose whichever you prefer.

Comparison of functions between CocoCut and StreamGaGa





Somewhat confusing

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

Supported sites

Shared video sites such as YouTube are not supported

Over 1000 video sites supported, including YouTube, Nico Nico Douga, Dailymotion, and Vimeo

Video quality

Supports up to 720p resolution

Supports up to 4K resolution

Download Speed

Download speed is not great

GPU acceleration allows for extremely fast download speeds; it takes only about 5 minutes to download an hour of video.


In this article, we have explained the reasons why CocoCut cannot download videos, along with the solutions. Its alternative, StreamGaGa, is the most powerful software for easily downloading video content from all kinds of websites. It is very easy to use and its functions are simple to understand. In addition, we offer several pricing plans, including monthly, yearly, and buy-one-get-one-free plans. Of course, macOS support is also available. We deliver high quality images as good as movie theaters with the simplest operation. If you are interested, please check it out.

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