Netflix is definitely one of the most used streaming services out there. This particular binge-watching platform has a number of reasons why users opt for it over other platforms. The main reason is Netflix’s ability to make each user’s account uniquely theirs. How so?

Netflix adjusts your watch feed according to and in relation to shows you have watched in the past. So, you commonly see shows on your profile that are according to your taste and like. However, do you know there are several more ways to make your Netflix uniquely yours?

Yes! There are, and one of them happens to becustom profile pictures for Netflix. While Netflix gives you a square box with a smirky smile over your profile name as a default icon, it also offers some of its other images, which you can adjust as profile pictures.

However, do you know there are several tricks through which you can keep profile pictures of your choice? Want to know how then keep on reading below.

Why set the custom profile picture on Netflix?

netflix profile.jpg

You may continue with the square box smile as your Netflix account default image or change it to one of the images Netflix offers you. The choice is yours.

However, having a custom profile picture for Netflix is relatively cool. Not only does it give you full ownership over your account, but it will make it look aesthetically cute and different from the other profiles too.

Though an incredible experience, having acustom profile picture for Netflixis not an easy job. Considering Netflix doesn’t allow it directly, you will have to opt for several different methods to have a customized profile.

Interested to know how? Then find some really easy ways below.

How to create a custom profile picture on Netflix?

Are you searching the web continuously to findhow to create a custom profile picture for Netflix? Then congratulations, you have come to the right place.

Creating a customer profile for Netflix isn’t easy; it’s not very hard either. All you have to do is follow these simple steps on the devices you are changing, and you will have a custom profile for Netflix in no time.

Custom Profile on Android

netflix mobile.jpg

Setting acustom profile for Netflix on phoneis very easy. All you have to do is ensure that you follow all the steps given below.

  1. Open the Netflix application on an Android phone. Now select the profile option of your account.
  2. The profile option is present in the menu list or accessed by swiping on the left side. It will now show several options that you can choose from.
  3. Among the many options, click on the custom profile picture.
  4. It will now ask you to select a picture from the gallery or take it on the spot. You can also add one from Facebook under the option “custom profile picture under Facebook.”
  5. Now you have a custom profile picture for Netflix on your Android phone.

This is how easy it was to have a custom profile picture on your Android. There are other ways to set custom pictures on other devices below.

Custom Profile on Website

netflix web.jpg

If you want to install a profile picture from the web version of Netflix, you will have to follow some slightly different steps. Here is how you can update custom profile pictures for Netflix directly from the website.

  1. Go to the Netflix website on the browser and log in to your account.
  2. Select your profile icon present on the left side of your screen.
  3. It will now show a customized profile option. You can directly take a picture on the spot or choose one from the gallery.
  4. Submit the picture.
  5. You have now successfully updated your custom profile picture for Netflix.

Customizing profile pictures for Netflix from the website is very easy. Now, you can easily replace your Netflix picture and install one of your choices.

Custom Picture Using Google Chrome Extension

chrome enstension.jpeg

If you want to install a custom profile on your computer, it is very easy. A chrome extension is available, which helps you set yourcustom profile picture for the Netflix chrome extension. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  1. Open a Netflix account and select customize under your Facebook profile.
  2. Then click on custom profile for Netflix, which appears under the customize section
  3. It will now show you images in the background from which you can choose. You can also take a fresh one on the spot.
  4. Click on set customization, and you are good to go.
  5. Your Netflix profile is now set.

While changing the Netflix profile, using a chrome extension is just as easy. There is another trick that you can use to benefit from Netflix. What is it? Find out below.

StreamGaGa – Changing Ways of your usual Netflix Downloads

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You know-how, with the busy life schedule everyone has, people rarely get time to watch a good show or movie. Even when you do, it is once or twice a month. Considering how rarely you get the time to sit and watch a good show, there doesn’t seem sensible to pay for a whole month of subscription. Considering it always goes to waste.

But you like the quality and smooth streaming Netflix offers too. So, what do you do in such a case? Well, this is when we come in.

StreamGaGa is a service that allows you to download shows and movies from any streaming service you want to in the best quality out there.

With StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader, users can download any show from their Netflix account directly to their system. The best part is that the download is of the highest quality and the same picture and audio quality Netflix offers.

stream gaga.PNG

Moreover, with StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader, you can download subtitles and audio in the languages of your choice. So, before downloading, you can set the audio and subtitles to the language you want. Other than this, downloads are Ad-free as well.

So, you don’t have to worry about advertisements popping up after every few minutes like many other downloading services out there.

If all these qualities intrigued you, here is how you can download Netflix shows through the StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader.

  1. Choose the streaming service and then select Netflix.
  2. Choose your preferred audio and subtitle language
  3. Initiate the download, and you are done.

This is how easy it is to download movies and shows from Netflix if you have access to StreamGaGa Downloading software. You have successfully recorded or download a Netflix show.

While Netflix does give users the ease to download content, we offer you an even better option. You can subscribe to Netflix for one month, download all the movies and shows you want to watch, and then unsubscribe from your account.

You will have enough shows and movies to last a few months, and you will save yourself a few dollars too. Isn’t it convenient?

Final Words

StreamGaGa has been providing the best quality downloads to its users for a long time now. The service is a great one to opt for if you are looking for free downloaders around you.

Not only do we provide high-quality content, but our subtitles and audio language options, along with ad-free downloads, make us the top choice among our loyal users.

While Netflix is a great streaming platform without any doubt, then your less usage or simple unavailability of a good internet can be a nuisance to the subscription fee you pay. If you have such circumstances, we suggest using our service and downloading some fantastic movies and shows.

This will also help you on your long trips and have no internet. So if our services intrigue you, we hope that you will benefit from our Netflix downloader really soon.