The CW channels are generally called only CW. It is owned by the CBS entertainment group as well as Warner media. CW is a well-known American free-to-air television network that became functional in 2006. In the beginning, it was used to air content movies or content with the target of 18 to 34 years old women. With the passage of time, it increased its boundaries to line up to attract men too. Therefore, the audience of the CW channel has immensely increased.

CW channel offers almost all genres from mystery to soap operas, superhero dramas to anthologies that have made it rank the list of most-demanded channels in the United States of America. However, the CW channel is a den of DC series, and it offers a large number of shows or everything that you can expect as a movie or series lover. Therefore, with an extensive collection of various genres, the CW channel on DIRECTV undoubtedly stands among the most-watched networks on.

What to watch on the CW channel?

As a teenager or adult, you will find everything you expect from CW channels on DIRECTV. There are many titles available for you on direct TV. You can get to experience mystery, and romance with Nancy drew. Moreover, get the chance to escape into the fantasy or the world full of dreams with Charmed, the outpost, and Legacies. You can enjoy teen dramas now and then with Riverdale and catch all your favorites on DIRECTV with Batswomen, The Flash, Black Lightning, Supergirl, and Star girl. How can we forget about the channel's crown jewel, which is the most popular genre 'Supernatural' that ended with its fifteen seasons a short time ago. However, you are still able to watch it on demand.

Nowadays, the CW channel is broadcasting its program on DIRECTV seven days a week. It has a time of 20 hours of scheduled network programming that includes a primetime of 12 hours. Apart from primetime, day-time programming is offered for one hour, probably in the afternoon from Monday to Friday. Have fun with a pack of snacks and a glass of juice from 3 pm -4 pm with Jerry Springer on weekdays.

Moreover, make your kids occupied with informational sessions with the 3 hours live-action as well as a documentary-style education program. CW channel on direct is a pack of fun, mystery, horror with a daily dose of education.

Here is a list of current on-air programs from CW


  • Legends of tomorrow
  • Dynasty
  • Black lightning
  • All-America
  • Burdened truth
  • Bulletproof
  • Walker
  • Pandora
  • In the dark
  • Two sentence horror stories


  • The Whole line is it anyway
  • World's Funniest Animals
  • Mystery of illusion
  • Penn and Teller
  • Mysteries Decoded

However, the list of thrills does not end here; you can expect more shows in the coming days.

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Can I watch the CW channel on DIRECTV?

Yes, the CW channel is one of the most-watched channels on DIRECTV. DIRECTV packages hold a long list of channels that offers you more than 330 channels with the choice to watch fantastic content of your choice. Moreover, you get the opportunity to watch movies and TV shows in the best possible picture format.

Every line-up on DIRECTV contains entertainment, choice, premium, and ultimate with a bunch of local channels and widespread networks. The best thing is that each service feature makes it convenient and flexible for you to spend time with your favorite TV entertainment.

The DIRECTV application catches the signal and streams the CW channel content without consuming your mobile data on a large scale. Moreover, if you get late for your favorite show, you can record it as you are facilitated with 200 hours of storage, and it allows you to record 5 shows simultaneously. However, if you did not get the chance to record the show, you can rewind it for 72 hours and enjoy the show anytime. You do not need to worry about catching your favorite CW channel show with DIRECTV.

What channel is CW on DirecTV?

Instead of getting indulge yourself to avail all typical ways that can assist you to keep up with the Television, by being a new DIRECTV subscriber, you will get the facility to locate the CW channel in the channel line-up. If you are familiar with the functions and different operations of the DIRECTV on-screen guide, it will become even easier for you.

As everyone knows, the local affiliate's network airs the CW channel in different areas of different regions in all countries, so the channel number also changes from area to area. Therefore, in order to make the process convenient for you, we have listed some popular DIRECTV franchises with CW channels numbers on the DIRECTV.

  • Birmingham, AL 21
  • Little Rock, AR 38
  • Phoenix, AZ 61
  • Colorado Springs, CO 57
  • Washington, DC 50
  • Miami, FL 39
  • Atlanta, GA 69
  • Los Angeles, CA 5
  • San Diego, CA 9
  • Tampa, FL 44
  • Sacramento, CA 31
  • Chicago, IL 26
  • Boston, MA 56
  • Clarksville, IN 58
  • Detroit, MI 50
  • Louisville, KY 58
  • New Orleans, LA 38
  • Kansas City, KS 29
  • Baltimore, MD 54
  • Charlotte, NC 18
  • Brandon, MS 13
  • New York City, NY 11
  • Minneapolis, M 23
  • Reno, NV
  • Albuquerque, NM 19
  • Columbus, OH 53
  • Anderson, SC 62
  • Oklahoma City, OK 34
  • Portland, OR 32
  • Dallas, TX 33
  • Nashville, TN 58
  • Philadelphia, PA 57
  • Madison, WI 16
  • Seattle, WA 11
  • San Antonio, TX 35
  • Austin, TX 54
  • Clarksburg-Weston, WV
  • Salt Lake City, UT 30

The list mentioned above contains the name of cities with the channel number. If you are unable to locate your city, you can contact DIRECTV and get to know the channel with the ZIP code. However, you can also tune into 394 for CW plus for East and 395 for CW plus west. It totally depends on your location in the US.

How much is CW on DIRECTV?

With notable features and a plethora of titles, naturally, one can expect a paid subscription with a handsome amount. But fortunately, it does not charge anything; with the increasing number of cord-cutters in the United States of America, the CW is expanding like a fire on every platform like Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, and many more with a free subscription.

CW channel on DIRECTV is available like it's on the channel. You can switch to a different platform while watching the CW channel; therefore, if you have taken any package of DIRECTV, you will be able to watch the CW channel for free on it. It won't charge any extra because DIRECTV deals with CW, not you.

However, the CW channel has already provided its content for free on mobile and the web. But now, it features more features like alerts on apps to let the subscriber know about the availability of his favorite show. Well, watching the CW channel on DirecTV is not a bad option.

Can I watch CW offline anytime and anywhere?

The Internet has taken hold of every aspect of our life directly or indirectly. For watching movies on a CW channel or any other platform, a strong internet connection is a mandatory demand. However, a strong network connection can also cause trouble sometimes. HereStreamGaGa CW Downloadcomes in demand.

Indeed, DIRECTV offers you the storage, but while saving for the offline version, the space gets filled with a few shows. Therefore, get your DIRECTV network connected to StreamGaGa to make unlimited downloads with minimal charges. Above all, it allows you to download your favorite show for late availability with high-resolution and high speed.

StreamGaGa has a user-friendly interface that is even easy-to-use for newcomers. In order to initiate the program, you need to select your VIP services and then select the preferred audio as well as subtitles. Initiate downloading and watch your show peacefully.

StreamGaGa CW Downloaderbrings a lot of opportunities for you as you can choose the type of subtitles. You can download subtitles integrated with text as well as separate files that allow you to make remixes. It also brings a batch download feature that facilitates the user to download a large number of shows and movies without worrying about the storage space. Get the StreamGaGa CW downloader and enjoy an ads-free and buffering-free experience.


CW is not available on every television service provider. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to pay a monthly or annually minimal amount to subscribe to DIRECTV. With DIRECTV, you can enjoy many other channels along with CW channels and can enjoy your favorite show.

DIRECTV cares about your show and your time, so you have got the chance to save your favorite show to watch in your free time. Moreover, the StreamGaGa platform has also added charm to the platform by allowing you to download as many movies as you want. You can enjoy the saved show on a big screen with the facility ofApple TV and Samsung TV with guidanceto operate.