Does Funimation have ads? Funimation is one of the best places to stream anime movies, episodes, and OVAs. It is really a streaming service for anime lovers. Oftentimes, Funimation has been compared with Crunchyroll, which is a rival anime streaming service available in more locations than Funimation.

However, Funimation users stick with the service because it offers dubbed anime, instead of subbed anime (offered by Crunchyroll). However, this does not mean that Funimation does not have subbed anime too-there are just a few of them. One of the common questions asked by anime lovers is "Does Funimation have ads?"

The truth is that all streaming services out there show commercials, especially on their basic, or free plans. That said, Funimation does have ads, but there’s a way to bypass the ads and stream ad-free.

Funimation Streaming | Does Funimation Have Ads

Funimation is an anime streaming service available in the US, and a few supported American regions. It is remarkable for offering dubbed anime; so, instead of relying on subtitles to understand the anime you're watching, which are usually available in Japanese by default. Funimation lets you watch the dubbed version in English, Spanish, or other available languages.

As with other streaming services, Funimation offers a number of paid plans, some of which support commercials (ads), and some are ad-free. There are unique features you'd get with each Funimation plan, such as more simultaneous streaming and offline download. More so, Funimation offers Originals and other types of content that may interest anime lovers.

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Why Does Funimation Have Ads?

Commercials (Ads) are one of the ways streaming services generate revenue to keep their servers running and handle other important expenses to keep their services going. So, if you want to hide commercials from a streaming service, you may be forced to pay a higher subscription fee.

Funimation shows ads because it is one of their means of revenue generation. However, Funimation ads are only shown to users on the free plan. The premium tiers such as the Premium and Premium Plus do not show ads to the subscribers. So, users need to understand that ads are part of the ways Funimation generates revenue to remain active - pay for licenses - as an anime streaming service. Well, there are a few ways to block Funimation ads, even without subscribing to the Premium plans.

How to Block Funimation Ads

1. Upgrade to a Premium Plan (Disable Ads on Every Device)

The easiest way to stop seeing ads when streaming on Funimation is to upgrade your plan. Funimation does not show ads to its premium subscribers. It'd cost you $5.99 or $7.99 to upgrade to Funimation Premium or Premium Plus plans, respectively. Actually, the Premium Plus plan offers up to 5 simultaneous streams, while both plans give you access to over 15,000 hours of ad-free anime streaming in 1080p quality.

2. Using an Ad-Blocker (Disable Ads Only on PC)

Well, if you use to enable an ad-blocker when visiting Funimation, you'd be prompted to disable the ad-blocker. So, to prevent such prompts from showing up, and to keep your ad-blocker active while you stream, you'll need to download and install Anti Adblock Killer; this software would keep your ad-blocker active so you can stream without ads on any streaming website, including Funimation.

3. Disable Javascript on the Funimation Website (Disable Ads Only on PC)

Another effective way to stop ads from showing when you’re on the Funimation website is to disable Javascript on the site. Well, this method would only disable ads on Funimation when you visit the website via the web browser you disabled the Javascript on. The procedure is explained below:

  • On a web browser, open the Funimation website
  • Sign in to your account
  • Press Ctrl key + Shift key + I
  • Look out for the Javascript section and disable it
  • Close the pane and reopen the browser.

This is quite an advanced action, so if you’re not conversant with scripts and codes, it is better not to try it out.

4. Download the Anime

When you download the anime show, you can watch it offline; watching it offline means you won't see any ads because the ads require an internet connection to come up. However, the offline download feature on Funimation is only available to its Premium Plus subscribers, and the download is only supported on the mobile app versions for iOS and Android devices.

But then, if you save Funimation anime movies for offline streaming, there are limitations that apply; the movie would be deleted after a number of days, and the offline download library has a limited number of offline videos it can contain. So, to bypass all these limitations, you should consider using a third-party downloader software to download your best anime episodes from Funimation, for example, StreamGaGa Funimation Downloader.

How to Download and Watch Funimation Anime Without Ads

StreamGaGa Downloader

StreamGaGa Funimation Downloader is the application that helps you to download and save anime episodes from Funimation in HD quality, and with good audio tracks. This downloader can easily download multiple anime episodes simultaneously, thanks to Batch Mode.

Interestingly, you can also access other streaming services,such as Hulu, Netflix, YouTubeand Crunchyroll,and download movies from them. Furthermore, with StreamGaGa Funimation Downloader, you can save anime subtitles separately as SRT files or remux them into the videos. The videos are saved in MP4 format.

Features of StreamGaGa Funimation Downloader

  • Saves metadata and subtitles
  • Saves anime as MP4 videos
  • Supports 1080p FHD quality
  • Remove ads from Funimation anime
  • Fast and efficient


Firstly, you need to download StreamGaGa Funimation Downloader and install it on your Windows OS computer. After the installation, launch the downloader and follow the steps below.

First Step:

Click on the VIP Services option on the left pane - on the downloader’s homepage, and on the next screen, scroll and select Funimation card from the list of supported premium streaming services.

Second Step:

Sign in to your Funimation account and find the anime show you want to download. When you see the show or movie, start playing it - you’d be prompted to download the movie, click on the “Download” button to view the download options/settings. Choose your download settings and add the movie to your “Download Queue.”

Third Step:

Once the movie is added to the Download Queue, it starts downloading to your local storage. You can monitor the download process by navigating to the "Downloading” tab on the left pane. Also, you can download multiple movies at the same time - simply find the movies, play them, and add them to the Download Queue.


In conclusion, does Funimation have ads? Yes, it does; this article clearly explains the various possible ways to stop viewing ads while streaming on Funimation. Using an ad-blocker or disabling Javascript would only disable ads on the particular browser you performed the settings.

However, if you upgrade your plan or download the anime, you won’t view ads anymore while watching your favorite episodes. StreamGaGa Funimation Downloader works on Windows OS computers and it’s very fast in downloading videos.

The offline download feature on Funimation actually works, but it is not the best way to save/download your best anime episodes.