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How to Watch and Download Videos from BR Mediathek Easily?

If you want to watch BR Mediathek and download videos from BR Mediathek to watch later when you are not connected to the internet, this article helps you to do it with a step-by-step guide.

Have you discovered a lot of interesting BR Mediathek videos and want to save them to watch later on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, or other device? However, not all BR Mediathek videos can be downloaded. This article will introduce you to BR Mediathek and show you how to easily download any of your favorite episodes from BR Mediathek.

What is BR Mediathek?

The BR media library is an online platform where BR Fernsehen makes chosen program content available to viewers for a limited time via live and on-demand broadcasts, as well as in certain cases as a download. Aside from news programs, publications, reports, and documentaries, the selection also includes films and series. Some offers are available for viewing in the media library before they are shown on television (so-called "advance" content).

Because Bayerischer Rundfunk, which operates BR television, is a member of the Federal Republic of Germany's working group of public broadcasters (ARD), the contents of the BR media library can also be accessible through the ARD media library. The BR media library now has its own mobile app that provides access to the whole BR media library.

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What Devices Are Supported by BR Mediathek?

The BR media center is also compatible with smartphones and tablets. As an open standard, we provide apps for the major platforms as well as a browser version. The following platforms support the BR Mediathek apps:

  • Android: from version 5.0
  • iOS: versions from 10.3
  • Browsers
  • HbbTV
  • fire tv

The BR Mediathek cannot be accessed through a separate application on several platforms. The content, however, can be accessed via the ARD Mediathek application. ARD's media library is also available on the following platforms, among others:

  • AndroidTV
  • apple tv
  • Sky Roku
  • Samsung
  • Entertain TV

What Content You Can Stream on BR Mediathek?

The user is shown new additions to the BR media library on the start page, as well as numerous compilations of content by topic or genre, such as current film and series highlights, new BR television series, sports programs from the previous weekend, new episodes of the popular " Dahoam is dahoam " series, or videos that fit certain categories such as "Culture" or "Nature & Animals."

Furthermore, the BR media collection is organized into three sections: "Programme," "AZ Broadcasts," and "Rubriken," with a search feature and a registration area for registered users. The "Programme" area of the media library allows users to watch the TV program that is now being broadcast live on BR Fernsehen. The page also displays the daily schedule and a calendar function that provides the user with an overview of the schedule for the previous and next weeks. In addition to BR Fernsehen broadcasts, a live feed from the TV station ARD-alpha is accessible here.

How to Find a Missed Show?

There are various methods for locating a missed show. You can use the program calendar to navigate. It can be found in the navigation point software. You can also see if a program is available or not. The play button indicates that the program is available in the media library. The lock indicates that the program is not currently available. You may also use the search function to find the show or click to the AZ list of shows under Search.

How to Download Videos offline to Watch Later?

Saving a video on your devices is the most convenient way to watch it when you don't have an online connection. You can download your favorite videos by using the approach outlined below.

Through BR Mediathek

You can download the videos you desire by clicking or tapping on the download icon. The video is then saved in the folder you designated for web downloads. Unfortunately, not all of the videos are available for download for legal reasons.

The sign indicates which videos are available for download. If it is grayed out and hence not clickable, the video is not accessible for download. Please keep in mind that the network operator may incur additional expenses owing to the quantity of data involved when downloading the movie on mobile devices.

Through StreamGaGa Video Downloader

We recommend installing StreamGaGa Video Downloader for downloading BR Mediathek videos, which allows users to download any video from BR Mediathek without restriction. This program offers a batch mode that allows you to download many videos at once. High-quality videos, audio files, and subtitles are also available. The downloader is available for both Windows and Mac users.

Here are the steps to download BR Mediathek videos.

  • Download and install StreamGaGa. Launch the app and navigate to the home page.
  • Now, go to the BR Mediathek website and browse the videos to find what you want to download.

  • Select your preferred language option forthe audio and subtitle.
  • To begin the download, click the "Download Now" button.

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