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Encanto characters: A complete guide on the main characters of Encanto and their magic gifts.

In this article, we will look at the main characters of Encanto and their magic gifts.

Encanto recounts the story of a remarkable family, the Madrigals. This family lives covered in the foothills of Colombia in a heavenly household, in a busy, wondrous, captivated home called an Encanto. The fairy-tale of the Encanto has leaned toward each youngster in the family through a thrilling gift since remarkable fortitude to the size to recover; the young person aside from one is Mirabel.

Nonetheless, after she observes that the witchcraft incorporating the Encanto is in threat, Mirabel infers that she is the super regular Madrigal, which might be her magnificent family's last assumption.

The 10 main characters in Encanto

1. Mirabel

Mirabel's excursion to observe acknowledgment makes her simple to pull for a dark horse. She has an eccentric awareness of what's funny and has the most clever minutes in the film, like her satire of the melody "The Family Madrigal" as she scales the steps in Bruno's room. Her affection for her family, yearning for acknowledgment, and excursion of self-disclosure make Mirabel the most amiable person in Encanto.

Since she has no gifts like the remainder of her family, Mirabel continually battles with feeling like an untouchable. She cherishes her family yet feels like a failure and needs to be pretty much as skilled and extraordinary as different Madrigals.

2. Alma

As the matron of the Madrigal family, Abuela Alma is at the top of the family. After Abuelo Pedro's passing, her weeping for a marvel made the enchanted flame show up. In any case, she neglects to focus on the genuine gift, and her family winds up harming Bruno and Mirabel in her endeavors to safeguard the enchanted flame.

With her harsh demeanor and brutal words, Abuela Alma puts on a show of being an unlikable Disney character. She is at last recovered eventually and becomes more affable, yet she burns through the vast majority of the film as the most unamiable principal character.

3. Luisa

By all accounts, Mirabel's sister Luisa is intense and relentless. She uncovers that she is battling with all of the family's tension and feels like she needs to convey the world's heaviness alone. She is a supporting person who merited more screen time, thinking about how influential and affable her personality is.

4. Bruno

Mirabel's mystifying uncle Bruno was accepted to have taken off yet has been living in the walls of Casita. Bruno is one of the cleverest Disney characters in late history, and his benevolent character overcomes Mirabel's presumption. Furthermore, it is uncovered that he left since he didn't believe his gift of predictions should be utilized against Mirabel. He was able to forfeit his life and live-in segregation due to his affection for his loved ones.

5. Isabela

Mirabel's sister Isabela can make blossoms sprout any place she goes. This lays out her as the image of flawlessness and gets her in the situation with the family's genius, making Mirabel disdain her. When she concedes how she genuinely feels and relinquishes they should be excellent, she uncovers herself to be a thoughtful and generous person.

6. Antonio

Mirabel's young cousin and roommate Antonio is the most recent individual from the Madrigal family to get a gift, acquiring the capacity to address creatures. He is a blameless and laid-back kid who loves and admires Mirabel. His dread paving the way to the gift service and his demand that Mirabel holds his hand during the interaction shows his weakness and energetic honesty. However, he brings vibrant energy and a new appreciation for his gift to the family.

7. Dolores

Pepa's child Dolores has the endowment of upgraded hearing. She can hear all that everybody in the house and town says along these lines, making her the go-to hotspot for tattle and data. Because of her improved hearing, Dolores is much of the time a mild-mannered onlooker, prompting an amusingly downplayed line conveyance that makes her one of the more entertaining characters in the film.

8. Julieta

As Mirabel's mother, Julieta is a sort and humane person who continuously pays special attention to other people, utilizing her mysterious capacities to make food that recuperates individuals' sicknesses. She gives her all to comfort Mirabel and ensures she feels acknowledged even without a gift. She doesn't play a massive part in the film; however, her magnanimous activities and caring mentality rapidly make her one of the more likable characters.

9. Agustin

Mirabel's dad Agustin is a silly yet amiable person. Since he was wedded to the Madrigal family, he doesn't have a gift, yet he has figured out how to be alright with his identity and doesn't envy the people who genuinely have talents. He is a caring person who attempts to comfort Mirabel since he can relate to her battle.


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As a decent contender for one of Disney's most remarkable characters, Mirabel's enthusiastic auntie Pepa has the endowment of controlling the climate with her feelings, frequently radically causing precipitation, wind, or daylight unexpectedly as her sentiments change. She gives her all to keep a formed and bright attitude, yet she doesn't necessarily, in all cases succeed.

Where to watch?

Encanto is a Disney movie, so it is available on Disney Plus. You can watch Encanto online on Disney Plus by buying its subscription or watching Encanto offline by downloading it from StreamGaGa Disney Plus Downloader.

How to download Encanto for offline watching?

You can download Encanto on any device by going to StreamGaGa Disney Plus Downloader by following these steps:

Step 1: Install and launch your StreamGaGa Disney Plus Downloader

You have to download the StreamGaGa software from its website and launch it. Then you have to sign in to your account.

Step 2: Select Encanto

After signing in, browse Encanto.

Step 3: Click on the Download icon.

In the end, select the download option and enjoy your streaming.

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