Disney Plus is an on-demand streaming service founded by The Walt Disney Company. If you are a subscriber of Disney Plus, you can watch thousands of Disney movies and services on your devices. These devices can be your laptops, phones, smart TVs, tablets, and gaming consoles. This subscription offers you to do unlimited downloads of your favorite movies and series. You are making it easily accessible to watch anywhere.

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Disney Plus costs $8 a month, making it $80 per year. You get an ad-free access to all the service streaming titles with this subscription. However, there is no free trial. You can get Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and all the latest content under one roof.

Compared to other top streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, it is relatively more affordable than the rest. The discounted bundles it provides with Hulu and ESPN+ add more streaming value to it.

If you are trying to figure out what Disney Plus Erro Code 39 is, what causes this error, and how to solve it. You have arrived on the right page. We will completely guide you through it.

What is Disney Plus Error Code 39?

Disney Plus Error Code 39 indicates that the video you're trying to stream or watch at this time cannot be watched. This could be a rights availability or any other issue with Disney Plus. It is suggested that users can try and restart their application.

It usually appears when you connect too many devices at Disney Plus simultaneously. If this isn't the reason, then most probably, you are trying to access the service using Xbox One console. Many users say it is due to you streaming Disney Plus simultaneously with Xbox and another device.

What causes Disney Plus Error Code 39?

Disney Plus allows you to use four devices at the same time. If you try connecting the fifth device, you will run into the Disney Plus Error Code 39. To connect to the fifth device, you need to log out from one of the previous devices.

You can do the following steps:

1. Open the Disney Plus app on one of your devices.

2. Click on Your Profile, which appears in the top right corner.

3. Click "Log Out."

Some other reasons for this error can be:

  • Failing copy protection check.
  • HDMI is not supported
  • In-game recording device

Once you do this, you can easily continue watching your videos.

Easy Steps to fix Disney Plus Error Code 39

Following are some of the easy steps you can carry out to fix Disney Plus Error Code 39:

1. Try loading the video again:

Sometimes when you open your Disney Plus for the first time, the app gets started with an error code. But if you open it the second time, the error is gone. This occurs due to some glitches occurring on your Android or Xbox devices. You can try refreshing the page and continue streaming the content. This will help resolve your error. This can be a behind Disney Plus Error Code 39.

2. PC Xbox streaming app:

If you are streaming Disney Plus on your Windows 10 Xbox application, then shut down your PC Xbox Streaming app and tap the close button of the application. You may also have to restart the Disney Plus app or even the Xbox One. Furthermore, the error code will automatically disappear once you stop streaming from Xbox One to your PC.

3. Try using a different streaming device:

Using Xbox One console to stream Disney Plus will certainly generate this error. These errors can also be caused when you stream directly from a smart TV and with some other devices as well. In any of the above cases, it is advised to use a different streaming device to see if the issue is resolved.

If you can easily stream it from a different device, then the error occurs due to some problem with your Xbox One or whatever other device that generated the error code. This is another way to Error Code 39 Disney Plus.

4. Switching to a different HDMI cable/port:

If any other HDMI cable is available, swap that in and see if that resolves the error. Check each of the ports and detect which one of them is working. If any of them works, then it means that the port is appropriately linked.

It is suggested to use a high-quality, undamaged cable that is not so long and that supports HDMI.

5. Turn off the TV and power cycle it:

Remove the plus for some time from your television and then plug it back into the power board. If the error remains, try power cycling on both the streaming device and the television simultaneously. If this solution works, then you have to repeat it if, in the future, your HDMI handshake fails.

6. Reinstall the Disney Plus app:

Try deleting the app, and then power recycling your device. Shut it down and unplug it. After unplugging, plug it back and power it up. Reinstall the Disney Plus app and check if it works.

7. Try a different TV:

If you have any other television available, try using that to see if the same error occurs there or not since some older televisions do not support the latest version of HDMI. The new HDMI provides a more secure connection. Thus, older pieces can cause this type of error.

How to watch Disney Plus offline?

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Guide on downloading videos from Disney Plus

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Final words

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