7 Easy Ways to Fix Netflix Error Code: M7353-5101

There might be some issues when trying to connect to Netflix. So here, you will learn some easy ways to fix the error code: m7353-5101 that occurs on Netflix.

Netflix is an app that has a massive collection of movies, dramas, series, and TV shows. It allows you to watch everything you want just in one app, and you don't have to browse around to watch your favorite movie. Another great thing about Netflix is that it is a commercial free app which means there won't be any annoying ads between your show.

But sometimes, when you are trying to log in to Netflix or stream a movie, an error code: m7353-5101 comes up. There is no need to worry; here, you will find easy and straightforward ways to fix the Netflix Error Code: m7353-5101.

What is Netflix error code: m7353-5101 occur?

Netflix error code: m7353-5101 is the error in Netflix that stops you from streaming any movie or show on Netflix. It can be frustrating if you are not aware of the proper reason why this is happening. This can occur when trying to log in to your Netflix account. The Error Code: m7353-5101 can also occur when you are starting to watch a show on Netflix.

Why does Netflix error code: m7353-5101 occur?

There can be many reasons why the error code: m7353-5101 Netflix might occur. A few of the common reasons are mentioned below:

Sometimes there might be a third-party application or extension interfering with the Netflix connection. It might cause the Netflix error code m7353-5101 and stop you from watching movies.

Another cause of this error might be because of the cookies and cache. Hence for that, you might need to clean the history.

Lastly, the browser you are using can be outdated and cause this Error Code: m7353-5101.

Solutions to fix error code: m7353-5101 on Netflix step by step:

If you face this problem when trying to stream movies and shows on Netflix, the following are some of the ways to fix this error.

1. Restart your computer:

The first method you can try is restarting your computer. This will remove any temporary bugs that might be stopping you from the streaming process. After restarting the computer, check Netflix for the Netflix error code m7353-5101

2. Update Google Chrome:

Another thing you can do is update google chrome. For this, you'll need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Click on the "Menu" button present on chrome.
  • Select the "Help" button and click on the "About Google Chrome option."
  • This will show if you have any new updates regarding your google, then update it.
  • Then click on Relaunch.
  • Now open Netflix and see if you still have the Error code: m7353-5101 Netflix.

3. Uninstall and Reinstall Netflix:

Another option you have is that you can reinstall the Netflix app. This will remove any kinds of bugs and start the beginning. This will remove any bugs and problems from the application so that you can start streaming movies without the Error code: m7353-5101 Netflix.

4. Disabling Extensions:

The Error Code: m7353-5101 can be due to the third-party extension. So, you'll need to disable the extensions for your Netflix to work correctly. To disable the extension, follow the steps given.

  • First, visit the Chrome Bar in your system.
  • Now type "chrome://extensions" on the browser and press the "Enter" key.
  • Now there will be a list of extensions on your screen.
  • You'll need to disable the unwanted extensions, so click on the "Toggle" button to disable them.
  • After disabling the extensions, go to the Netflix page and check for the Error Code: m7353-5101.

5. Clearing the Cookies and Cache:

If your Netflix is crashing due to cookies and cache, you need to eliminate all of them. To do so, follow the points mentioned below.

  • First, you need to click Ctrl + H button together.
  • This will open the "History" page.
  • Click on the option "Clear Browsing Data" on the left side of the page.
  • This will clear all of your previous cookies and cache that might be causing the error code for Netflix.

6. Turn off the Third-Party Antivirus Software:

If you have any third-party antivirus on your computer, it might prevent you from streaming on Netflix. Therefore, you need to uninstall or turn off the antivirus if you want to watch movies on Netflix. To disable the third-party software, follow the steps given below.

  • First, click on the arrow button that is present on the taskbar. This will open a small menu.
  • Now you need to left-click on the Avast antivirus icon.
  • The setting menu will open on the screen, and select the "Avast shield control."
  • This will open another menu and select the "10 minutes option".
  • This will turn off the third-party antivirus software, and you will be able to stream on Netflix without the Error Code: m7353-5101.

7. Update the Windows:

Issues and problems can occur when you don't have the updated Windows. So if you have the Netflix error code: m7353-5101, you can try updating your Windows.

You have to go to the "Windows Setting" and see if there are any new updates. If there are, you need to update it to the latest version. This will help you remove the Netflix error code m7353-5101.

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Netflix is one favorite and most-used apps that allow people to watch every movie. However, you might face Error Code: m7353-5101 that can crash your Netflix, so the methods mentioned above will help you remove this error.

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