AMC+ by AMC Networks is a popular subscription video-on-demand streaming service. The service hit the field in June 2020. Apart from the live feed, program libraries of television networks, or streaming brands, it offers its exclusive content to its viewers through its TV everywhere AMC premiere app.

A few months later, AMC+ was available to channels on Amazon Prime video, apple TV, dish network, sling TV, Roku, and YouTube TV. Finally, from August 2021, you can view AMC+ on TV, computer and mobile.

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How to Watch AMC Plus?

You can download the AMC pus app from the app store of your device. Alternatively, you can subscribe to it through a streaming service provider or your cable system. The app gives you quick access to all AMC Plus shows and movies.

How to Watch AMC Plus For Free?

Is there an AMC+ Free Trial Available? Yes, there is a seven-day free trial. Signing up for a free AMC Plus trial is quite easy. New subscribers avail of a seven-day free trial through their previous services like Roku TV, Sling TV, Apple, and YouTube TV.

Can I Get AMC+ Free Trial through Amazon Channel?

If a one-week trial is not enough and you want a longer free trial, amazon prime can help you even if you are not an amazon prime user. Amazon prime Sign-up offers a thirty-day free trial to its new members. It includes everything on prime including amazon’s AMC Plus page to initiate a free trial. Here is a trick for free streamers. You can sign up for a free Amazon Prime trial after every 12 months. This also means free access to AMC Plus after every year.

To cancel AMC Plus on Amazon Prime, log in to your account. Go to Account and Setting. Here you will find a link to Prime Video Channels. Hit the Cancel Channel button and it will end your AMC Plus subscription after confirmation.

How Much Does AMC+ Cost After the Free Trial?

AMC+ subscription is affordable for a huge audience. For most viewers, the average cost is between 6.99 to 8.99 USD with access to Sundance, Shudder, and IFC content. If you sign up for AMC Plus through sling TV, you need to pay seven bucks for AMC Plus. If Roku is your current in-use streaming service, you will pay nine bucks per month.

Is AMC Plus Worth it? How to Cancel AMC Plus Free Trial?

Unlike Hulu and Netflix, the stand-alone streaming applications, AMC+ presents a carefully planned package of movies and shows to attract a huge audience. You can purchase your AMC+ through a cable TV provider or other streaming services. However, the service also offers content from other sister channels including IFC films, Sundance now, Shudder and others. Moreover, AMC+ gives you full freedom of watching in-demand content whenever you desire. To add more, the content is ad-free with no subscription tiers.

Are you still confused about whether it is worth a try? Get the free trial to feel the essence of AMC shows. A few free episodes are available. Some ask you to sign in. Others show a play button allowing a free watch away.

If you want to cancel your AMC Plus subscription, go to your account settings on the platform from where you have subscribed to the channel.

What Devices are Compatible with AMC Plus?

If you are an AMC subscriber, you can watch AMC Plus on the web, android, iOS, android and apple TV, Roku, and fire TV. Premium channel subscribers through amazon prime, Roku, or apple can use the provider’s app to access AMC Plus content. Those who have subscribed through a TV provider, visit their website to know about the compatible devices.

What AMC+ Shows to Watch Can I Download Shows from AMC Plus Offline?

AMC Plus offers a band of hit award-winning shows and series with a tint of horror, crime, science-fiction, and much more. Here is a list of a few names that everyone is talking about.

  • The walking dead
  • Dark winds
  • Mad Men
  • Kin
  • Gangs of London
  • Portlandia
  • Being human
  • A discovery of witches
  • Hell on wheels
  • Moon haven

For downloading videos, your device needs to meet some requirements.

The downside of AMC Plus is that it does not have built-in functionality to download any video content. However, you can use a reliable video download application to watch videos offline with fine quality and resolution.

Download AMC+ Videos with StreamGaGa Video Downloader

If you are a binge-watcher dreaming of uninterrupted movie time,StreamGaGa Video Downloadersuggests a convenient solution to fulfill your dream. The software can download and store the shows on your device for unrestricted binge-watching. Below are some of the handy features making it the best of all.

  • Options for setting video quality and sound channels
  • Commercial-free option
  • Downloading DRM encrypted MPD files from the streaming services.

How to Download videos from AMC Plus

Follow these basic steps below

● Go to the official website and download StreamGaGa Video Downloader and launch it.

● Go to the homepage and enter the AMC Plus website URL.

● In the next step, choose the video that you want to download and let the app analyze it.

● Select the language for audio and subtitle and click the “Download Now” option.

● Within a few minutes, your video will be ready to watch offline.


AMC Plus brings to you the best on-demand and commercial-free content from AMC and other sister channels. Watching AMC Plus without paying a dime is easy peasy.


Are AMC premiere and AMC Plus the same?

The two services differ in many ways. AMC premiere offers specific AMC channel on-demand, ad-free content including extended episodes, bonus scenes, original movie cuts, and off-screen sneak peeks. AMC Plus is a different platform. It offers additional content from Sundance, Shudder, IFC, and BBC America.

Can I watch previous shows on AMC+?

AMC+ library is a huge collection of current and previously aired shows. However, new content is continuously being added, updated, and withdrawn. That is why sometimes you might not find any season or episode. You can sign up for email to get the latest updates.

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