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Read our guide to with the latest 2022 updates to enjoy your favorite content from Discovery GO.

Digital content has evolved dramatically over the years, and the demand for on-the-go video content has sky-rocketed. Many video streaming platforms have emerged to cater to consumer demand. Discovery GO is among the top video streaming platforms in the market, focusing on delivering mainly lifestyle, food, and travel content. Users can activate it

Owned by Discovery Inc., shows and series from many Discovery-exclusive channels, including Animal Planet, HGTV, and Food Network, can be viewed on Discovery GO. Please read our guide to activate Discovery GO and enjoy its most exclusive content.

How to Sign Up for Discovery GO via

Signing up for Discovery GO is no rocket science. All you need to do is stick to the following steps.

  1. Open the Sign-Up site for Discovery GO by installing the app through your device's Store or visiting the site through your web browser.
  2. Fill in your credentials like a phone number, email, or Apple TV account. This will generate an OTP.
  3. Insert the OTP for verification, and you are done.

Once you have signed up for Discovery GO, sign in using the same credentials you filled in while signing up if you are not automatically redirected. Once you have completed the Sign-in procedure, you will be required to activate Discovery GO through For that, continue reading.

How to Watch Content on Discovery GO?

After successfully signing in, the next step is to activate Discovery GO on your respective device through Remember, you need an active subscription to successfully fulfill the activation procedure and watch content on Discovery GO without a hitch.

With the correct signing credentials and an active subscription, the task left is to activate Discovery GO with Next, you can find the method for activation for Discovery GO on a bunch of standard devices.

Watch Offline with StreamGaGa Video Downloader

Streaming videos online has done its part in changing the digital content industry. However, increasing internet traffic can result in slower and unsteady internet connections.

With StreamGaGa Video Downloader, you can download Discovery GO videos and content from other top video streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+ with just a click. You need to paste the links to your videos and download them. You can enjoy Discovery GO content with excellent video and audio quality without unnecessary buffering or interruptions.

How to Activate Discovery GO on Different Devices?

Activation of Discovery GO is integral for enjoying the content on Discovery GO, and below are methods on several devices through

Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV is one of the well-recognized names in the Smart TV industry, and besides the traditional TV experience also offers digital content from top streaming platforms. Here are the steps you need to fulfill to activate Discovery GO on your Samsung Smart TV.

  1. Make sure your Smart TV has an internet connection. Open the app store and search for Discovery GO in the Search bar.
  2. Download it on your TV. After completing the download, you will find the Discovery GO icon on your Home Screen.
  3. Launch Discovery GO and select your TV service provider. Fill in your credentials, after which you will see an Activation code on your screen.
  4. On another device, visit through your web browser.
  5. Enter the code which was displayed earlier on your screen and press Activate.

After completing the above steps, you can enjoy your favorite content on Discovery GO.

Apple TV

Apple TV is another top competitor in the video content streaming category and allows users to access digital content in many ways. You can follow the steps ahead to activate and watch content from Discovery GO on Apple TV.

  1. Connect Apple TV with your TV, and make sure it is connected to the internet.
  2. Open the App Store, and search for "Discovery GO." Install the app.
  3. After successful installation, launch the Discovery GO and click on Activate.
  4. An Activation code will be displayed on the screen. Save it for later.
  5. On a different device, visit through a web browser.
  6. Enter the Activation code from your TV screen, and you will be redirected to Discovery GO Home Screen.

You can enjoy hundreds of titles from Discovery GO on Apple TV with this.


Roku is a popular content streaming platform and allows its users to stream from top video streaming sites. To enjoy content from Discovery GO, follow the steps below to install Discovery GO on your Roku device first.

  1. Connect your Roku device to your television and launch it. On the home screen, you will find the Channel Store. Open it.
  2. In the Search bar, type "Discovery GO" and download it.

Once you have successfully downloaded Discovery GO, follow these steps to activate it.

  1. After launching the app, choose your TV service provider. Next, fill in your credentials.
  2. Afterward, you will see an Activation code on the screen. You will use it later.
  3. On another device, access goes discovery com activate at, enter the activation code displayed earlier on your TV screen, and click on Activate.

Once you have completed the steps above, you can enjoy and view your favorite Discovery GO titles.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon TV Fire Stick comes with unique features suited to provide one of the best content streaming experiences on the market. The following steps will help you install Discovery GO on your Amazon TV Fire Stick Screen.

  1. Connect Amazon Fire Stick with your TV.
  2. Find the Store and search for "Discovery GO" on the Home Screen in the Search Bar.
  3. Download the app, and launch it after it has been successfully installed.
  4. Select your TV service provider and fill in your account credentials.
  5. An Activation code will be displayed on the screen. You will use it later.
  6. On another device, visit through a web browser.
  7. Enter the Activation code displayed earlier after filling in the exact account details.

Now, you can watch and enjoy content on Discovery GO on Amazon TV Fire Stick.


Xbox has been around for some time now and is known for its outstanding features and video quality. With the simple steps below, you can watch content from Discovery GO on your Xbox.

  1. Connect your Xbox and ensure you have a secure and steady internet connection.
  2. Open the Microsoft Store, and search for "Discovery GO" in the Search Bar. By clicking on the icon, find the Download button, and install the app.
  3. After successful installation, launch the app and generate the Activation code by filling in your TV service provider and your credentials.
  4. On another device, access on your web browser and enter the Activation code to activate Discovery GO on your Xbox.

With the fulfillment of the steps mentioned above, you can activate Discovery GO and enjoy exclusive content from the platform.

What if Does Not Work?

With, you can easily activate and watch Discovery GO content. However, there might be exceptions where it does not work. Below are some cases which are addressed to make your experience more convenient problem-free. Hopefully, after finishing our guide 2022, you will be able to enjoy your favorite content on Discovery GO.

Review Your Sign-In Procedure

It is likely to make mistakes while signing up. You might enter a different username or password and remember a different one. If you are having trouble with your account credentials and Discovery GO cannot verify if it's you, try reviewing your credentials and making sure there are no mistakes.

Contact your Cable Service Provider

As mentioned earlier, you need an active subscription to access content on Discovery GO through You will be required to choose your TV Service provider. Contact your provider if you have trouble doing so and explain the problem. Hopefully, they will know how to help you.

Watch Discovery GO Content Offline

If you have trouble accessing Discovery GO content online and is not working for you, you can download Discovery GO content on your device with StreamGaGa Video Downloader from StreamGaGa's official site.

You can watch Discovery GO content offline without any buffering or loading. Or, maybe if you are traveling, offline videos are most suitable due to inconsistent internet connections or weak internet signals in isolated places.


Q. Which devices are compatible with Discovery GO?

You can download Discovery GO on many devices. These include Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon TV Fire Stick, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo.

Q. Can I watch Discovery Go offline?

Watching Discovery GO offline is made possible and convenient with StreamGaGa Video Downloader, from where you can download content from not only Discovery GO but also other OTT streaming platforms. After successful activation through, you can use the links to save for later viewing.

Q. Can I access Discovery GO for free?

You can download the Discovery GO App from your device's Store. However, you need a subscription from your TV service provider to access the content on Discovery GO.

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