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How to Cancel HBO Max Subscription on Web or App in 2022?

Tired of your HBO Max and want to end your subscription? Here’s a complete guide to getting it done.

HBO Max is the home for all new and old HBO movies. You can easily get a hold of them through a subscription plan. This video channel is a stand-alone platform allowing you to stream hundreds and thousands of movies and TV shows. Many other streaming services like Amazon also offer access to HBO Max channel.

You can cancel your subscription plan if you no longer wish to watch HBO Max. If you have never done it, you have come to the right place. This article answers "how to cancel HBO Max in easy ways."

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How to Cancel HBO Max Through Website:

If you no more wish to watch on HBO Max, you can easily cancel your HBO Max subscription by going to its website. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Type on your Google search and sign in to your account.
  2. When your account opens, go to your profile option in the upper right corner and click on "Subscription."

  1. When the next page opens, click on "Manage Subscription."

  1. From the "manage subscription" page, click "Cancel Subscription" at the end of the list.

  1. The next window that appears asks for confirmation. Select the most probable reason for your cancellation from the options and click on "Yes, Cancel Subscription." Once you confirm, your subscription is canceled.

How to Cancel HBO Max Through App:

The answer to "how to cancel HBO Max through the app?" has an easy answer. The steps are similar to cancellation through the website, with slight differences.

  1. Open HBO Max app on your device and go to your "profile" option. The location of this option is different on different devices.
  2. Tab on the settings icon on the upper left side of your screen.

  1. Select the option of "subscription" that is second on the drop-down menu list. On the next tab, click on "manage subscription."
  2. The App will immediately take you to your HBO Max account online.
  3. From your account window, choose the option of "cancel subscription" and repeat the same steps of selecting a reason from the menu and clicking on "Yes Cancel Subscription."

"How to cancel HBO Max on the web" and "how to cancel HBO Max on the app" are easy procedures involving the same steps. You can easily cancel HBO Max from both services if you know the answer to any of them.

How to Cancel HBO Max on Roku, Amazon, and Hulu?

Roku, Amazon, and Hulu are renowned streaming services that allow access to plenty of channels and exotic shows. HBO Max is one common name among the channels offered on these platforms. If you wish to watch HBO Max shows on your Roku, Amazon, or Hulu, you must buy a separate subscription.

How to Cancel HBO Max on Roku?

  1. Press the special Home button on your Roku remote control.
  2. Navigate to the HBO Max channel on the screen from streaming options using the direction buttons.
  3. With the help of the Star button on your remote control, select "manage subscription."
  4. Go to “Cancel Subscription" in the next window and press "OK." Confirm your cancelation on the next window on your screen and select "done."

How to Cancel HBO Max on Amazon?

Amazon offered HBO shows in its service before the launch of HBO Max, but now, they have removed it from their platform. If Amazon still charges you for HBO services, you may face some difficulty removing these charges through Amazon. Amazon no longer shows the HBO channel among its streaming services. If you want to cancel the subscription plan for HBO, you will need to cancel your Amazon as a whole.

You can also get help from HBO Max App. If none of the above options works, try contacting Amazon’s and HBO’s customer service and ask them how to cancel HBO Max on your Amazon.

How to Cancel HBO Max on Hulu?

The following steps may help you a bit.

  1. Go to on your browser and sign in to your account.
  2. Go to your account's "Your Subscription" option and click on "Manage Plan."
  3. Search for the HBO Max option from "manage the plan." Take your pointer to click on X. and select “Review Changes” afterward. Your HBO Max account is canceled successfully.

Can I Cancel Through a Provider?

If you watch HBO through your cable, you can still cancel it by going to the HBO Max website and logging into your account. Once logged in, check your subscription details. You will be able to see your provider there. You can either go to the related website to cancel your subscription or call your provider.

How to Download HBO Max Videos Before Canceling HBO Max Subscription?

You may wish to download your shows' remaining episodes before selecting a cancel subscription option. If you are doing so before your expiry, you can still enjoy your shows till the date. But if the expiry is close and there is too much to watch, you can take the help of the StreamGaGa HBO Downloader.

StreamGaGa HBO Downloader:

StreamGaGa is your companion if you wish to enjoy your shows offline without ads. It is one of the best offline streaming services. StreamGaGa HBO Downloader is specially designed to download shows on HBO.

The download steps are simple to follow:

  1. Download the StreamGaGa HBO Downloader on your computer.
  2. Select HBO from its streaming services on the home screen.

  1. Now search for your favorite HBO shows. You can select multiple videos at once and start downloading.

  1. When the download is finished, they will appear in your StreamGaGa’s downloads list.

When you are done, you can cancel your HBO Max subscription.


What is HBO Max, and How to Use It?

HBO Max is a streaming service providing blockbuster TV shows and HBO originals. You can use it through the web or the App, or other provider services.

Will Climax Shows Be Added to HBO Max App?

The answer is no. Some of the Cinemax shows like Banshee, Strike Back, and others are unavailable on HBO Max App.

What Devices Are Compatible with HBO Max?

HBO Max is available on many devices, including cell phones, tablets, Mac, and PC browsers. You can also get them working on your TVs through streaming platforms.

StreamGaGa Max Downloader
StreamGaGa Max Downloader is a powerful Max video downloader that allows you to download movies and TV shows in 1080p or even 4K with AC3 5.1, AAC 2.0, and Atmos audio, all without any ads. Learn More >
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