How do I delete Hulu historyHulu history has many aspects.You can delete one viewing history, or your entire history.How do you delete Hulu history from other devices?Hulu is available on a variety of devices, including smart TVs and smartphones.This is how to delete your watch history from Hulu.

How do I view the Watch History of Hulu?

It is easy to view your Hulu watch history.These steps will allow you to quickly access your viewing history.

  • To begin, go to Hulu's official website by clickinghere.You can also visit Hulu's official website through Google Search. Simply type Hulu into the Google Search bar, and then select the first page from your Google official page.
  • Click on the Home tab.
  • Then, keep watching for an option.
  • These are the steps to view your Hulu viewing history.

How do you clear Hulu historyThis is the most important part of this article.This is only one aspect of How To View Watch History on Hulu.Let's now move on to How do I clear Hulu watch record?

How do I clear my Watch History on Hulu

What Makes Someone Want to Clear Their Hulu Watch History History?

Although it's easy to do, not everyone wants to share their watch list.Some people don't like to reveal their personal information. Sometimes what you watch could be directly related to your tastes, quirks, or what type of mature content you enjoy.If these types of sensitive information are leaked, it can lead to a lot of trauma.People often share their Hulu accounts.Protecting sensitive information is essential.This is something that many people don't like to do.

Another aspect of these discussions are the algorithms or preferential analyses by Hulu itself.Hulu's algorithm determines whether you want to see a romantic or action movie.All it comes down to the content you like.Clearing your Hulu history will allow you to access a wider range of content.

Steps to Clear Hulu's Watch History

Don't worry!It won't take long to delete your Hulu watch history.It's easy.It is not difficult.Follow the steps as outlined here and you will be done.You have many options to delete your Hulu history.There is an easy way to delete Hulu history from a browser.It is easy to do this on a smart TV, mobile or PC.

How to Clear Your Watch History From A Web Browser.

  • Hulu's main page can be accessed via a web browser on a computer or MAC.
  • Clickhereto access the homepage
  • Simply type in "Hulu" on Google search to find the first search result.
  • After logging in to Hulu on the first page, scroll down until you see the Keep Watching section.
  • You will now see many movies in the Keep watching section. Just click the 'X" sign to view a specific movie
  • You will see a new window confirming cancellation. Click on "okay" to close it.
  • Your single movie or show listing will be deleted once you're done.

How to Clear Your Watch History on a Mobile Phone

  • Open the Hulu app on any device, Android or iPhone.
  • Once you've signed in to your app, swipe right until you see the "Keep watching" section.Click on this option.
  • The process isn't difficult, but make sure you tap on the three dots to the right of a specific show.
  • Tap the "Remove" button on your device.After you tap it, your watch history will disappear.

Steps to Clear Hulu's Watch History All at Once

  • First, please visit theofficialwebpage on Hulu.
  • Next, click on Login.You may be asked for your login credentials. Please enter them correctly.
  • After logging in, navigate to the privacy settings section.
  • You will now need to click on the California privacy rights option.
  • Now, open the file and go to the "manage activity section" or "select watch history".
  • Once you click the button, a popup window will open at the bottom that says "clear selected".You just need to click that button.
  • All your viewing history will be deleted as soon as that happens.

teps to Clear Hulu Watching History on Smart TV

Clearing your Hulu history is easy on a smart television.It's easy, just follow these steps.Follow the steps as outlined in the tips.

  • Switch on your TV and launch the Hulu App on your smart TV.
  • This process is slightly different than on a mobile device or a PC.Select the information page you wish to open and then delete the shows or movies.
  • Select'manage movies or shows on Hulu' from your smart TV remote.
  • To delete the show from Hulu's viewing history, you will need to click on Remove from History.
  • You can easily remove any tabs or tabs from Hulu by following the steps below.

Why am I not able to delete my Hulu Watch History?

Hulu's watch history cannot be cleared. It all depends on why.Are the watch histories appearing in other areas?Is the watch history not being deleted?In both cases, you will need to take separate steps to delete your Hulu history.

These options can be used to delete your Hulu viewing history if it appears in other areas such as In details and My stuff hub.If it persists, you can choose Dislike or Stop suggesting features to remove all traces of your viewing activity.

If your watch history doesn't get deleted, ensure that you haven’t saved any episodes of the show or movie.Your viewing history can't be deleted in this case.You can simply save the show.You can also go to the contact page and make a complaint if it persists.

You are now aware that you can delete your Hulu watch history.Are you a binge movie watcher?If so, you cansave your favorite movies from Hulu offlineto watch whenever you like.

How To Download Movies From Hulu

It's no surprise that Hulu allows you to download movies directly from the streaming service.The OTTs do have restrictions that you can only overcome by downloading movies via the third-party downloader tool.

StreamGaGa Hulu downloaderis a third-party tool that helps you to overcome the limitations of streaming platforms.These are some of its unique features:

The video is downloaded in mp4 format and can be played on nearly all devices.

The video quality is HQ, with a resolution of up to 1080p.

You can download the subtitles and embed them in the video.

With its batch download feature, you can download bulk videos.

It also saves metadata, which allows you to efficiently manage your videos.

Many people are concerned that there are not any ads in the video.

The tool has a built-in browser that allows you to find your favorite Hulu video within the tool.

This feature gives you a great viewing experience.You can save your videos offline so you can watch them whenever and wherever you like.


It is easy to delete your Hulu viewing history.Follow the instructions in this article.