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How to Donate on Twitch [Bits, Subs & PayPal Donations] – 2022

Are you curious to learn how to donate on Twitch in 2022? To explore more, read this comprehensive article.

The outbreak was a critical driving force behind gaming and lived broadcasting mainstreaming. People acquired these new interests while stuck at home and gravitated to websites like Twitch to watch others play games or do it themselves.

Although its roots in gaming, Twitch has grown to include individuals vlogging live, cooking, creating art, gambling, playing music, singing, and much more, making the site one of the most popular forms of online entertainment.

If you want to learn how to donate on Twitch, we will walk you through the steps and tips to follow.

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How to Support and Donate Money on Twitch?

Although most streamers that "hit it" may earn money via sponsors and affiliate links, getting there might take a long time. If you want to consider financially sponsoring someone you find amusing and want to learn how to donate on Twitch, continue reading!


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Subscribe to Your Favorite Twitch Streamer

Subscriptions are another excellent method to support your favorite streamer. Affiliate and sponsored broadcasters can use this method to monetize their accounts.

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To explore how to donate on Twitch, subscriptions are available in three grades, ranging from $4.99 to $24.99. You may utilize the channel emotes, watch ad-free, and engage in subscriber-only content in return for a Twitch membership.

Step 1: Select the Subscribe Option

Go to your preferred Twitch channel. At the upper right of the video player, click the "subscribe" option (to the left of the chat). The channel must be a Twitch Affiliate or a Twitch Partner.

Step 2: Select a Tier

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A pop-up window will display informing you of the advantages of a tier one subscription. To proceed, click the subscribe button. Scroll down to the appropriate choice if you wish to subscribe for tier 2 or 3 subscriptions.

Step 3: Pay Using a Credit Card or PayPal

You will be sent to another webpage where you may pay via PayPal or a credit card. Select "More Methods" to see alternative payment options or to extend your membership duration (3 or 6 months).

You will activate your membership once your money is received and processed. Many streamers will indeed be thankful for your assistance.

Donate Gift Subs on Twitch

If you already possess a membership, you may gift subs to other channel followers by hitting the "Gift a Sub" option that replaces the subscribe button.

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You may select from the preset 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, or 100 subs or enter any number between 1 till 100. You can also follow this step to learn how to donate on Twitch.

Cheer on Twitch

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Twitch Bits are the built-in money created by Twitch. You may buy them straight from the corporation as a viewer for a slight markup on their worth. Each Twitch Bit is equal to one US penny.

Folks often contribute bits in increments of 100 (a $1 tip), but others like to add a bit or two between words in a comment to make it stand out. Cheering is used for donating with bits, and a particular animated expression is employed.

You may collect rewards bits by viewing Twitch advertising or completing surveys.

Donate Directly to a Twitch Streamer

When you donate directly to a streamer, they receive 100% of your money. Twitch does not take any of it for its benefit. To give to a streamer, they must have established their account with a third-party business.

To support a Livestream, please do the following:

Step 1: To give to a streamer, go to their profile and look for the contribution panel. Navigate to the URL. Depending on the streamer, you can pay in cash or cryptocurrency.

Step 2: A donation page concept built with Streamlabs. To give to a streamer, go to their profile and look for the contribution panel.

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Step 3: Navigate to the URL. Depending on the streamer, you can pay in cash or cryptocurrency.

Support Twitch Streamers by Buying Through Affiliate Links

Most streamers can establish Affiliate links before they are funded. You may get a 10-15% discount if you buy using Affiliate links, and the streamer will also receive a small commission.

You can also help a streamer by purchasing their merchandise if they have it available.

How to Donate on Twitch without Money?

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  • Participate in the discussion and greet newcomers. Be helpful, witty, and communicate with the streamer and other viewers to add value to the community.
  • Join their Discord and participate. Post relevant memes and offer assistance where you can.
  • Reach out to the streamer and see if they require any assistance. If you're artistic, you might be able to assist them with their visuals or emotes.
  • If requested, consider becoming a moderator. While it can be a challenging profession at times, streamers value people on whom they can rely.
  • Promote their channel. Distribute their social media posts.

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Do Streamers Receive the Complete Donation?

The amount streamers receive is determined by the payment type. While streamers receive 100percent of contributed bits, Twitch costs the donor to purchase them in the first place. While PayPal charges streamers for processing costs, the donor does not. In any case, the streamer does not receive the whole amount.

On Twitch, How Much Money are 1000 Bits Worth?

Streamers are paid one penny each bit. So, for a streamer, 1000 bits cost $10. However, 1000 bits cost more than $10 to purchase. However, sales occur often, so keep a watch out!

Is It Possible to Donate via the Twitch App?

When you browse through the channel of your favorite Twitch streamer, you'll notice a panel called "tipping jar," "donations," and more. Different streamers give it various labels. But the critical thing is to click on it, and you're done.

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