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[Easy Steps] How to Download Movistar Plus Videos on Your Devices?

This article tells everything you need to know about Movistar Plus, and also describes how to download Movistar Plus videos on your computers in easy steps.

Serving customers in Spain and Hispanic American countries, Movistar, a prominent telecommunications provider owned by Telefónica, offers an array of services, including landline, broadband, mobile services, and its renowned streaming platform, Movistar+. The popular streaming service offers 72 channels in 10 genres for its users.

movistar plus tv

This post will delve into the price, supported devices, download steps and download limits of Movistar+, to provide the easy method to download Movistar+ videos on various devices for offline viewing. And since you're here, you may also interested in the way to download Atresplayer videos, or to download shows on HBO Max.

Overview of Movistar+

Movistar+ stands out in Spanish streaming landscape with its exceptional collection of sports events, films, international and self-produced series, documentaries, and exclusive programs. You can enjoy an immersive viewing experience provided by Movistar+ effortlessly on various devices, such as smartphones, TVs, PCs, or tablets with the subscription.

Price of Movista+ Subscription

movistar plus

Different from other streaming services, Movistar+ only provides a monthly plan at €14 (taxes included) for its users. Regardless of your current operator, you can subscribe to Movistar+ at the fixed price and cancel it whenever you desire.

With the subscription, you can enjoy all sports shows, episodes, original series and many other content in Movistar+ in high quality and download them on your mobile devices for offline viewing.

It should be noted that you need to pay in advance for 30 days of subscription, starting from the day you activate your account. No matter which day of the month you initiate the account, be it the 1st or the 28th, your subscription will be valid for the next 30 days, ensuring you enjoy seamless streaming without any interruptions.

Note: If you are an O2 customer, you are entitled to a monthly discount of -€2 on your Movistar+ subscription. To take advantage of this exclusive offer, you can register through During the registration process, in the last step, enter the code available in your private area or the O2 App.

Compatible Devices

Although the download feature of Movistar+ is exclusive to mobile devices, you can watch the content on several kinds of devices as follows:

  • Windows/mac PC;
  • Samsung, LG, Hisense and Android TV;
  • iPhone & iPad;
  • Android phone & tablet;
  • Chromecast.

Movistar Plus allows its subscribers to connect up to a total of five devices using their registered user credentials. When you goes beyond the initial limit, each new device connected automatically removes the profiles associated with the previously authorized devices.

How to Download Movistar+ Videos on Mobile Devices?

To download Movistar+ shows on mobile devices, all you need is 1). A strong internet connection; 2). An active Movistar+ account with subscription; 3). A supported device installed with Movistar+ app. When the 3 items are prepared, you can follow the steps in next section to download your favorite content.

Easy Steps

To download shows from Movistar+ on mobile devices, you need to install the "Movistar Plus+" app firstly. You can find the app through Google Play for Android device and Apple Store for iOS device. Then follow these easy steps to download Movistar+ shows for offline viewing:

Navigate to the detail page of the shows that you want to download.
Check if this content is available for download; if it is, the 'Download' icon will appear next to the 'Favorites'.
When you tap
the 'Download' button, the download will begin immediately.
The downloaded content can be found in My TV/My downloads section of the Movistar+ app.

Download Limits


Once you download content from Movistar+, you will have an exclusive window of 48 hours to enjoy it at your leisure. After this period or your subscription expires, the downloaded content will automatically be removed from your device.

It is also important to note that there is no batch download function in Movistar+ app, which means that you need to one by one. What's more, not all shows and movies on Movistar+ are available for download. While the streaming platform strives to provide a vast selection of titles for offline enjoyment, certain content may have limitations due to licensing agreements or other factors.

How to Download Movistar+ Videos on PC Without Limits?

Want to save Movistar Plus content for a long time and watch it whenever you want? Don't be worried. StreamGaGa is a useful app for saving videos to your devices without any time constraints. You can now watch Movistar Plus videos without any limits with StreamGaGa.

Tool Required: StreamGaGa

streamgaga video downloader

StreamGaGa is a versatile video downloader. It aims to help you download the videos from popular streaming services in the best quality, and break the limits posed by the platforms by downloading these shows in compatible MP4 format.

What's more, StreamGaGa understands your concerns weill. It offers automcatic ad-removal function to delete all ads in the downloaded videos to ensure a clear and fluent offline viewing. StreamGaGa now provides a free trial for 3 downloads in 30 days. Try it out to experience the full functions of StreamGaGa to download your favorite 3 movies in high quality now!

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Easy Steps

Follow the 4 simple steps to download Movistar+ shows with StreamGaGa and save them on your PC for unlimited offline viewing or transfer them on to other devices:

Copy the URL of the video you want to download

download movistar plus shows

Paste the URL into StreamGaGa

download movistar plus shows

Customize your settings and begin to download

Login your Movistar+ account using the build-in browser, and play the video you want to download. StreamGaGa will automcatically analyze the URL in no time. Customize the download settings in the on-screen prompt as follows:

download movistar plus shows

Check the downloaded videos in "Downloaded" section.


Movistar Plus offers everything for everyone including comedy, original and international series, Serie A and Bundesliga highlights, La Liga Endesa, Tennis...If you want to save your favorite videos on your device without time limitation, then use StreamGaGa to improve your offline viewing.


Can I watch Movistar+ outside of Spain?

Yes. By signing up in Spain, you can enjoy Movistar Plus+ when traveling to any of these 29 countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Norway.

What channels can I get from Movistar+?

Movistar+ offers rich content, including 4 cinema channels, 7 sports channels, 9 series channels, 8 children's channels, 4 documentarr channels, 15 entertainment channels, 7 autonomous channels, 6 information channels, and 8 generalist channels. You can check the detailed info by visiting the official website of Movistar+. But it should be noticed that some channels require extra fee.

How to cancel Movistar+ subscription?

To cancel your subscription to Movistar+, simply follow these steps:

  • Log in to your customer area.
  • Navigate to the My Subscription section.
  • Click on the option to cancel your subscription.
StreamGaGa One: Stream Video You Like Anytime, Anywhere
StreamGaGa One is a one-stop solution to download videos from Netflix, Prime Video, OnlyFans, Disney Plus, Hulu and more than 1500 streaming services for unlimited offline viewing. Learn More >
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