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How to download NHK Plus on your PC easily!

If you want to know how to download NHK Plus, you must know how to easily download NHK Plus high quality videos on your PC and enjoy them offline.

NHK Plus is a popular on-demand service in Japan, but there are times when Internet limitations make it difficult to watch the service as you wish. At such times, the StreamGaGa NHK Plus Downloader comes in handy. With this tool, you can download NHK Plus videos in high quality to your computer and watch them offline. We will show you how to watch comfortably without advertisements.

What is NHK Plus?

NHK Plus is an online video streaming service provided by NHK. Since televised programs can be viewed on the Internet, you can enjoy programs at your own convenience and at your favorite time. In addition, some programs are delivered in 4K quality, allowing you to watch them in high definition.

How do I download NHK Plus?

To download NHK Plus videos, you will need to use a dedicated download tool. Here we will show you how to download NHK Plus using StreamGaGa NHK Plus Downloader, a tool that allows you to easily download NHK Plus videos to your computer.

Features of StreamGaGa NHK Plus Downloader for PC

StreamGaGa NHK Plus Downloader has the following features

Supports FHD quality downloads

NHK Plus itself does not have a video download function, but the StreamGaGa NHK Plus Downloader allows you to download your favorite NHK Plus videos to your PC in a variety of resolutions.

Batch Download

StreamGaGa allows you to add multiple videos to a queue for download.

Support for MP4/MKV output

Video files downloaded with StreamGaGa can be saved as MP4 or MKV files for playback on a variety of devices.

GPU Acceleration

GPU acceleration allows StreamGaGa to download NHK Plus videos to your computer at high speed, downloading a 2-hour video in just 5 minutes.

How to use StreamGaGa NHK Plus Downloader

This section describes how to use the StreamGaGa downloader to save NHK Plus videos on your Mac and watch them offline. The specific steps are as follows

Step 1: Download and install the software according to your computer's operating environment.

Step 2: Once the StreamGaGa downloader is installed on your PC, launch it. Select "NHK Plus" from "VIP Services" on the left part of the top screen to access the NHK Plus website.

Computer screenshots

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Step 3: Select the video you wish to save. Play it and the download screen will appear automatically. There are options for download format, quality, and subtitles, so customize it to your needs.

Graphical User Interface, Application

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Step 4: Click "Download Now" to start downloading NHK Plus. If you wish to download multiple NHK Plus videos at once, click "Add to Queue" to add them to your download task. Then click "Start All" to download the NHK Plus videos of your choice.

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However, please be careful of copyrights when downloading.

About Copyrights

NHK Plus videos are copyrighted. It is illegal to distribute or publish downloaded videos without permission. Downloaded videos should be enjoyed within personal limits. Please observe copyright and enjoy the videos in an appropriate manner.

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You can easily download NHK Plus on your PC, and with StreamGaGa NHK Plus Downloader, you can download high quality videos and enjoy them offline. Please take this opportunity to try it out. However, please enjoy the downloaded videos in a proper way as they are copyrighted.

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