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How to Download Videos from ZEE5 on PC, Android and iOS ? [updated 2022]

If you won't have access to the internet for an extended period of time, you may still keep yourself occupied by downloading a variety of TV series and movies from ZEE5.

Zee5 Video Downloader is a website that allows users to download Zee5 videos without having to pay. Everyone in this day and age wants the opportunity to watch television or television series online and at no cost. As a result, this post will guide you on how to utilize the Zee5 Video Downloader in order to quickly and conveniently save videos from Zee5 to your device. After going through this guide, downloading videos from Zee5 will be an extremely simple process.

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There is no question that ZEE5 is now one of the most well-liked streaming services in the Indian market. It is an OTT platform that has kept millions of its customers engaged throughout the shutdown by releasing a number of movies and web series that are exclusive to the site. Since you can now watch your preferred genre on apps such as ZEE5, you no longer have to pay for cable when you want to watch it. You may simply obtain excellent material like television series and movies, which can be viewed on a personal computer or a mobile device.

Can I download videos from ZEE5 for free?

You are able to download videos from Zee5, that is correct. However, before you watch the movie, you need to make sure that it is not violating anyone's copyright by going to the Zee5 website and selecting the Copyright link that is located next to the video. If the video does not include any copy protection, then you will be able to download it without any problems.

The only issue that users come across is a slow internet connection, which creates issues while streaming content. However, there is no reason to freak out! The answer is here, provided by us specifically for you. With the help of the StreamGaGa Video Downloader, users are able to quickly view their preferred television show or movie on the platform. Because of this, we have compiled a list of the procedures you need to do in order to download movies from ZEE5 onto your personal computer.

How to Download ZEE5 videos on Your PC

In light of this, we have made an effort to provide some information on the installation of the Zee5 video downloader. After testing each of the possible approaches, we found that all the videos that we want to download can be saved on the computers and transferred to any other devices.

StreamGaGa Video Downloader lets you store offline copies of your favorite ZEE5 shows so you can watch them without ads while you're offline.

Features of StreamGaGa Video Downloader

  • StreamGaGa lets you download ZEE5 videos in 1080p as Mp4 files.
  • It saves subtitles so users may alter them afterwards.
  • This downloader lets you watch free movies and bypass digital restrictions.
  • Movie metadata can be preserved.
  • Batch mode lets you download many videos at once.

Follow the steps to download ZEE5 videos:

Step 1: Download and install the StreamGaGa Video Downloader.

You may get the program by going to the StreamGaGa Video Downloader website and downloading and installing it. Start it up and navigate to the "Home" screen, where you should click the "Paste URL" button.

Step 2: Simply copy and paste the URL of the video.

You will first need to visit the ZEE5 website, search for the video that you want to download, and then copy the URL that is associated with that movie. Please place it in the space provided.

Step 3: Save the Video to your computer.

Simply clicking on "Download" will get the download started. The process of downloading would take place in the background, and you would still be able to browse for further movies and view them online.

You now have all of the information that you need to successfully download movies from ZEE5 onto your own personal PC or Mac.

How to Download ZEE5 videos on Your Android and iPhone

You may download the majority of ZEE5 material to your smartphone and watch it later. Currently, only ZEE5 apps for Android and iOS offer this capability.

Follow these procedures to download a zee5 video:

1. Access your account (You need to be logged in to be able to download content)

2. You have a choice of two methods for downloading content:

  1. To save a movie offline when exploring content, hit the three dots in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail.
  2. On the page with the video's information, click the "Download" (down arrow) button next to the video.

3. To save the file, select either internal memory or an SD card (if available).

4. Select the video quality you wish to download. By using the "Make this my default setting" option, you may also make this your default setting. By doing this, the prompt to select a quality each time you download a movie will be disabled.


Only individual movies and TV episodes will have a download option available. There isn't yet a way to download an entire season of a TV show. The content that may be downloaded doesn't have subtitles.

Downloads will be available to registered users for 48 hours. Once it had expired, you would have to download it again. If you have a subscription, downloads will be available for 48 hours or until the end of your subscription, whichever comes first. The video must be downloaded again once it has expired. Additionally, as a subscribing user, if you lose internet or data connection, the downloaded video will only be available for another 48 hours.


You may have already tried all of those techniques to download Zee5 movies to your computer or smartphone after reading this post. The web offers a variety of platforms. All of those are dangerous to use, and occasionally malicious code may harm your device. To view Zee5 videos for free, we suggest using StreamGaGa Video Downloader, which enables you to download high-quality videos and store them to your device.

The straightforward web-based application enables you to copy the URL and paste it into the browser to quickly choose and download those films to your device.

StreamGaGa One: Stream Video You Like Anytime, Anywhere
StreamGaGa One is a one-stop solution to download videos from Netflix, Prime Video, OnlyFans, Disney Plus, Hulu and more than 1500 streaming services for unlimited offline viewing. Learn More >
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