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How to Block or Skip Hulu Ads? (Updated 2023)

If you are annoyed from advertisements and don’t know how to get Hulu without ads, this guide is perfect for you. Here we have mentioned all the possible ways to get Hulu without the ads.

Hulu is a popular video streaming program. You can now enjoy all your favorite series and movies on one platform.It's a subscription-based application. However, the basic plan is not ad-free. Ads ruin the fun of endless streaming. You can further upgrade your plan to get Hulu NoAds.

In this article, you read all about Hulu and how to watchHulu withoutads.

What is Hulu?

Hulu is an excellent service that allows you to stream the latest TV shows. It is different from other platforms like Netflix because you do not have to wait for months and years to get your favorite show. You can watch shows days after they are aired on TV. It also offers live TV service, so you can say goodbye to regular TV. Hulu offers many subscription bundles. To get Hulu without ads, you must switch to Hulu bundle no ads.

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How to Get Hulu No Ad Plan?

Hulu plays ads to keep the subscription price low for the users. The basic plan is $7.99 per month. This plan contains ads. Ads are annoying especially for people who like to binge-watch shows. The commercial in between distracts and disturbs you while wasting your time. To avoid ads, you can upgrade to Hulu No Ads Plan. The Hulu bundle with no ads is $14.99 per month. Follow these steps to get Hulu without ads.

  • Login to your account.
  • Go to your account and find your subscription option.
  • Click on the Manage your account option.
  • Click on addons.
  • Now upgrade your plan to no commercial.
  • You can also select other add-ons for your account.

Hulu No Ads Live TV

You can also buy Hulu live TV option. On live TV, you can watch different channels including ABC, Fox TV, ESPN, NBC, and many more. Now you can get rid of the old-fashioned TV cable. For live TV, the rate is $69.99 per month. But this offer contains ads. You cannot enjoy live TV without ads on Hulu as it streams whatever is on air. To get Hulu without ads with Live TV, upgrade to $82.99 per month. With this offer you can watch live TV with Hulu shows without ads.

How to get Disney Plus Hulu No Ads?


If you are a Disney lover, you can get Disney Plus bundle Hulu with no ads. Disney plus offers all the exclusive content including the marvel series, Pixar, and Disney originals. You can get a Disney bundle for monthly access to Disney. Using this deal access all the Hulu and Disney content. The ad version comes for $12.99 per month. If you want the ad-free version, it is $19.99 per month.

Already have a Hulu account

If you already have a Hulu account, follow the steps below to get Disney Plus bundle Hulu No Ads.

  • Go to the Disney plus official website.
  • Choose the Disney bundle option.
  • Click on the Disney bundle with Hulu.
  • Enter the payment information.
  • Start streaming.

New to Hulu

If you are new to Hulu, follow these steps to get Disney plus.

  • Go to the official Hulu website.
  • Select Disney Bundle.
  • Follow the instructions and sign up.
  • Enter your email and set a password.
  • Enter the payment information.
  • Save your settings.

Have Disney plus subscription

If you have Disney plus subscription, follow this procedure to get a Hulu Disney bundle.

  • Log in to your Disney account.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Select the billing details from the account setting.
  • Now select the Hulu option.

This will automatically connect your Disney plus prescription with Hulu.

Hulu Student Account (No Ads)

Hulu offers special perks for a student. If you are studying at a university, you can get an additional discount with your .edu email. Get a better price for Hulu without ads. This offer makes Hulu different from its competitors.

How to Get A Hulu Student Discount with No Ads?

You can get a student deal as a new or existing customer. If you are a new customer, simply go to the official Hulu website. Select the Student category and sign up. You will have to use your student ID. Hulu will ask for various details to verify. Enter your school's name and other details to get a discount.

If you are already using Hulu, just sign in and go to the Student tab. After that click on Get offer and fill in the details. Now you can get Hulu with adsfor the low price of $1.99/mo.

Eligibility for Student Discount

Hulu’s student discount is not for everyone. You can get this offer if you are 18+ years old and are studying in an IV-approved college or a community college. Your college may not always qualify for the student offer on Hulu. You can also use your Spotify student account to connect to Hulu.

Why Does Hulu No Ads Still Have Ads?

Have you subscribed to Hulu with No Ads, but you are still seeing ads? There is an explanation for that. The Hulu No Ads only work on the Hulu shows. This offer does not apply to live TV. If you are watching live TV on Hulu, you will still get ads. In addition to that, Hulu also offers some exceptions. There are some excluded programs on which the no ads offer does not apply. The shows on the excluded shows list have ads and you cannot remove them.

It is a good practice to check the shows on Hulu's library before getting upgraded to no ads.

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How to Download Hulu Videos and Watch Hulu Without Ads?

StreamGaGa Hulu Downloader is the best option for downloading Hulu videos withoutadvertisements. This application has a simple and easy-to-use interface and makes sure that you can download and watch Hulu videos in high quality. You can also download Hulu JP Movies and save the subtitles in Seperate SRT format. Below are the steps that you can follow to download this software and use it.

  • From the main screen, click the “VIP Services” option and hit the “Hulu” option.

  • Add your login details and choose the video or movie that you want to download.
  • Once you have selected the video, click the “Download Now” option.

  • Within a few seconds, your videos will be ready for offline watching. You can also download the audio file and subtitles accordingly.

Final Words

To conclude, Hulu is a great streaming platform that cares for its users. The basic subscription is cheap, but it has advertisments. If you are someone who cannot stand the annoying ads, you can upgrade to the ad-free version to stream Hulu withou ads. The students get special treatment. As a student, you can get many discounted prices. These special offers make Hulu different from Netflix and other streaming services. Now watch everything you wanton Hulu without ads using any of yourdevice.

StreamGaGa Hulu Downloader
StreamGaGa Hulu Downloader is a PC software designed to download videos from Hulu with features like high-resolution support, broad format compatibility, separate subtitle download, batch download, GPU acceleration, and more. Try now to enhance your download experience! Learn More >
Get your 30-day free trial to download videos you like! Free Trial
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