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Have fun with ASOBISTAGE! Complete instructions on how to watch and record live streaming!

A thorough explanation of what ASOBISTAGE has to offer and how to purchase tickets, the proper viewing environment, and how to record the live streaming! Get a stress-free entertainment experience.
You missed the delivery you are interested in on ASOBISTAGE...
I don't know how to record...

Have you ever had this experience? As the boom of live-streaming continues, many of you may be wondering how to enjoy and record the latest delivery properly.

To solve your doubts, this article explains how to watch and record on ASOBISTAGE, a popular live-streaming platform, in an easy-to-understand manner. We hope you will never miss any more live broadcasts and enjoy ASOBISTAGE to the fullest.

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Getting Started

What is ASOBISTAGE What is the appeal of ASOBISTAGE?

ASOBISTAGE is a high-quality live-streaming platform that allows you to enjoy a wide variety of entertainment content, including live idol shows online. In addition, there are interactive elements that allow viewers to participate in the production using stamps and firework effects during live-streaming, and you can enjoy even more excitement by using the digital penlight "ASOBISTAGE Light". Here we will explain in detail how to purchase tickets and watch the show on ASOBISTAGE.

How to purchase tickets for ASOBISTAGE How to Purchase Tickets at ASOBISTAGE

To purchase tickets at ASOBISTAGE, you must first register as a member of ASOBISTAGE.

Member registration page:

After completing the member registration, you can purchase tickets from the ticket purchase page. You can choose to pay by credit card, BANACOIN, or pay later (payday). Ticket purchase history can be viewed from "Purchase History" in the header menu.

*It is not possible to change or cancel tickets after purchase is complete. Please check and consider the contents carefully before purchasing.

ASOBISTAGE of the Viewing Method

Regarding viewing methods, ASOBISTAGE live streaming can be viewed on PCs and smartphones after tickets are purchased. However, a fast and stable Internet connection is required for a comfortable viewing experience.

Recommended environment

Windows 10 or higher: Google Chrome (latest version), Microsoft Edge (latest version)

MacOS 10.13 or higher: Google Chrome (latest version)

iOS 14 or higher: Safari (latest version), Google Chrome (latest version)

Android 8.0 or higher: Google Chrome (latest version)

Internet Explorer 11 is not supported.

With ASOBISTAGE, you can enjoy various genres of entertainment content in real time. We invite you to join our live streaming and enjoy a special entertainment experience.

How to Record ASOBISTAGE Live Streaming

ASOBISTAGE's live-streaming service is popular among many people because of the high quality entertainment it offers. However, if you are seeking a stress-free viewing experience due to Internet connection limitations or video/audio disruptions, we recommend that you record the event and watch it later.
Here, we introduce StreamGaGa recording software, which allows you to enjoy ASOBISTAGE's fascinating live streaming at your own pace. This is also a great option if you have difficulty watching in real time or if you want to watch it over and over again.

StreamGaGa Overview of

StreamGaGa is software that allows you to record videos from over 1000 video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, etc.

[Key Features.

  • Record videos up to 4K UHD resolution and EAC3 5.1 audio
  • Decryption feature for easy recording of content protected by DRM or M3U8 encryption
  • Recorded video can be played back smoothly, with no video or audio distortion or delay due to connection speed
  • Inserted advertisements can be removed automatically

ASOBISTAGE Live Streaming Recording Procedure

Step 1
Visit the official StreamGaGa website and download the recording software for free.
Step 2
Launch StreamGaGa, type the ASOBISTAGE link ( in the address bar, and press Enter.

When the ASOBISTAGE website appears, log in using the built-in browser. Confirm your purchased tickets and enter the live show that will begin shortly.

StreamGaGa automatically analyzes the URL of the live stream. Once the analysis is complete, a new window will appear. Select the desired image and sound quality and click "Download Now. You can watch live and record at the same time.

By utilizing StreamGaGa recording software, you can record the ASOBISTAGE live feed and enjoy it offline at any time you like. This way, you can enjoy ASOBISTAGE content to the fullest without worrying about Internet connection limitations or video and audio disruptions.

⚠️ Notes:

Recording of live broadcasts may be illegal. Under copyright law, the content of broadcasts and live Internet transmissions are subject to copyright protection. Therefore, recording or using the content of a transmission without the permission of the copyright holder may be considered copyright infringement.

However, there may be exceptions to the copyright law if the use is within the scope of personal use. This is provided that the recording is made for non-commercial purposes, such as for one's own enjoyment or study. It is also illegal to release the recording to a third party or distribute it without permission.

Therefore, when recording a live stream, it is important to comply with copyright laws and use the recording for personal purposes only. In addition, artists and distribution platforms may have special rules regarding recordings, so it is advisable to check in advance.

ASOBISTAGE Solutions when screen recording is no longer possible

Normally, problems with recording ASOBISTAGE using StreamGaGa rarely occur. However, in the unlikely event that recording does not work, please check the following items

Obtain StreamGaGa certification.

StreamGaGa uses an online authentication method. The authentication procedure is as follows

  • Click on the hamburger menu (3-line icon) on the main interface when starting StreamGaGa
  • Click on the "Authentication" tab from the hamburger menu

  • Enter your registered email and password, and click the "Login" button.

  • If the correct information is entered, the message "This device has been authenticated" will be displayed.

Check for the latest version

There are two ways to update StreamGaGa to the latest version

  • Using the "Check for Updates" function
  • Manually download the latest installer from the official StreamGaGa website

VPN Impact

ASOBISTAGE is intended for use in Japan. If you are in Japan, please attempt to download the software without using a VPN. If you are accessing from overseas, use a VPN to obtain a Japanese IP address and try downloading again.

If you are still unable to download after checking the above items, please use the online help for assistance.


In this article, ASOBISTAGE in detail on how to purchase tickets, watch, and record the event. With the proper viewing environment and recording software, you too can have a stress-free entertainment experience. However, it is important to observe copyright laws regarding recordings and to use them for personal purposes only. ASOBISTAGE and enjoy to your heart's content!

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