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Full Guide 2023: How to Screen Record Hulu on Mac/Windows/Phone

Can you screen record Hulu? This post offers 3 useful methods for you to successfully screen record on Hulu in high quality. Check them out to improve your Hulu screen record journey!

Can you screen record Hulu? For many Hulu enthusiasts, this problem is very important but tough. For that you may enjoy your favorite series today and want to leave the last episode to tomorrow, only to find the show disappear on Hulu next morning. That's the reason why you need to screen record Hulu.

However, if you use the techniques introduced in this post, you can record Hulu videos with high-quality as you will. What's more important, you could pay only one month's subscription fee, or even just take advantage of Hulu free trial, and record all the video titles you want to watch & save them permanently and unsubscribe.


It means that you can take such recording technique as the complement of official Hulu download function to avoid all the bad occasions you can think of. Keep reading to find everything you want to know about Hulu screen record.

And since you're here, you may also interested in the method to download Hulu videos without any limits and how to watch Hulu on Chromecast at your home.

Why Do You Need to Screen Record Hulu?

As we mentioned before, many Hulu enthusiasts are wondering "Can I screen record Hulu?". So, to answer this question, another one should be figured out firstly - Why do you need to screen record Hulu? In fact, Hulu has the following 3 types of videos:

  • Some titles not eligible for download;
  • Titles that will be discontinued after a certain period of time;
  • Rental works that are charged separately from the monthly fee.

hulu download

If you can record Hulu videos and save them permanently on your SD card, you can easily play them offline using your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere. In addition, if you subscribe for Hulu for only one month and record the title you wanted to watch at once, a lot of money can be saved. In a word, this merit should not be overlooked.

By the way, It's hard to watch rental works for only 48 hours, isn't it? So you can use the screen record technique to record rental works, store them permanently on your computer, and put them on smartphones for offline viewing whenever you like, which can be super convenient!

Can You Screen Record Hulu?

That's why this article will explain how to screen record Hulu content from this video distribution service. By the way, the recording method introduced here is a completely legal technique, so you can record VOD with confidence!

Now let's see how to screen record on Hulu.

Why can't I screen record Hulu?

Does Hulu let you screen record? Unfortunately, the answer is NO. It is impossible to record Hulu video content on any device such as a computer, smartphone, tablet, or HDD recorder. This is because there is a prevention technology called HDCP(High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) to prevent unauthorized recording of videos.

HDCP is a copyright protection technology aimed at preventing unauthorized copying of digital content. As a result, the video and audio output from the HDCP compatible HDMI terminal, DVI-D terminal, and DisplayPort terminal will be encrypted.

In order to play the encrypted video/audio, the input device must also be equipped with HDCP compatible HDMI, DVI-D, and DisplayPort. Hulu has an Intel-developed iron-walled copy guard, but it's not impregnable.

Hulu's illegal copy guard HDCP cannot be compared with the straightforward method, but in fact, if you prepare a specific tool, you will be able to record Hulu video content with higher image quality than copying a DVD. This article will take a closer look at these specific items and how to record on Hulu using them. If you record normally, a black screen will be recorded. But don't worry, you can still record a beautiful video by using the technique introduced in this article!

What Do You Need to Screen Record Hulu?

Here, we will explain what is necessary to record Hulu video content of the video distribution service "Hulu". If you want to successfully screen record Hulu, the following items are necessary:

  • PC (+ Internet connection)
  • Hulu account
  • Specialized recording software

When the 3 necessary items are prepared, you may follow the simple steps to screen record Hulu on your mobile devices or Windows/Mac PC.

How to Record Hulu Without Black Screen?

On Windows/Mac

screen record hulu

Except for basic items such as computers, internet environment, and video distribution service accounts that are indispensable for video playback, screening record Hulu on your Windows/Mac PC also requires software called StreamGaGa Hulu Downloader.

Tool required: StreamGaGa Hulu Downloader

hulu downloader

The recording method for this article costs about $39.99/mo or $79.99 for lifetime plan. Depending on how you use it, the cost performance is actually quite good, so let's stop for a moment and think about it. For example, you may use this recording technique to do the following:

  • Download the entire video content that will be discontinued and save it permanently on your hard disk in high quality up to 1080p;
  • Download your favorite videos for screen record while downloading the subtitle separately as you will;
  • Download videos that are not eligible for download in batch and watch offline on the go;
  • Record and permanently save the entire rental work, which costs an extra fee, and personalize it! If you sign up for Hulu for the first time, you can use the free trial service for 2 weeks to record and permanently save all the videos being distributed on Hulu except for rental works, which is a great deal;
  • Save subscription fees by repeating contracts and cancellations depending on the time when you want to watch the work;
  • Watch recorded videos on any devices that support videos in MP4 as needed, even on your TV!

Considering the above usage, it may make sense to payfor the recording software. Of course, it is better to use the product version with no functional restrictions, but a free trial version is also available for 3 times, so it is a good idea to first check the performance of the software using the free trial version.

Currently, a special sale is being held. You may visit the official website of StreamGaGa Hulu Downloader to check for the most cost-effective plan and more outstanding features of StreamGaGa.

How to Record on Hulu with StreamGaGa?

Here, this section will explain the flow to screen record Hulu video content. Just follow these steps to initiate your unlimited offline viewing journey with Hulu:

Step 1: Install StreamGaGa Hulu Downloader

StreamGaGa Hulu Downloader
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Click the download button according to the system of your computer. Download the package, click it to open it. When the installation screen is displayed, click "Quick Install" to start the installation. Wait for a while until the installation is complete. It depends on the internet environment. Click this when you see "Launch Now". This will automatically launch StreamGaGa.

Step 2: Set the Language

Immediately after installation, the software is displayed in English by default. To change the UI language, click the three-line mark at the top right of the operation screen to open the menu, and click "Settings". Select "General" from the menu on the left side, "Language" will be on the top item, so click here and select one you prefer.

Step 3: Prepare to record

Click "VIP Service" on the left side of the operation screen. Then, the corresponding streaming service will be listed, so click "Hulu". When the Hulu top page is displayed in the build-in browser, click "Log in" at the top right of the screen to log in.

hulu downloader

Step 4: Start to record

Select the content you want to record in the official website of Hulu using the mentioned build-in browser. Begin to play the video you want to record, and StreamGaGa will automatically analyze the URL. Then a prompt will follow for you to customize your download settings as the following shows:

hulu downloader

After setting, click "Download Now" if you want to download the videos now. Or you can also click "Add to Queue" to download multiple videos in batch later.

Step 5: Check download process

If you click "Downloading" on the left side of the operation screen, you can check the download process now. And if there are other video titles you want to record, click "Home" on the left side of the operation screen and follow the same procedure to select the video. After selecting the video you want to record, click "Start All" to start recording (downloading). All you have to do is wait until the recording is finished.

After recording (downloading) is completed, click "Download" on the left side of the operation screen. You can check the recorded data of the video you selected earlier. By the way, to see the specific save destination of the recorded and downloaded video file, you can access it by clicking the folder icon on the right side of the line where the video file is displayed.

On Mobile Devices

As mentioned before, Hulu doesn't allow you to screen record on it. Thus you may encounter black screen out of HDCP when trying to use the build-in mobile screen recorder. How to record Hulu without black screen on your mobile devices? Here are two keys to help you solve the problem. However, it should be noted that both methods mentioned in the following part require an active account with advanced subscription of Hulu.

Record on Hulu Live TV with Cloud DVR

hulu dvr record

Are you a Hulu Live TV user looking to record your favorite shows and movies? With Hulu's Cloud DVR feature, you can easily capture and save content for later viewing. Let's explore how to use Cloud DVR to screen record Hulu videos on your iPhone or Android device.

  1. Download and install the Hulu Live TV app on your iPhone or Android device.
  2. Select the TV show or movie you wish to record.
  3. Access the description section of the content.
  4. Finally, click on "My Episodes" or "My Stuff" to add the content. Cloud DVR will record it automatically when it airs.

Cloud DVR on Hulu can record up to 50 hours of live news, sports, shows, movies, and events. It operates by storing the recordings on Hulu's cloud servers, eliminating the need for a physical DVR device. With Hulu's Cloud DVR feature, you can conveniently record and enjoy your favorite content at your convenience within your subscription period.

Download Hulu videos on your devices

download hulu videos

Apart from the Cloud DVR method mentioned, another very common way to screen record Hulu is to download and watch it offline directly. If you have a subscription to Hulu (No Ads) or Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV, you have the ability to download content onto your supported mobile devices. This feature allows you to enjoy your favorite shows and movies offline, and even record them as you will.

To download Hulu videos, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure that you are connected to a stable network. Then, locate the search bar within the Hulu app.
  2. Tap on the downloadable button and choose the specific movies or shows you wish to download.
  3. Once you have made your selection, navigate to the downloads bar to monitor the progress of your downloads.

Remember to maintain a strong network connection before initiating the download process. By following these steps, you can effortlessly enjoy Hulu videos on your supported mobile devices, anytime, anywhere and also record on Hulu.


Why can't I screen record Hulu? Does Hulu let you screen record? How to screen record on Hulu on mobile devices? How to screen record Hulu on Mac?... All these annoying questions about Hulu screen record have been solved through this post.

3 different ways are introduced in detail for you to screen record Hulu on your Mac/Windows PC and mobile devices. You may pick one method to start your recording journey as you prefer. But if you want to screen record Hulu at the most cost-effective way without subscripting to expensive Hulu Plan all the way, StreamGaGa Hulu Downloader can be your best choice.


Q1. How to solve the problem StreamGaGa not working?

A1. If you are still having trouble downloading the video with StreamGaGa after following the steps mentioned above, you may reinstall the software using "Run as administrator". The procedure is simple, just right-click the installer of the software downloaded from the StreamGaGa Hulu Downloader, open the menu, and select "Run as administrator" to install it.

The rest is the same as the above procedure, so if you are having any trouble with the software, you should definitely try "Run as administrator".

Q2. How to record Hulu without black screen?

A2. There are 3 ways: Hulu Cloud DVR feature, download Hulu videos and StreamGaGa Hulu Downloader. As mentioned before, it is StreamGaGa Hulu Downloader that can record Hulu with a very simple operation, but the free trial version has a limit on the number of times it can be recorded. The free trial version is limited to 3 recordings, and you must get the paid version to screen record Hulu more. It's enough to check the performance of the software.

Q3. Is it possible to extend the recording period on Hulu?

A3. No, it's impossible to extend the recording period on Hulu. The limited recording time on Hulu cannot be modified. If the video exceeds the allotted time, the end of the recording may be cut off. Alternatively, if you wish to record from Hulu without any time limitations, you may consider using StreamGaGa. This software allows you to record from Hulu without any time restrictions.

StreamGaGa Hulu Downloader
StreamGaGa Hulu Downloader is a PC software designed to download videos from Hulu with features like high-resolution support, broad format compatibility, separate subtitle download, batch download, GPU acceleration, and more. Try now to enhance your download experience! Learn More >
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