Black Mirror is the most thrilling sci-fi TV series launched in 2011. Besides entertaining, it also depicts the power of technology; how can it harm us? How can it change behaviors? It focuses on the near future when humanity's most significant innovations collide with their darkest results. Netflix has now taken over this series.

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This TV series has five seasons; and a list of writers, including; Charlie Brooker, Konnie Huq, Rashida Jones, Michael Schur, Jesse Armstrong, and William Bridges. Each episode of every season specifically shows the worst side of technology. Permettere's orderly rank the best black mirror episodes.

1. White Christmas

It is among the best black mirror episodes reddit rated, and it deserves to be the best one! This 70-minutes long episode from the 2014 Special series stars Jon Hamm as Mathew, Rafe Spall as Joe, and Easter eggs. The episode plots around Brooker's script, leading to three storylines. Two men are stuck in a snowbound cabin on Christmas day, finishing up discussing their past lives.

The episode is all about marveling at the dark secrets of each character's life related to cyberstalking and artificial intelligence issues.

2. Hang the DJ

Out of the 15 best black mirror episodes, it's the second one. Hang DJ is all about a world in which people date by algorithms. You have to follow a life that someone predetermines. You have to go on dates planned for you, eat food selected for you, and even your love life is under someone else control to find a perfect match. Tipo cosa?

This episode stars Georgina Campbell and Joe Cole as a bossy couple who tend to follow their hearts instead of listening to a programmed commander. This 50-minute episode is among the few best black mirror episodes with a happy ending.

3. Black Museum

The episode of season 4 features Rolo Haynes (Douglas Hodge) as a narrator that takes a tour around a museum with a young visitor, Letitia Wright. He explains the terrific technology misfires of the past using the props from the series'previous episodes.

Just assume how terrifying it must be to see a technology ruined man plunging a drill into a person. It is among the most horrifying best black mirror episodes.

4. San Junipero

This episode is listed among the best black mirror episodes on reddit, featuring a remarkable storytelling work. It stars Mackenzie Davis as Yorkie and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Kelly. It follows a romantic storyline between two-star guides.

Along with the love life, this episode gives lessons about the jeopardized rights of both LGBTQ community members. It also leaves us wondering; how a person living his miserable life finds his love of life and peace when it feels like everything is over.

5. The Entire History of You

This episode is ranked 5 th among the best black mirror episodes and is different from other Black Mirror episodes as Jesse Armstrong wrote it. It revolves around Toby Kebbell, a guy who has an implanted device behind his ear that enables him to replay his life moments.

The story backfires when Toby finds his girlfriend flirting with her ex at a party. This self-destructed their relationship as he no longer believed the girl he loved the most a moment back.

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6.Hated in the Nation

With this 89-minute movie, black mirror's season 3 said goodbye. This movie is ranking 6 th in the best episodes of black mirror. It is a terrifying reminder of how cyberbullying and murder threats can harm everyone.

Kelly Macdonald is starring in the episode as Detective Inspector Karin Parke. She with her team takes over to investigate who is behind the mysterious murders in bizarre ways when a flood of insect robots attacks them. It is indeed the best black mirror episode; you will ever see!

7. Bandersnatch

The Bandersnatch is an utterly fantastic film as it's based on Brook's idea of choose-your-own-adventure and several distinctive endings of this film have been depicted; depending on your choices. The privilege of leading the story is way exciting!

With the 1980s setting, there is a core of the great story in Bandersnatch. This storyline with more exotic darker turns is much more entertaining and is among the best black mirror episodes you will ever watch.

8. Be Right Back

This episode is featured among the best black mirror episodes. It stars Hayley Atwell as Martha, a young woman who tries to use technology in a bid to alleviate the loss of her boyfriend in a car accident. The young girl attempted to create an android version of her beloved boyfriend by collecting data from his tweets and other social media platforms.

Martha was not successful in doing so, but her attempt left us in utter confusion; whether the sorrow of your beloved lost one can have closure? Martha's unique character made this episode one of the best episodes of black mirror.

9. USS Callister

This dramatically hit episode has won five Emmy Awards, and this is proof of why it is listed among the best black mirror episodes. This episode is fan-favorite, starring Cristin Milioti, Jimmi Simpson, Michaela Coel, and Jesse Plemons.

It depicts sexual harassment, toxic workplaces, and gaming cultures. Unlike other episodes with tech-dystopian elements, this episode has a less terrific ending.

10. The National Anthem

The first-ever episode of this TV series! Indeed the part of the best black mirror episodes. This episode tells everything about the series within the first five minutes when a British Prime Minister is demanded to have sex live on TV with a pig. Otherwise, his beloved princess will be murdered.

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The Brook told The Guardian that many animals were considered, but the pig won over others as it's the most horrific and darkly hilarious.

11. Nosedive

Are you a social media user who feels enchanted when someone likes their photos or retweets them? Then you must revise your priorities after watching this episode.

This episode stars Bryce Dallas Howard as Lacie, a part of the world where humans are rated on a scale of 1 to 5. Being obsessed with her rating, this girl was set on a mishap-laden tour across America. It is one of the must-watch episodes out of the best black mirror episodes.

12. Playtest

This 2 nd episode from season 3 is all about video games as the writer Brooker loved them.Questo episodio è 12 th Classificato tra i migliori episodi di Black Mirror e segue un ragazzo che accetta di diventare un maiale autentico in un progetto di videogioco segreto solo per un biglietto aereo per tornare a casa.

Quanto è miserabile lo scenario! E come è diventata la società crudele! Anche sapendo che non sarebbe stato in grado di prendere un volo a casa dopo essere diventato un maiale, hanno giocato quel test.

13. Crocodile

Questo episodio presenta un mondo in cui le compagnie assicurative usano le persone'S Memories per risolvere i reclami. Andrea Riseborough è protagonista della storia in una trama che la tecnologia rende difficile per i criminali sfuggire ai loro atti.

Questa storia parla del principale protagonista Mia (Andrea), vivendo la sua vita perfetta quando i suoi crimini passati la raggiungono. Questa trama rende questo episodio uno dei migliori episodi di Black Mirror.

14. Metalhead

Questo episodio porta quasi tutti'La paura dei robot che portano il controllo del mondo alla realtà. Mostra gli umani che tentano ogni possibile tentativo di salvarsi da cani robotici omicidi che vagano in tutto il mondo.

L'episodio'S Shoot è finito seguendo il formato di un classico film horror in un tema in bianco e nero. Questo è ciò che classifica questo episodio tra i migliori episodi di Black Mirror.


Questo episodio fa parte dei migliori episodi di Black Mirror e raffigura una strana storia d'amore di Danny e Karl. I due amici, a tarda notte, hanno giocato il loro vecchio videogioco preferito. Karl era un combattente Roxette e Danny era Launce quando il gioco divenne intenso, i due combattenti aggrovigliavano una carica sessuale.

Ciò ha lasciato entrambi eccitati e confusi. Questa connessione inaspettata imposta Danny's coniugale e kar'S Bachelor's vita in sconvolgimento.

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