No doubt, Roku has successfully replaced the cable with its amazing live and on-demand video streaming services. The device comes in a wide price range to fit every budget. Most of the content is available for free. If you want more, you can subscribe further to premium content.

Bored of some channels and want to get rid of them, the service gives you the liberty to manage, upgrade, add or cancel the channels whenever you desire. How to manage or cancel Roku subscriptions? Read this article to understand the process.

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What Comes With Roku Subscriptions?

No subscription charges for Roku. At the Roku Channel Store, you can find thousands of channels. Roku’s channel – The Roku Channel offers both free ad-supported content and optional premium content. The paid channels come either with a once-off payment or with a monthly subscription. Subscriptions like Netflix or Disney+ start from 4.99 USD monthly. Also, the initial device purchase covers various channel content. In short, the cost of TV channels and streaming platforms together determines your usage cost.

How Much Do the Roku Subscriptions Cost?

The Roku package is budget-friendly when compared with platforms. Roku subscriptions cost is not a single value. It varies with channels and subscriptions or with renting movies. The price of the device starts at 29 USD and reaches a few thousand dollars owing to the features. Whatever amount you pay for your device is a one-time cost. The remaining part depends on what channels you pick. Some channels are free, others might require subscription charges or a one-off fee. Those costing money again come with multiple options to select. Moreover, on-demand channels like Redbox offer the option of pay-as-you-go to rent or purchase a movie.

How To Manage Or Cancel Roku Subscriptions On Roku Device?

Cancellation of Roku subscriptions from Roku streaming devices is easy. Here is a guideline.

  1. Pressthe Homebutton on your Roku remote.
  2. With the help of arrow keys, select the channel you want to unsubscribe from.
  3. Now to open the options menu, press theStar* button on the remote.
  4. The next step is to select theManagesubscription, it will display the renewal date and additional options.
  5. Now chooseCancelsubscriptionto unsubscribe. A confirmation message appears on the screen confirming the details about the access, duration, and cancellation of content and service.
  6. Lastly, selectDone.

Cancel Roku Subscriptions from Your ChannelLineup

Less is more. The bigger your channel lineup is, the more difficult your scrolling becomes. So Why not keep it selective and exclusive? Here is a simple answer for not getting lost in a lengthy channel list. Delete channels you rarely watch. Cancellation of unnecessary subscriptions is easy. Follow the above steps to enjoy more focused streaming without forgetting your favorites.

Manage or Cancel Your Roku Subscriptions from Roku Channel Store

Roku Channel Store displays all the available channels. From here you can manage the added channels easily: HOME–StreamingChannels – OK–ManageSubscription–OK – Cancel Subscription(options menu) –OK.

Follow the simple steps above, and your subscription will be canceled quickly.

How to Cancel Roku Subscriptions on the Web?

Follow these steps to unsubscribe or cancel from a PC or mobile device.

  1. Open your browser on your PC or mobile and go to
  2. Now sign in to your Roku accounts by entering your login details.
  3. Next, scroll down to selectManage your Subscriptions.
  4. You can locate your channel underActiveSubscriptionsand selectthe Cancelsubscriptionoption if needed.

Remember subscriptions purchased from outside the Roku Channel will not appear here. For this, you can contact your service providers.

Lastly, tell them the reason for cancellation, and you are done.

What Are The Free Roku Channels Available?

You can access a treasury of free channels on Roku. Here is a list of a few hands-down favorite channels and what you find in these.

  • The Roku Channel (TV channels, shows, documentaries, movies)
  • Pluto TV (100 TV channels, movies, live TV)
  • Tubi (multi-content channel, movies, shows, drama, anime)
  • Crackle (TV shows and Hollywood movies, crime-comedy drama)
  • Xumo (live TV channels and on-demand streaming)
  • Fawesome (multiple genres of movies and shows)
  • NewsON (newscasts, local and other states news)
  • Cooking Guide TV (kitchen knowledge, cooking tips, healthy cooking)
  • CBS Sports Stream & Watch Live (sports events, pre-game and post-game coverage, sports news)

How To Download Videos From Roku Channel Before Canceling?

StreamGaGa Roku Channel Downloader is a professional-level tool that comes with user-friendly features. The application supports a range of streaming services and video-sharing websites. It can help you download videos not only from the Roku channel, but also from countless other platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, and others. There is no more need to pay a hefty amount when StreamGaGa lets you store content in the best audio and video quality with subtitles.

Steps for Downloading Roku Channel Content with StreamGaGa

  1. Get your software from the StreamGaGa website. Launch the app after the installation is done.
  2. Open the home page. Select “VIP Services”, and select “Roku Channel”. Find and play your video.

  1. Select suitable audio and subtitles options. Hit the download button to save the Roku content to watch later.


If you are fed up with paying for the premium channels through your Roku account, you are free to cancel the subscription anytime.


Is there anything like a lifetime Netflix deal on Roku?

There is no such thing, rather it is one of the common Roku scams. There is no subscription fee for Roku. Adding paid channels and paying for them is another thing. For previous subscriptions, you can manage or add the channels on the Roku home screen.

Can I re-subscribe to the unsubscribed service?

If your billing term is not over, you can re-subscribe to the channel. Go to the Subscriptions page on your Roku account and click on theKeepsubscriptionoption.

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