A compilation of movies with wet scenes! If you want to see some sensual scenes, this is a must see!

Films that depict wet scenes are summarized in this article. The love scenes and the actors' intriguing appearances that make the story more appealing are the highlights of this article.

When you watch a movie, you have probably paid attention to wet scenes depicted as a dramatic effect at least once. The term "wet scene" in movies is derived from the Kabuki term "nurego," which means a sexual entanglement or affair, and refers to bed scenes and sex scenes. Since the purpose of the performance is to thrill the audience, the intriguing point is to make it seem as if it is, even though it is not actually happening.

This article introduces a selection of movies with attractive wet scenes.

Movies with attractive wet scenes "Whore Year

As many of you may have seen this famous movie starring Tori Matsuzaka, it is based on a full-length novel by Ira Ishida, which was nominated for the 126th Naoki Award. It was nominated for the 126th Naoki Award. It was well known for its beautiful erotic descriptions and a story that tapped into the depths of women's hearts. It was once adapted for the stage, and the same duo who starred in and directed the movie also starred in and directed it.

To give a brief synopsis, a young man attending a prestigious university is bored with his daily life and relationships with women, and spends his days in apathy. One day, he meets a beautiful woman who lures him into working as a male prostitute. Through his relationships with various women, he discovers a different outlook on life. This is a movie that many modern people can relate to. Also, please note that there is a scene in which men get wet with each other.

Snakes and Earrings" is a movie with attractive wet scenes.

This is a movie that the author personally recommended, but it is a slightly earlier film shown in 2008. It is a film adaptation by Yukio Ninagawa of the debut novel by Hitomi Kanehara, the youngest ever winner of the Akutagawa Prize. One day in Shibuya, she meets a man with piercings all over his face and a forked tongue like a snake. While dating the man, she also has a relationship with a sculptor whom she met through his introduction. She eventually gets her body pierced and tattooed, too, and gives herself over to the pain and pleasure of it. The film depicts young men wandering around, feeling powerless to live. There are many scenes that are quite extreme and sadistic, but my impression is that it is a film that leaves you with a feeling of emptiness and loneliness rather than eroticism, and makes you think about your own way of life.

Lust" is a movie with attractive wet scenes.

Starring Takumi Saito, this human drama depicts the wavering hearts and sexual desires of the main characters who are frightened by the shadow of death. The film reflects the desire for life and sex through a couple who travel to Bali to witness the birth of their husband's sister, frightened by the shadow of her husband's death, who is ill. The two love each other despite being haunted by the past, and their love for each other is beautifully portrayed. Just looking at the title and the cast, I have high expectations. If you like love scenes that are more of a tender love than hard wet scenes, or if you want to watch this film with your lover, we recommend you to do so.

A movie with attractive wet scenes, "Love in 365 Days."

From here, I would like to introduce a foreign film as well, but this one is a bit minor and is a Polish film screened in 2020. You may not be familiar with it, but I personally recommend this erotic romance for women.

The heroine Laura is on a trip to Sicily with her lover and friends when she is kidnapped by the sexy Italian mafia hero Massimo, who has a dangerous scent.

The hero tells the heroine, who stubbornly resists, "I will release you on your next birthday.

You have 365 days to love me yourself.

This is a standard love story, but there are some sensual scenes, and the leading actors are a beautiful man and a beautiful woman, so women in particular will probably be thrilled to see this film. The first film ended a little indescribably, but a trailer for the foot version is currently being released, so you may want to watch it while looking forward to the next one.

A film with a fascinating wet scene, "Knock-Knock."

This film is more of a psychological horror film, but with a slightly different kind of suspense. Evan was supposed to go to the beach with his family, but he suddenly had to work and decided to send only his wife Karen and their child. While working in the empty house, with the heavy rain falling, he notices a knock at the door. Suspicious, he opens it to find two beautiful women standing there! They are demonic beings, and Evan is thrust into hell. The ending, with its mixture of fantasy and reality, is also a sight to behold.


How was it? These sensual scenes are an element and a way to depict them, and they are indispensable for conventional films. You can watch them for that, and we hope you can also sense the quality of the story itself. All of them are available on the Internet, so if you are interested in any of them, please look for them.

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