Ms. Marvel is the upcoming new series of Marvel. Like other Marvel characters, this character, too, connects to other Marvel characters, especially Captain Marvel. Fans will solely stream the series on Disney+.

Unlike the other traditional Marvel superheroes, the Marvel Cinematic Universe expands while featuring characters. The TV series focuses on a Pak-American Muslim teenager, Kamala Khan. She faces the issue of being a misfit like an average teenager. Her obsession with Marvel superheroes makes her highly related to the MCU fans.

She grew up in an ordinary Muslim household in New Jersey. Like any other dreamer, she wishes that the superhero world were the truth. She is deeply interested in Marvel Comics, which compels her to read all the latest fanfictions related to the characters as soon as their release. The classiness and charm of Captain Marvel ignited her fantasies of in-human powers.

Apart from being a weird girl, her introverted personality plays a huge role in her cosmic nerdiness. The story progresses as she discovers her superpower, making her feel rigid and confident. You will immediately fall in love with the blend of teenage drama, comedy, and action.

In this article, you will get all the information required to enlighten yourself with the upcoming series. Everything is perfectly loaded with the relevant information for all Marvel geeks, from the release date to the streaming criteria. So, without further ado, let us dive straight into it.

Ms. Marvel Release Date:

Dear MCU fans, the wait is over. After a bit of delay, the series will finally be out later this year. The Marvel Studio confirms that the upcoming TV series, Ms. Marvel, will debut worldwide on Disney+ on June 8, 2022.

Ms. Marvel Cast

A young, talented actress, Iman Vellani, plays the role of the protagonist Kamala Khan. The Muslim household further gives rise to immensely skilled actors, including Sagar Sheikh, who plays the role of Kamla's brother, Zenobia Shroff as Kamala's mother, and Mohan Kapur as Kamala's father.

It is not the end! The story perfectly ignites the adventure roller coaster by featuring Armis Knight as is Kareem, also known as the Red-Dagger, and Matt Lintz, who'll portray the role of Kamala's friend Bruno Carrelli. Other stars confirmed to be the cast of Ms. Marvel are Alysia Reiner, Anjali Bhimani, Farhan Akhtar, Rish Shah, Yasmeen Fletcher, Laurel Marsden, and Nimra Bucha, Fawad Khan, and more.

Ms. Marvel Crew

You cannot create a masterpiece without a talented crew. Marvel is known for producing films and series that are highly creative and mind-blowing. The team plays a crucial role in portraying the perfect cinematic pictures in front of our eyes.

The series is born under the innovative and exceedingly visionary ideas of Bisha K. Ali, the creator and exclusive producer of all the six episodes of Ms. Marvel. Moreover, it would be poor not to mention Chris Lowenstein, the line producer, and Kevin Feige, who worked side by side with Bisha K. Ali as an executive producer.

Sarah Finn and Krista Husar did an incredible job putting a fantastic cast that accurately fit their roles. You will get your eye glued to the screen because of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. Their creative vision will enable us to enjoy the stunning and cinematic scenes captured by them.

However, you cannot forget the makeup artists, cinematographers, and production designers, art directors, set decorators, costume designers, and other immensely talented and skilled people who made masterpieces possible.

Ms. Marvel Plot

The upcoming web television series focuses on a 16-year-old Pak-American Muslim girl, Kamala Khan. Growing up as a fan of Marvel Comics, Kamala faced many issues in balancing her social school life. As a result of her introverted personality, she is often considered a misfit and a fantasy-obsessed girl.

She fails to address herself as the cool girl she dreamed of in her life. However, little does she know how the story flips, making her an ultra-strong and mighty superhero. The series includes the journey to discover herself alongside her unique and distinct abilities.

Ms. Marvel Trailer

Marvel Entertainment dropped the teaser on March 15, 2022. The trailer became a sensation and became trending worldwide. It got over 18 million views in just two months. The trailer opens slowly with the first scene of the main lead Kamala Khan, daydreaming about the superhero fantasies. You can watch the teaser of Ms. Marvel on YouTube.

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Does Ms. Marvel Have A Connection With Captain Marvel?

According to the comics, the only relation between the two is that Captain Marvel highly inspires Kamala. Therefore, when she transforms into a superhero, she chooses Ms. Marvel as her nickname, which used to be a former nickname of Carol Danevors.

What Is The Release Date Of Ms. Marvel?

Ms. Marvel will be released worldwide on June 8, 2022, on Disney+. Moreover, the DVD release date of Ms. Marvel is not confirmed yet.

What Are The Superpowers Of Kamala Khan?

Kamala Khan owns the unique superpower of shapeshifting. She can enlarge her hands or various body parts to create immense strength with balance. Moreover, she can also use this ability to change her appearance when required.

Is Kamala Khan Muslim?

Yes, Kamala Khan is a Muslim teenage Pak-American superhero raised in New Jersey.

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