How to Get Netflix Student Discount & Free Subscription in 2022?

Are you a movie freak and a student? It might be difficult for you to pay bills on your own so let’s get Netflix student discount!

Your favorite movie at the end of the day can make your tiredness fly away. Most people love watching their favorite shows at midnight after working throughout the day. Among the viewers, most of them are students globally. They already have limited expenses and can't afford to pay for monthly Netflix. You might be wondering, "Is there a Netflix student discount for you?"

Well, Netflix proves to be the most watched streaming site all over the world. They don't need to offer Netflix student discounts but hang in here! We have got your back. There are several ways through which we can avail of the Netflix student discount. Stick to us, find ways to buy Netflix for less, and cut your cost!

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What is Netflix?

Netflix started back in 1997 when they used to offer DVDs online for rent. With the passage of time, their business expanded to millions! Netflix, at this point, has big market shares and around 150 million paid memberships. Netflix is the most popular and most watched streaming site all over the world.

Netflix offers you all! It has cut the need for PC or laptops as you can watch your favorite shows on it anytime, logging in on any device. Not only movies or PCs, but you can use any gaming console like PlayStation or Xbox to stream your favorite movie. Moreover, Netflix has got updated with new features like games. Yes, you can play games on Netflix, too, and that's what makes it a king of streaming sites.

Does Netflix Have a Student Discount in 2022?

All the students globally watch Netflix like crazy. Whether it comes to mysterious series, anime, or documentaries, you can even watch seasons of your favorite country by changing the Netflix region. When a brand has already been so rich with its customers and viewers, why would it offer a discount? They don't need their site to be promoted as they already have a big market name. Still, most people wonder, "Is there a Netflix student discount to offer?"

Sadly, there’s a No. Netflix has no plan to create a Netflix student discount in the future, too, as it will not benefit them. Many market dealers help you buy a Netflix student discount and sell you for less. Furthermore, you can select your subscription plan, cut costs short, or use any alternative. Let's dive into ways of getting a free subscription or a membership in fewer amounts.

How to Get Netflix Free Subscription and Other Discounts?

After knowing the answer to your question, "Does Netflix do student discount?" you might be waiting for other subscriptions that cost you less. Here are a few tricks to help you get a free subscription and avail Netflix student discount.

Choose Your Subscription Plan:

If you have already subscribed to a premium or standard plan, change it to the basic one. It will not compromise the quality of movies that much and let you control your budget too. It will be like a Netflix student discount for you. The basic plan costs you $7.99 only, and you can enjoy all the features of a premium one except screen sharing.

Use a Gift Card to Pay:

Many games, google play, and a few companies offer Netflix gift cards. If you’ve not earned cards, you can buy them too at a cheaper rate but make sure that you use them before their expiry date. After having a gift card, you can get a Netflix student discount by changing your payment plan. Use the coupon number and pay your bill without any cash.

Get Your Hands on the Trial Version:

If you are new to Netflix, you don't have to buy a subscription plan immediately. Moreover, go for the trial version instead if you have to binge-watch shows for a month during your vacation without a Netflix student discount. You don't have to pay even a single cent and enjoy your shows completely free of cost. Some people create new email IDs and keep on grabbing the trial versions.

Share Screen and Split the Bill:

As Netflix doesn't offer any Netflix student discount, so you have to choose things wisely. You can't get a standard plan and share passwords for free. Many of the students still wonder whether Netflix offers a student discount or not. If you're sharing your screens, don't forget to share your bills. Split it within the users and make it easy for everyone.

Consider Affordable Alternatives for Netflix

Netflix is undoubtedly the app used by the majority for streaming and downloading various TV shows. However, with convenience comes a certain price. Subscription to Netflix isn't free, and they don't offer any Netflix student discount. Also, some shows like Family Guy, Daredevil, Silicon Valley, and others are unavailable on Netflix. The solution to this is to find alternatives that are either free or cover those shows and movies that are not available on Netflix. Here are some of these alternatives.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime is perhaps the best alternative for Netflix. It covers those shows which are not available on a Netflix student discount subscription and many others too. Moreover, its subscription is around 15$ per month as opposed to 19-20$ for Netflix. The application is added for free, and the interface is also user-friendly. You can get your Amazon Prime Video subscription easily by visiting their website.


Hulu is another great affordable alternative to Netflix having its original TV shows, various movies, and much more. Moreover, Hulu offers an additional feature that Netflix does not, i.e., LIVE Television. With a subscription rate of 6.99$ as opposed to the bare minimum of 9.99$ of Netflix, Hulu is much more economical and affordable than Netflix.

The streaming quality is also 4K which Netflix only offers if you have their 19.99$/month subscription. However, there is a major limitation of Hulu that it is only available in the US. You cannot access excess Hulu anywhere except there.


Crackle, which was formerly called Grouper and Sony Crackle, is a free alternative for streaming various shows and movies. It also has various sony tv shows of its own. However, it is also available in some countries across the world, so it is an option only for those who reside in those areas. By the way, you can also use this with the help of a VPN service.


Peacock is owned by NBC and is a free alternative for Netflix. It offers a nice variety of movies and TV shows you can enjoy. It also offers LIVE Television on which you can watch live shows and sports.

The interface of the application is also similar to the other streaming platforms. It is available through their website and also by their mobile app. However, it doesn’t offer older shows like Mind Your Language and How I met Your Mother.


Tubi is another free alternative for Netflix. Here you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and Movies on your preferred device, whether a Phone, PC or your Smart TV. However, there are some cons to this platform too. For example, there is no original Tubi content, and the movies available are a bit old.

How to Download Netflix Videos with a Netflix Subscription?

Sometimes you want to watch your TV shows, but the internet connection isn't stable enough, you are traveling and don't have internet access, or you don’t have a Netflix student discount. These are the times in which you wish you would have downloaded the content. There are many ways to download a TV show on Netflix.

Downloading Using the Netflix App

You can download any TV show and movie by clicking the little download button in the application. You can download the episodes of any TV show in any order you like. However, there are certain limitations to using this.

  • First, you can only access those videos in the app.
  • Second, you cannot transfer those videos to another device.
  • Third, you can only keep them available for a month or so.

All these limitations allow you to seek different alternate external downloaders to download your content.

Downloading Using StreamGaGa Video Downloader

You can download Netflix shows for free using StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader. It allows you to download any content for free in the best quality in which the content currently available. Use StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader to download your favorite Netflix TV shows for free. StreamGaGa Netflix Downloader allows you to enjoy your favorite movie anytime and anywhere without worrying about the connection.

Here are the steps to download Netflix videos:

  1. Open StreamGaGa Netflix Downloaderto access the homepage.
  2. Go to VIP services and select Netflix as your streaming service.
  3. Play the video of your choice and select your preferred audio and subtitles.
  4. Hit the Download button to start the downloading process.


Does Netflix Do Student Discount Once a Year?

Netflix doesn't offer student discount not any time of the year and doesn't plan to offer them even in the future.

Does Netflix Have a Student Discount for Beginners?

Every subscriber of Netflix pays equally despite being a beginner, a student, or a regular user.

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