The secret to saving NHK Plus videos on your computer! Explanation of how to record and download

Thorough instructions on how to record and save NHK Plus videos, including DRM removal and high quality recording with the StreamGaGa downloader. Click here for detailed instructions.

Many of you want to watch your favorite programs on NHK Plus, but have trouble viewing them in places with unstable Internet access or when you are away from home for long periods of time? For those people, we recommend a way to save NHK Plus videos on your computer! We have detailed instructions on how to record and download the videos, and we will show you some behind-the-scenes tricks that even beginners can do easily.

Why NHK Plus videos cannot be recorded

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It is difficult to record and save NHK Plus videos because the programs distributed by NHK Plus are DRM-protected and copy-protected. when you record NHK Plus programs, you can hear the sound but the screen often goes black and you cannot record.

However, the software recommended in this article is a downloader that can already remove DRM protection. With these software, recording and downloading NHK Plus will be 100% successful.

How to record NHK Plus, for PC

Below we will show you how to record NHK Plus on your computer.

Recording NHK Plus with StreamGaGa

When downloading NHK Plus videos with recording software, it may take too long or the quality may be low.

Therefore, in this article, we recommend the StreamGaGa downloader.

StreamGaGa Downloader is the most powerful NHK Plus downloader that can save NHK Plus drama, anime, variety, sports, and other videos as MP4/MKV files with up to 2160p, AAC 2.0 audio track, and no viewing time limit. You can watch anytime, anywhere under offline environment. The batch download function allows you to download and save multiple NHK Plus videos at once.

Furthermore, the built-in function to remove DRM protection technology allows the saved NHK Plus content to be played on any device without DRM.

This section will show you how to use the StreamGaGa downloader to save NHK Plus to your computer and watch it offline.


Step 1: Download and install the software according to your computer's operating environment.

Step 2: Once the StreamGaGa downloader is installed on your PC, launch it. Click on "Home" on the left part of the top screen.

Step 3: Paste the NHK Plus video link ( into the address bar at the top.

Step 4: Once the video is played, the download screen will appear. There are download format, quality, and subtitle downloads, etc. Check the boxes as necessary.

Step 5: When the NHK Plus download screen appears, click "Download Now" to begin downloading NHK Plus. If you wish to download multiple NHK Plus videos at once, click "Add to Queue" to add them to the task. Then click "Start All" to download the NHK Plus videos of your choice.

Step 6: The progress of your NHK Plus download will be displayed. After the download is complete, go to "Download" in the left sidebar of the title.

Recording NHK Plus on Windows 10 "Game Bar

Game Bar is an easy-to-use recording feature that comes standard with Windows 10. This tool supports full screen recording of your computer, but it is not possible to record in a specific range. Please understand this in advance.


Step 1. Right-click the bottom left window button and click "Settings" to enter the "Games" screen. Here, check the "Game Bar" and "Capture" settings and make sure the recording function is enabled.

Step 2. Open the NHK Plus program you wish to record, press "Win+G" key, and after confirming its use, click the red circle in the middle of the toolbar to start recording.


Step 3. When the video is finished, press "Win+Alt+R" key or click the white square in the toolbar to end recording.

Notes on recording NHK programs!

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When recording NHK programs, you must be aware of the Copyright Law (Article 30). Reproduction for personal use is allowed, but the conditions are strictly defined. Compensation must be paid to the copyright owner for reproduction of copyrighted works using digital recording equipment. For details, please refer to the Copyright Law (Law No. 48 of 1970).


There are two ways to save NHK Plus videos: using the StreamGaGa downloader or using the Windows 10 game bar When recording NHK programs, you need to be aware of copyright laws. However, with these methods, you can watch NHK Plus videos offline. Please give them a try.

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