How to download and save NOSUB and what to do when you can't watch it.

Covers how to use and download NOSUB, an anime distribution site from overseas, and what to do in case of outages. Finally, alternative sites are also introduced.

For everyone who loves anime, finding a way to watch your favorite works anytime is an important issue. In this situation, an anime distribution site called NOSUB has been attracting a lot of attention, but there are some concerns about actually using it. In this article, we will explain in detail how to download videos on NOSUB and other anime distribution sites and what to do when you can no longer watch them. We hope you will read this article to the end, as it will provide useful information for everyone who enjoys anime.

What is NOSUB?

NOSUB is a free video sharing site operated by a foreign country that focuses on Japanese anime videos. It was once closed for several years in the past, but has been restored at some point and is now available for use. Since the number of uploaded works is quite large, the site is widely known outside of Japan. However, many of the uploads are unauthorized, so there are many precautions to take when using this site, although it may be inevitable since it is a free site. In particular, it is a very unstable site, and sometimes you may not be able to watch a movie.

So here are the first two reasons why you may not be able to watch NOSUB videos and what to do about it.

Cause 1: There is a problem with your Internet connection.

An Internet connection is essential to access the Web. There may be a problem with your connection, internet settings, or Wi-Fi, so first try checking your settings or unplugging and plugging in by yourself. Since the server is located overseas, the site may be even more affected by the Internet environment than sites in Japan. If you are unable to access the site, please do not force yourself to try a different site.

Cause 2: There is a problem on the NOSUB side.

To repeat from the beginning, since the site has been closed and restored many times, it should often happen that the site is no longer available before you know it. Also, some works are often removed because they may be caught by copyright. To avoid the risk of going to a completely different site or clicking on dangerous ads, it is best to save any of your favorite works on your PC.

How do I download NOSUB animated videos?

NOSUB itself does not have a download function, so it is a pity that you cannot watch the works you have found in places where there is no Internet access. So, if you want to watch NOSUB's works on the move or on your tablet device, we have compiled a list of ways to save anime using several external download tools. Some of these tools are free, so anyone can easily use them.

Download NOSUB movies in Chrome/Firefox

Browsers like Chrome and Firefox have a lot of extensions, so of course there are tools for downloading among them. You can download NOSUB videos by installing and using a completely free extension called "Video Getter. The detailed instructions for use are as follows

Step 1: Add "Video Getter" to Chrome from the Chrome Store and install it.

Step 2: In the command bar of Chrome, you will see the arrow Video Getter icon displayed as shown below.

Step 3: Open the playback page of your favorite NOSUB video and click on the video getter icon to download the video from the list as shown below.

Your work will now be downloaded and saved in the pre-designated location.

Download NOSUB videos with Video Download Warriors

Video Download Musou is a download tool that allows you to download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Anitube, Sunflower Video, Saymove, Veoh, and many other websites. It is a popular downloader because of its simple interface and rich features. Its usage is easy to understand even for beginners.

First, install the software itself from the official website.

Next, play the animation you want to save, and Download Muso will immediately detect the URL of the video and download the video automatically. If you play multiple videos, you can download them at the same time.

It also has the ability to convert formats and convert to Android and iOS compatible formats for a variety of occasions.

Download NOSUB videos with 5KPlayer

5KPlayer is a multimedia player that also offers video download functionality. 5KPlayer supports over 300 popular video sites, including free animation sites like NOSUB, to quickly save web videos to your computer. HD videos, 4K and 8K videos, and 3D videos. The most significant feature is that you can freely download even the free version. Here is a brief description of the usage procedure.

1) After installing the software itself, copy the URL of the video you want to download to the frame in the center of the screen.

② Copy the URL of the NOSUB animated video you want to save and click the "Paste & Analyze" button.

(iii) After the animated video is analyzed, click "Download".

If you click the buttons in the order shown in the image, you can easily save the video.

The best download software "StreamGaGa

We have introduced three free sites and software to download animations from NOSUB, but each of them has some limitations in their functions. Free sites are unstable, and most of the paid software can only support free video sharing sites. If so, you may want to download videos from other video streaming platforms. Some may wonder if this is actually possible, but with StreamGaGa, it is easy.

Here are some of StreamGaGa's most significant features. The main features are as follows

  • Supports ultra-high quality up to 4K and 8K.
  • Subtitles and secondary audio can be automatically detected and saved.
  • Can be downloaded while watching using the built-in browser.
  • Ads are automatically removed.

With these features, you can easily download videos from any site. In addition, you can convert formats on the settings screen so you can enjoy anime in a variety of environments. You may be wondering about the price, but you can easily get started for as little as $19.9/month, and even the free version allows you to try the full functionality of the official version for free for up to 3 videos.

Let's take a look at the actual download procedure.

Step 1: First, install StreamGaGa from the official website.

Step 2: Go to the website where you want to download the video. Select the website from "YouTube," "VIP Services," "Live Streaming," or "Adult Services" on the left sidebar. Alternatively, copy the URL of the OTT site, paste it into the address bar at the top, and press Enter to access it.

Step 3: Play the video you want to download.

Once you have accessed the website in StreamGaGa's built-in browser, play the video you wish to download. Some websites require you to sign in to your account to watch the video.

Step 4: Customize output settings and click "Download Now.

When you play the video you want to download, StreamGaGa will automatically analyze the video and display a pop-up window for you to customize output settings such as resolution, voice-over, subtitles, and audio. All you have to do is click "Download Now.

Whether you have used StreamGaGa before or are a new listener, we invite you to experience the charm of StreamGaGa for yourself.

An alternative anime streaming site to NOSUB

While it's great to be able to watch anime for free, we think that you can't abandon the official distribution sites when it comes to stability and security, etc. Here are some popular and affordable anime distribution sites in case NOSUB is no longer available.

dAnime Store

dAnime Store offers unlimited access to over 5,000 anime titles for 550 yen (tax included). Since it is a site dedicated to anime, you can find your favorite works by focusing on anime genres rather than regular distribution platforms. dAnime Store is also available for non-docomo users and can be viewed on tablets as well as PCs. Right now, a 31-day trial is available for free.


DMM TV started service in 2022 and offers a very good selection of anime and 2.5D works. The number of new releases is attractive, and despite the abundance of more than 120,000 unlimited titles, the service is unbelievably inexpensive at 550 yen per month (tax included). This service is suitable for those who want to enjoy anime easily, but also want to watch other genres. The same one-month trial is also available for free.

And what's more, if you use the 550 yen worth of points you receive for the first three months after registration, the monthly fee for four months will be practically zero yen. This is a very exciting campaign.

U-NEXT Unlimited Anime

This is a video distribution service that boasts the No. 1 number of works in the industry. In addition to videos, a wide variety of manga are also available, making it a distribution site where you can fully enjoy 2D. The fee is a little high at 2,189 yen per month, but considering the number of movies available, this is definitely a better deal, and you will also receive 1,200 points every month for paid membership registration. Simultaneous playback on different devices and double-speed playback are also attractive features.

These three paid sites we have mentioned so far can also be easily downloaded with StreamGaGa as well (you will need to register for membership yourself). Each of these services has a corresponding product that can be downloaded at any time during the membership period. If you are interested in this service, please check it out at the official website.


How was it? In this article, we have introduced various information about NOSUB, a free anime site, how to download anime contents, the reason why NOSUB is no longer available, and the alternative sites that can replace it. We hope you find this article useful and helpful.

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