Have you ever used Pachinko★Pachislot TV!

Pachinko★Pachislot TV! Premium Service and other pay TV channels that provide information on pachinko and pachislot. It is also known as "Pachi-Tele! .

If you are wondering, "Can I record live broadcasts of Pachinko★Pachislot TV!" I will explain how to record live broadcasts of Pachinko★Pachislot TV!

Overview of Pachinko★Pachislot TV!

Japan's largest pachinko and pachislot channel, "Pachinko★Pachislot TV!" delivers numerous original programs every month. Pachinko and pachislot programs are broadcast 24 hours a day. Variety programs on the theme of pachinko and pachislot are distributed, ranging from actual games and strategies by professionals who are active in strategy magazines, to information and strategies on new machines in cooperation with specialized magazines and manufacturers.

Can I record live broadcasts of Pachinko★Pachislot TV!

Here we recommend the powerful StreamGaGa capture software that allows you to record the live streaming of Pachinko★Pachislot TV!

The StreamGaGa capture software is very easy to use, so even those who are not good at computer operation can do it easily.

What is StreamGaGa?

StreamGaGaGa is a live streaming recording software that supports online live streaming services such as Z-aN, ASOBISTAGE, mediable, and SHOWROOM as well as Pachinko★Pachislot TV! capture software.

  • StreamGaGa can record live streaming of Pachinko★Pachislot TV! up to 4K UHD resolution and EAC3 5.1 audio.
  • You can record while watching live streaming of Pachinko★Pachislot TV!
  • Recorded video can be played back smoothly, with no video or audio distortion or delay due to line speed!

How to Record Live Streaming of Pachinko★Pachislot TV!

Next, we will explain the procedure for screen recording on StreamGaGa with images.

1. visit the official StreamGaGa website and download the recording software for free.

Start StreamGaGa and enter the link for Pachinko★Pachislot TV! Press the Enter key to move to the Pachinko★Pachislot TV!

Log in. Go to the video streaming page of the program you wish to record and start playback StreamGaGa can automatically analyze the URL of the live streaming video. Once the analysis is complete, the Download Settings window will appear. Select the desired video and audio quality, then select "Download Now. You can watch live and record at the same time.


In this article, we have explained screen recording for "Pachinko★Pachislot TV! The StreamGaGa capture software recommended in this article is a very useful recording software for using Pachinko★Pachislot TV!

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