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[Latest] How to Watch and Download Paramount Plus on Xbox?

If you're a fan of Paramount+ and Xbox, you will benefit from the article to learn how to download and watch Paramount Plus on Xbox in a step-by-step guide.

Tired of gaming all day? Switch to online streaming! The luxury at its best is available to Xbox owners. The Xbox console is a trendy device for entertainment lovers with an edge over other device for that it offers a seamless combination of gaming and streaming capabilities, making it a go-to device for entertainment enthusiasts.

how to download paramount plus on xbox

Paramount Plus is just such a delightful streaming service that pairs perfectly with your Xbox console. If you’re eager to give this app a try and dive into a world of captivating content, you’ve come to the right place.

This post will guide you through the process of downloading and watching Paramount Plus on Xbox/Xbox One, ensuring you never miss a moment of your favorite shows and movies. And since you're here, you may be also interested in the way to activate Paramount Plus on your smart TV, or the methods to fix Paramount Plus not working.

Overview: Paramount Plus

How much do I have to pay for the service? The first thing that concerns the users is its cost. To delve into the detailed way to download Paramount Plus on Xbox, let's explore the subscription plans and supported device of Paramount+ firstly.

Subscription and Price

Paramount Plus offers two kinds of plan for its users: Paramount+ Essential and Paramount+ with SHOWTIME, designed to cater to your diverse streaming desires.

Paramount+ Essential, available at a modest price of $5.99/mo., grants you unlimited access to an extensive library of must-watch movies, exclusive original series, and riveting live sports events. With up-to-date releases and timeless classics, this subscription plan ensures that you never miss a moment of the captivating content.

Note: Paramount+ only allows subscribers of Paramount+ with SHOWTIME to download and watch on the go.

For those seeking an elevated streaming experience, Paramount+ with SHOWTIME is the perfect choice. Priced at $11.99/mo., this premium subscription plan combines the extraordinary offerings of Paramount+ Essential with the famed SHOWTIME network, known for its exceptional original series and blockbuster movies.

To further enhance your value for money, Paramount+ offers cost-effective annual subscriptions for both plans. For Paramount+ Essential, a yearly subscription is available for a mere $59.99. Likewise, Paramount+ with SHOWTIME offers an annual subscription priced at $119.99.

Supported Device

paramount plus supported device

As a popular streaming service, Paramout Plus aims to satisfy users with nealy all types of device. Here is a list of the supported devices of Paramount+, including Xbox, PlayStation and many other device:

  • Computer
  • Apple TV
  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android TV
  • Android phone and tablet
  • Chromecast
  • Fire TV
  • Portal TV
  • PlayStation 4 and 5
  • Samsung TV
  • Vizio TV
  • LG TV
  • Roku
  • Xbox
  • Xfinity and Xumo
  • Cox Contour box
  • Google TV

Note: The official download feature is only available for mobile device (Andorid phone/tablet, iPhone and iPad).

How to Watch Paramount Plus on Xbox?

So we've known how much you need to pay to stream Paramount+ on Xbox, and other supported device. This section will explain the detailed way to download and activate Paramount Plus on Xbox. Read through to watch your favorite shows on your console.

Download Paramount Plus on Xbox

To enjoy the extensive catalog of entertainment offered by Paramount Plus on your Xbox, it is essential to follow a few steps to sign up and download the app.

Before installing the app, ensure that you have availed a subscription plan by visiting the official website of Paramount Plus.

Note: If you're new to Paramount+, visite the official website of Paramount+ and enter your email address. Follow the simple procedure to create your Paramount Plus accountc and select the subscription plan that suits your requirements to proceed further.

After completing the subscription process, you can now proceed to download the Paramount Plus app on your Xbox by following these steps:

  1. Turn on your Xbox and navigate to the home page.
  2. Locate and click on "My Games and Apps" to access the applications menu.
  3. Select the "Apps" section to launch the Microsoft Store.
  4. Within the Microsoft Store, use the search function to find the official Paramount Plus app.
  5. Once you've found the app, click on the "Download" option to begin the installation process.

Activate Paramount Plus on Xbox

Before you can begin streaming Paramount Plus on your Xbox, it is necessary to activate the service by connecting your Paramount+ account to your Xbox account. This can be easily achieved by following these straightforward steps:

  1. Start by launching your browser and navigating to the Paramount Plus activation page specifically designed for Xbox users:
  2. Upon reaching the activation page, you will be prompted to enter the access code provided to you. Locate this code either in your email or on your Xbox screen, and carefully input it into the designated field.
  3. Once you have entered the access code, click on the "Activate" button. This action will initiate the connection between your Paramount+ and Xbox accounts.

activate paramouont plus on xbox

If you haven't subscribed to Paramount+, you will be redirected to a page where you can select your preferred plan after completing the activation process. Take a moment to choose the plan that best suits your streaming needs and click on the "Continue" button.

Moving forward, you will be prompted to enter the necessary information to sign up for Paramount Plus. This typically includes providing your name, email address, and creating a secure password for your account.

Once you have successfully signed up, you are now ready to start streaming the vast selection of content offered by Paramount Plus on your Xbox.

How to Download Paramount Plus Videos on Xbox?

As mentioned before, the download feature of Paramount Plus is only available for mobile devices. But there is still a way to download Paramount Plus videos and watch on the go on Xbox. All you need to use is a powerful tool StreamGaGa Paramount Plus Downloader.

Tool Required: StreamGaGa Paramount Plus Downloader

stremgaga paramount plus downloader

StramGaGa Paramount Plus Downloader is a powerful tool that can help users download and save their favorite Paramount+ shows in compatible MP4/MKV format and transfer them to any device for offline viewing. It's designed for both mac and Windows PC users.

With the help of StreamGaGa, you can easily download Paramount+ shows in high quality up to 1080P on the local storage, transfer the files to external storage such as USB, and watch them on Xbox. Even there is no internet, you can still enjoy games and TV shows at the same time.

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Download Procedure

To download Paramount+ videos in compatible MP4/MKV format with StreamGaGa, all you need to do is to follow these simple 4 steps:

Download and Install StreamGaGa

To begin with, download and install StreamGaGa Paramount Plus Downloader for your Mac/Windows PC.

Navigate to Paramount+

Launch StreamGaGa, navigate to "VIP Services" and click Paramount+ to enter the official website using the build-in browser. Login your Paramount+ account with the subscription of Paramount+ Essential OR Paramount+ with SHOWTIME.

download on paramount plus

Customize Download Settings

After logging in your account, click one video you want to download. When you play it, StreamGaGa will automatically analyze it for later downloading. Then an on-screen prompt will show for you to customize the subtitle, video, audio or other common download settings.

download paramount plus videos

Check the Download Process

Click on "Download Now" to initiate the download process, or "Add to Queue" to download multiple videos in batch later. You can also navigate to "Downloading" to check the download process anytime. Now, wait for a moment, and your Paramount Plus downloads will be prepared soon.


Watching Paramount Plus on Xbox is a seamless experience. For those looking to download Paramount Plus videos on Xbox for offline viewing, StreamGaGa Paramount Plus Downloader. is a reliable tool. Its straightforward download procedure ensures that users can save their favorite content on their devices and enjoy it later, even without an internet connection. So why wait? Follow the instructions provided and start exploring the world of Paramount Plus on your Xbox today.


Why should I install Paramount Plus on my Xbox?

Installing the app would allow you to:

  • Access to a library replete with entertainment content.
  • Opportunity to watch your shows anywhere.
  • Multiple content types in one platform.
  • Budget-friendly subscription plans.
  • Weekly updated content.

What devices are compatible for downloading Paramount Plus video?

You can download videos on iPhone/iPad (13+) and Android tablets and phones (5+), using the official download methos. However, you can still use StreamGaGa to download your favorite Paramount+ shows onto your computer and transfer them to other device for offline viewing.

Can I use Paramount Plus app with Amazon Prime?

You might run into errors when streaming Paramount Plus on Xbox. Here are the major issues and the solution:

  • Account issue: check your Paramount+ account to see if the subscription expires;
  • Xbox issue: restart Xbox;
  • Internet issue: check your internet connection and restart the router or modem;
  • Application issue: check the app version and update to the latest version.
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