How to Get Paramount Plus Student Discount (25% Off)

Curious about what’s Paramount Plus student discount? Read this article to explore everything about student discount Paramount Plus.

Paramount Plus is an American video streaming service which instantly became famous due to its less costly pricing plans. It’s managed and regulated by Paramount Streaming, a company of Paramount Global.

If you want to know all about Paramount Plus student discount, you've come to the right place. All you have to do is verify your student identity and get 25% off on your monthly subscription by student discount Paramount Plus. With this, you will also get more than 40,000 movies and series, Nickelodeon, MTV, and live sports, including UEFA Champions League NFL on CBS, BET, Comedy Central, The Smithsonian Channel and news channels like CBS Streaming Network.

Does Paramount Plus Offer a Student Discount?

This American video streaming device has subscribers throughout the globe, mostly students, due to its budget-friendly pricing plans. You will get student discount but remember that the Paramount Plus student discount is not for school students; only college and university students who are enrolled in an institution can avail of this discount.

Remember that if you want a student subscription and already have a Paramount subscription, then you’ll have to cancel the previous one and then re-subscribe to the student discount Paramount Plus.

Paramount Plus & Student Discounts

If you want to get the student discount Paramount Plus provides, follow the article till the end as we guide you on how to get Paramount Plus student discount and subscription. The usual price for the Paramount Plus subscription is $4.99 per month, 'The Essential Plan' along with ads, and for student subscribers, it becomes $3.75 per month. The other one is $9.99 per month, 'The Premium Plan', which is ads-free.

Once you subscribe to the offer, it will last for four years, and after 4 years, it will automatically become the usual subscription.

What Information Do You Need to Get the Paramount+ Student Discount?

In order to get a Paramount Plus student discount Paramount Plus you have to provide your name, institute (college/university), date of birth and student contact information exactly as written in official school documents.

They may ask you for further information, so you will have to upload documents like an institute identity card with an expiration date, school transcript or any other school-issued documents which have all information, including your full name, institute and enrollment number.

If you are unhappy with the service that Paramount Plus provides and you want to know how to cancel Paramount Plus, read this article.

How to Get the Paramount+ Student Discount?

Since Paramount Plus is a student-friendly streaming service, and students need to save every penny possible, any student over 16 years of age enrolled in an educational institute, including high school, college, university and sixth form, can get the Paramount Plus student discount. You just have to verify your student status.

You also need to note that if you are not currently enrolled but are preparing for an exam or something, you are also eligible for the student discount Paramount Plus have to offer. You can sign up easily; go to Provide them with your student information which will be verified by the SheerID for further confirmation.

How Long Can You Keep Your Paramount+ Student Discount?

Paramount Plus student discount gives 25% off on the regular cost of the streaming service, which includes ads. Once you get the offer, the prices are secured for a 4-year period meaning that even if you graduate earlier, you will be able to enjoy student discounts Paramount Plus has to offer.

How to Download Paramount+ Shows Offline?

If you want to download Paramount Plus shows offline, just follow these steps.

  • First of all, make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi or data connection.
  • On the screen, tap on the download symbol (an arrow pointing downwards.
  • Make sure your system settings support downloading via mobile data as well as enough storage space to download a whole episode.
  • Keep in mind, after a period of thirty days, the downloaded videos will automatically be deleted or become unusable.

Read this article if you want to know more about how to download Paramount Plus videos.

StreamGaGa Paramount Plus Downloader and How to Use It

StreamGaGa is your perfect solution to download movies, videos and series from various platforms, including more than a thousand websites. Through StreamGaGa Paramount Plus Downloader, you can easily download all the on-demand videos and watch live TV programs with HD 1080p resolution.

You will also get multiple types of subtitles downloading options, including subtitles in external SRT files. You also have the option to download multiple videos at a time- you may want to download an entire season to avoid downloading again and again, and the best part, it will not get any speed effect while downloading in bulk.

If you use StreamGaGa to download videos from Paramount Plus, you will have no restrictions on time or usage period. In fact, you can keep them forever if you want and can easily move them to any other device so that you can view them whenever or wherever you want.

Just follow the steps:

  • Download and install StreamGaGa Paramount+ Downloader
  • Select “Paramount+” from the “VIP Services”
  • Click on the video you want to download and select downloading options
  • Click “Downloader Now” to start downloading.


Paramount Plus is an excellent platform for students who want to watch movies and series without the hassle of countless searching and buffing. Plus, the amazing discount is pocket friendly for students, and the download option acts as a live saver since not everyone has internet access everywhere.

Moreover, if you download with the help of StreamGaGa Paramount Plus Downloader, you don't even need to worry about videos becoming unusable after a while since they stay forever if you want. So, download and watch all the high-resolution movies and series; with various subtitles and formats along with a user-friendly interface. All things you love with Paramount Plus student discount.


How Long Can I Keep My Paramount Plus Student Discount?

Once you subscribe to an essential monthly plan, your Paramount Plus student discount is credible for 4 years; even if you graduated before those 4 years, payments would be made at the standard rate of an essential monthly subscription.

Can School Students Avail of This Offer?

This discount offer is only for college and university students. The verification process is done through SheerID, an independent verification service.

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