Paramount is the best streaming service, but it doesn't not only provide online movies and shows. In a manner, consider Paramount Plus as a YouTube where you go live and other streaming content. In simple words, Paramount Plus/Vizio is a hybrid of YouTube and Netflix. With Paramount Plus/Vizio, you receive both live streaming from YouTube TV and on-demand streaming from Netflix.

This article providesa complete guide on how you can add and watchParamount Plus on Vizio.If Paramount Plus not working on Vizio, you could also read this guide tosolve it.

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How to Add Apps to Vizio Smart TV?

Paramount Plus Subscription Plan

Every luxury comes with a price; the same is with Paramount Plus/Vizio, although they offer their new users to try out their service for 7 days or 14 days, depending upon their current advertising state and strategies. A new user can simply sign-up by creating an account on Paramount Plus/Vizio.

Users have to input their billing details, but don't worry; Paramount Plus/Vizio will not deduct on your free trial so that you can cancel the subscription plan during your free trial period.

The New Low-Cost Plans

Here are Paramount Plus's new plans for Paramount Plus Vizio:

Essential plan

The previously running plan for the limited commercials has been removed, and a new essential plan of Paramount Plus/Vizio is added. It is already discounted according to their new plans.

If Users un-subscribe and try to resubscribe to the Paramount Plus Vizio smart TV new plan, they will be only offered the Essential plan and Paramount Plus/Vizio Premium plan. The essential plan of Paramount Plus Vizio does not offer live local CBS channel

  • $4.99/month or $49.99/year
  • Limited commercials stream
  • Access to over 35,000 TV episodes
  • Access to Paramount Plus premium and original content
  • Users can watch a live stream NFL on CBS and the Champions League
  • 24/7 News streamed by CBS News Streaming Network
  • No live CBS or locals

Paramount+ Premium Plan

Paramount plus/Vizio, when newly introduced their premium plan, named it Commercial Free. It was an ad-free account and included all premium content + all the original content as well.

If the users are currently on Paramount Plus Viziocommercial free, don't panic; there isn't any change for the premium subscription. All the billing dates, methods, plans, and benefits are the same. The only change is the name of the plan.

  • $9.99/month or $99.99/year
  • Enjoy streams without ads (except TV shows)
  • Watch all the latest movies and seasons
  • Stream live sports channels and soccer leagues; plus, you can also watch other sports like PGA golf and NCAA basketball
  • 24/7 local and CBS news stream.
  • Including a live stream of CBS News Streaming Network and CBS live plus your local.

Is Paramount Plus on Vizio Smart TV?

One of the most popular streaming apps today is Paramount Plus/Vizio. If you are reading this guide, you're probably wondering how to get this great app installed on your Paramount Plus/Vizio smart TV or even if it is available on your smart TV or not.

Paramount Plus is a widely used streaming service app available on all smart devices, including Paramount Plus Viziosmart TV, Andriod, and IOS.

Paramount Plus is also available on Vizio smart TV but make sure that the Vizio TV in your house is of the latest model. Often this happens in new updates; developers disable the application from running on below the required TV models.

Activate Paramount Plus on Vizio Smart TV | Paramount Plus/Vizio

This can be frustrating if you want to watch some great content on Paramount Plus Vizio smart TV, and you find that your Paramount Plus on Vizio smart TV cannot download the app or fails to activate the app. Here are a few simple steps you can go through:

  • Install the paramount plus on Vizio smart TV
  • Create an account and log in
  • Open settings and sign in.
  • Go to and open it in new tab.
  • A code will be given to you; note that code.
  • Open a browser in your device and go to Now select the activate and enter the activation code
  • After activating refresh, the screen to start streaming.

How to Add Paramount Plus on Vizio SmartTV?

You can easily add Paramount Plus on Vizio TV by following the steps.

  • Run the Paramount Plusapp (install the app first if you haven't installed it yet)
  • Sign in the application
  • Now visit
  • Enter the code
  • Once you enter the code, it will take you to the select screen
  • After selecting, the screen will refresh and enable the screen for you.

Stream Paramount Plus through Streaming Devices on Vizio TV

You can stream Paramount Plus through Paramount Plus on the Vizio TV streaming device. If Paramount Plus not working on Vizio, All you need is to connect your streaming device with the same home wifi password. Be sure to connect your android or IOS with the same wifi as your Vizio smart TV is connected.

Play any desired video on the Paramount Plus app, then select the Google Cast icon. After that, select your Vizio smart TV, and streaming will automatically start.

Cast Paramount Plus on VizioTV

Paramount Plus provides live TV and on-demand streaming service. Paramount Plus has several live components, but the one with the broadest appeal is a 24/7 feed of your local CBS station. Paramount Plus offers live sports and breaking NEWS, both national and local. Paramount Plus is well known for its entertainment service; they provide its users with more than 35,000 TV episodes and with all the latest movie titles in HD resolution.

You can stream Paramount through streaming devices and cast your favorite movies and show through IOS.

Screen Mirror through iPhone

  • Install the application on Vizio smart TV.
  • Log in application
  • Open the notification panel in IOS and enable the screen mirror.
  • Now connect the screen by entering the code displayed on your smart TV.

Cast through Android Phone

  • Installed the application on your smart TV
  • Run the application
  • Enable the cast from your device through settings or by pulling down the notification panel.
  • Connect the screen by inputting the code

Can I Download Paramount+ Videos Offline on my Devices?

Paramount Plus provides live TV and on-demand streaming service. Paramount Plus has several live components, but the one with the broadest appeal is a 24/7 feed of your local CBS station.

Many users prefer to watch their favorite shows and movies offline due to tight schedules. Here is good news for those, StreamGaGa Paramount Plus Downloader is the best streaming video downloader; you can easily download movies or your favorite shows.

Here’s how you can save Paramount Plus video on your device.

  • Run the StreamGaGa Downloader
  • Go to VIP service and select the Paramount Plus
  • Select the video you want to download
  • Play that selected video
  • Click on the download option, and automatically your downloading will be started.


What are Supported Models of Vizio TV to Run Paramount Plus?

Following are the supported models:

  • P-Series Quantum and Quantum X
  • M-Series Quantum
  • V-Series
  • E-Series
  • D-Series

Can I Cancel my Subscription?

Yes! if your Paramount Plus not working on Vizio or other devices, you can cancel your subscription before the new month start.

Can I Stream Paramount Plus on PS4?

Yes! You can also stream Paramount Plus on your PS4

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