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[2022 Latest] Full Guide on Roku Channel List

Curious about exploring and making the best out of the Roku Channel list? Here is the complete Roku Channel guide to assist you.

Many people out there want a cheap and affordable way to stream movies, TV series, and other videos. The platforms offering video streaming have dramatically grown in number, and so did their subscribers. In 2020, the worldwide subscriptions of Netflix, Disney+, and SVODs alone surpassed one billion subscribers.

What Is the Roku Channel? Everything You Need to Know

Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, people have inclined towards streaming videos, and it is one of the significant factors influencing subscriber growth. However, subscription still may not be everyone's preference, and there are alternatives at hand which allow you to stream videos free of cost.

The Roku streaming device is one of the most popular and talked-about among the available options. From its outstanding features to its convenience, Roku is the top choice of many streamers.

What is Roku Channel?

The Roku channel is Roku®'s video streaming platform devoted to providing its users free and premium TV, movies, news, and other in-demand videos. It allows you to stream Live News, hundreds of movies, and thousands of episodes throughout the day.

The Roku Channel | What's On | Roku

The Roku Channel is also home to Roku Originals, besides a vast range of movies and videos, and several other categories like Kids and Family, Nature and Science, and Music with ads that have a low prevalence than standard TV and other free streaming platforms.

On top of that, you can also avail Premium Subscriptions from the affiliated content partners. The Roku Channel can be accessed and added to any Roku device, iOS, Android phones, and compatible Samsung Smart TVs and Amazon Fire Sticks. You can also access it through a web browser on your phones and computers.

Here are some prominent features of the Roku Channel:

  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • According to your room requirements, you can choose among HD, HDR, 4K, 8K, and Dolby Vision.
  • More than 500,000 movies and episodes
  • Constant upgrades
  • Voice and search controls
  • Free Roku mobile app
  • Allows AirPlay
  • Personalized feed

Once your Roku Channel is successfully added to your device, you can enjoy streaming your favorite movies and videos. Continue reading this Roku Channel guide to making the best out of your experience!

Roku Channel List

The Roku Channel is known for the variety of categories it has to offer to its customers. Every Roku version enables you to access hundreds of channels, which is nowhere near what other free streaming platforms provide.

Below are some of the many categories which Roku Channel provides:

1. Movies/TV

Roku Channel has a massive library of movies. You can browse among thousands of movies and stream them free online. There are also Live TV and Movie Channels, including the FilmRise Free Movies, FilmRise Family, MTV Pluto TV, XUMO FREE Movies, and the Bob Ross Channel.

2. News

You can watch Live 24/7 News on Roku Channel and never miss a broadcast. These channels are USA Today, America's Voice, ABC News Live, Black News Channel, WeatherNation, and Yahoo Finance.

3. Sports

Stay updated and connected with the latest happenings in the world of sports with the Roku Channel. You can access channels like ESTV, Adventure Sports Network, SportsGrid, PowerNation, and EDGEsport on Roku Channel.

4. Entertainment

Entertainment News channels like Vanity Fair, TMZ, PeopleTV, and Complex are there on Roku Channel for you to watch for free!

5. Music

You can listen to Live Music on the Roku channel on three of MTVs channels, including Yo! MTV, MTV Biggest Pop, and MTV Block Party.

6. Game and Talk Shows

Game and talk shows are a form of entertainment for many people, and Roku Channel will not disappoint if you are one of them. You can watch game shows like Deal or No Deal, Game Show Central, and Family Feud. Talk shows available include Nosey or Real Nosey.

7. Nature and Science

Educational TV channels have been around for quite a while now, and you can access them with this Roku Channel guide. These Live TV channels are WIRED, Voyager Documentaries, and Love Nature. On top of that, you can also find Documentary videos on the Roku Channel.

8. Fashion and Lifestyle

Many people look up to fashion and lifestyle channels for entertainment and life tips. Roku Channels presents Glamour, GQ, Vogue, Tastemade, DIY Daily, Architectural Digest, and similar media.

9. Family and Kids

Spending quality time with your family and kids can improve by enjoying TV together. On Roku Channel, you can watch family-friendly channels like Teletubbies, Kartoon, and Zoomoo.

10. Crime and Mystery

Crime Channels like Reel Truth, Forensic File, and Crime360 will be great for you if you love a good mystery!

11. Premium Channels

If you upgrade to premium, you can have exclusive access to HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and EPIX channels.

Latest Updates in Roku Channel List

The Roku Channel List goes under constant updates, one of its most admired features. The channel list is updated after carefully considering the ratio of liked and disliked content and the response obtained from the community on-board.

New year, new free channels in the Roku Channel Store!

This time, Roku is adding more than two dozen new channels, which you can access directly from the Roku TV Channel list. The new list comprises well-known TV brands like FOX Weather and many child-friendly channels like Bob The Builder and AfroKiddos.

Here is the list of newly added channels:

  1. AfroKiddos
  2. AfrolandTV
  3. Aspire TV Life
  4. Ax Men
  5. BlackPix
  6. Bob The Builder
  7. Crime ThrillHer
  8. Demand Africa
  9. Fox Weather
  10. Ice Road Truckers
  11. Kin: Kin
  12. Kriminal
  13. Modern Marvels
  14. Project Runway
  15. Red Green Channel
  16. Redbox Faith & Family
  17. Redbox Romance
  18. Sensical 8+
  19. SPARK TV
  20. Supermarket Sweep
  21. The Price Is Right
  22. This Old House Makers Channel
  23. Total Crime
  24. UnXplained Zone
  25. Vive Kanal D Drama

Roku Channel vs. its Competitors

There are quite a few video streaming platforms out there, and the competition is relatively high than it used to be. With the internet taking over the world and online platforms gaining popularity, some providers have hit it off, including Roku Channel. Below, you can find some special perks to using the Roku channel instead of others.

Easy and Affordable

Using Roku Channel is easy and uncomplicated. It allows you to browse across thousands of movies titles and shows without any extra trouble. You can conveniently search and find your desired video. If you encounter any situation, you can read through this Roku Channel guide to overcome that.

The premium subscription at the Roku channel starts at $4.99/month, which is very affordable compared to other platforms. Even if you do not opt for a premium subscription, the free content has excellent quality and variety.

Best for 4K TVs

The picture qualities offered by the Roku channel are flexible and help fit your room requirements. Check out the start of the Roku Channel guide for the available picture qualities.

This feature makes the Roku channel most suitable for 4K TVs. Roku Express 4K Plus and Roku Streaming Stick 4K are excellent choices for video streaming on 4K TVs.

Better Menus and Search

Roku channel allows you to rearrange according to your preference which is a rare feature among such sites. This way, you can organize the menu and skim through it conveniently.

On the other hand, search results that appear on the Roku channel are explicit, and you do not have to work through a lot to get to what you wish to view.

Low Prevalence of Ads

The content available on sites like the Roku channel is ad-supported, which can be annoying but plausible when you can watch good content without paying for it.

Many users have appreciated the way ads appear on Roku, like a bit of pop-up here and there, unlike other platforms where ads take up the entire screen and disrupt the buzz, for example, on YouTube.

How to Watch Roku Channel Offline?

Without a steady and uninterrupted internet connection, you cannot have the best video streaming experience on Roku. In this case, watching videos offline is the only way to enjoy videos without extra buffering. Roku does not offer offline streaming of videos and requires an internet connection to work at all times.

StreamGaGa Roku Channel Downloader

If you do not have a strong internet connection and wish to download your favorite content from Roku, we got you! With StreamGaGa Roku Channel Downloader, extra loading and buffering will be the least of your problems.

All you need to do is go to StreamGaGa Roku Channel Downloader and choose "VIP Services." Next, select Roku Channel and fill in your preferred audio and subtitles. Finally, initiate the download and enjoy watching offline!

In addition to that, if you are having trouble with Hulu on your Roku Channel, you can read on how to solve Hulu not working on Roku.

Wrapping Up

We hope this Roku Channel guide will help you surf better and find something entertaining to watch for yourself. You can find a vast range of videos to stream on the Roku Channel online. Or, you can download them with StreamGaGa Roku Channel Downloader and enjoy them offline.

Either way, happy streaming!

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