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How to Screen Record Apple TV Plus Videos in 2024?

By following the simple steps of downloading, you can screen record Apple TV Plus videos directly to your computer for later viewing.

You can use the technique that I will show you to screen record Apple TV Plus videos at the same quality as the original site. This allows you to pay just one month's subscription fee and record all video titles you wish to view. Then, save them and cancel your subscription.

These videos can be screen recorded on Apple TV Plus.

  • Titles will be removed after a specified period
  • Some titles are not available to download.
  • Rent titles that are not included in the monthly rental fee require an additional fee

You can quickly make a recording and save them for later use.

This article will show you how to screen record videos on Apple TV Plus video streaming services. You can record VOD with no worries thanks to the legal recording technique I will show you. Let's look at the steps to capture video content using Apple TV Plus video streaming.

What You Need to Screen Record Apple TV Plus Videos?

Apple TV Plus video content cannot be recorded on any device other than computers, smartphones and tablets.

This is due to the HDCP technology, which prevents unauthorized video recording. HDCP (High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection), is a copyright protection technology. It aims to stop unauthorized copying digital content.

You can record on Apple TV Plus by preparing the items below.

  • Personal computer + Internet connection
  • Apple TV Plus account
  • Software for dedicated recording

StreamGaGa Apple TV Plus Downloader

Other than the essential items required for video playback (such as a computer, internet connection and video streaming service account), recording on Apple TV Plus requires special recording software called StreamGaGa Apple TV Plus Downloader.

While the full software is the best, there are no functional limitations. There is a free trial version available. This will allow you to test out the software's capabilities.

How to Screen Record on Apple TV Plus?

This section will show you how to screen record Apple TV Plus videos.

Install the StreamGaGa Apple TV Plus Downloader

First, visit the following URL to download the recording program "StreamGaGa Apple TV Plus Plus" onto your computer.

  • Click "Quick install" to begin the installation.
  • The installation will take around five minutes, depending upon your Internet connection.
  • Click on the "Launch Now!" button.
  • This will automatically launch "StreamGaGa Apple TV Plus downloader".

Start Recording Apple TV Plus

  • Click "VIP Service", on the left sidebar of the "StreamGaGa Downloader".
  • You will see a list with supported streaming services. Click on Apple TV Plus logo.

Apple TV Plus

  • Once you log in, you will be able to play any video content you wish. This screen will allow you to choose the video content to be recorded.
  • Click "Download Now" after making your selection. You can immediately download the video, or "Add it to Queue". If you would like to save multiple videos at once, you can click "Download Now".

Download Now

  • After the recording (downloading) is completed, click on "Download" to the left of the operation screen. The video recording data you have selected will appear.
  • You can also click on the folder icons to view the specific destination for the video file that you have just downloaded.

How to Watch Recorded Apple TV Plus Videos?

You can either use a computer or a smartphone/tablet. The most traditional way to watch a movie is on a laptop.

A media player allows you to stream the video on your computer. VLC Media Player, the free standard software, is my recommendation. This program is easy to use for beginners.

It is free software so there is no financial obligation. Simply click and drag video data to the VLC Media Player once you have launched it. The video will be automatically played. The basics operations, such as "Play" or "Stop", are intuitively understood so that you can use them immediately.


In conclusion, screen recording Apple TV Plus videos is achievable using the StreamGaGa Apple TV Plus Downloader software. By following the simple steps of downloading, you can screen record Apple TV Plus videos directly to your computer for later viewing.

This method circumvents limitations imposed by HDCP technology, allowing you to record and enjoy your favorite Apple TV Plus titles even after your subscription ends. You can also check rip videos from Max and how to rip movies from Netflix.

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