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How to Screen Record Disney Plus on Mac/Windows?

You may have the confusion like “how to screen record on Disney Plus?” Since the official "download function" of Disney Plus poses much limitation, StreamGaGa Disney Plus downloader is good to know.

Disney Plus offers a fantastic selection of films, originals, and TV shows for global audiences. Sometimes, you may want to capture Disney Plus videos on your device and save them locally for offline viewing for that the official download function poses several restrictions.

As is well-known that the following video titles are extensively available on Disney Plus:

  • Titles that will be discontinued after a certain period of time
  • Premier Access works that require a separate fee from the monthly fee

Therefore, if you make a quick recording of these and save them permanently in MP4/MKV, you can easily play them offline using any device anytime and anywhere.


If you want to know how to screen record on Disney Plus especially for offline viewing, the following content can answer. This article presents various methods for screen recording Disney Plus movies and episodes on Windows and Mac. Feel free to explore the recommended approach and give it a go on your device.

And since you're here, your attention may also be captivated by how to download Disney Plus Movies on Mac for Offline Viewing and how to save downloaded videos from Disney Plus forever.

Why Can't I Screen Record Disney Plus?

The answer to the question "Why can't I screen record Disney Plus?" is DRM. The Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology safeguards the content library of Disney Plus, ensuring that unauthorized usage of digital content is prevented. If you attempt to record Disney Plus movies or TV shows directly on your Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android, you will encounter a completely black screen as a result.


No matter which browser you use to stream Disney Plus, like Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc., the screen will promptly turn black as soon as you initiate screen recording. However, if you turn to professional screen recorder like Vimeo that can help you bypass DRM, your screen will not turn black.

Alternatively, an excellent option is to download Disney Plus videos as DRM-free MP4 files directly to your mac/Windows PC. To achieve this, you can turn to a professional Disney Plus video downloader for assistance in the next part.

How to Screen Record Disney Plus on Mac/Windows?

Screen recording Disney Plus or Downloading videos from Disney Plus in more compatible MP4/MKV format can bring many advantages. The main economic benefit is that you can compress the price you pay considerably by not signing up for Disney Plus on an ongoing basis, but only when you need it.

For example, if there are videos you want to watch on Disney Plus, you can pay only for one month, record all the videos you want to watch and save them permanently, and then you can watch them without paying a single penny thereafter, saving you a lot of money.


If you are a first-time subscriber to Disney Plus, you can even take advantage of the free trial service for 31 days, which is a super deal because you can record & permanently store all the videos available on Disney Plus for free, except for Premier Access movies.

Also, the merit of being able to comprehensively download video content that is no longer being distributed is also very modest. Once you screen record Disney Plus videos and save it on your device, you will be able to watch it permanently on your phone or TV.

What do I Need to Screen Record Disney Plus?

This section will explain what you need to screen record Disney Plus from the Disney Plus Video streaming service. By preparing the items listed below, you'll find the key to answer "How to screen record Disney Plus".

  • Personal computer (+ Internet connection)
  • Disney Plus account
  • Dedicated recording software

Except for the basic items essential for video playback such as a computer, internet connection, and video streaming service account, screen recording Disney Plus requires a dedicated recording software called StreamGaGa Disney Plus Downloader to help you download videos from Disney Plus in MP4/MKV for any possible screen record/shot.

Screen Record Disney Plus with StreamGaGa Disney Plus Downloader

StreamGaGa serves as the ultimate tool for downloading your favorite content from Disney Plus and enhancing your streaming experience. Wondering how to screen record on Disney Plus? You don't need or use great effort to record Disney Plus videos any more. StreamGaGa has got you covered!


StreamGaGa Disney Plus Downloader allows you to effortlessly download high-quality videos in MP4/MKV format from Disney Plus and many other platforms. Say goodbye to buffering issues and stream interruptions as StreamGaGa provides seamless video downloading capabilities. Let’s delve into the amazing features it offers:

  • Support for HD 1080p resolution, ensuring you enjoy stunning visuals.
  • Utilizes GPU Accelerate and Turbo Speed for lightning-fast downloads.
  • Wide format compatibility, including MP4, MKV, and more.
  • Conveniently use a single account on up to 5 PCs.
  • Download subtitle files separately if needed.
  • Effortlessly download multiple files simultaneously with batch downloading.
  • Enjoy an ad-free and user-friendly interface for a smooth experience.
  • Begin your journey with a complimentary three-time free trial.

Of course, it is best to use the full version of the software, which has no functional limitations whatsoever, but a free trial version is also available. You can always use the free trial version first to see how the Disney Plus Downloader performs.

How to Record Disney Plus with StreamGaGa?

Step 1. Install the StreamGaGa Disney Plus Downloader

First, enter the link "StreamGaGa Disney Plus Downloader" or click the following buttons to get StreamGaGa Disney Plus Downloader on your computer.

  • Click on the button labeled "Free Trial" to download the installer.
  • When the installation screen appears, click "Quick Install" to start the installation.
  • Wait for a while for the installation to complete.
  • Depending on your internet connection, it should take about five minutes to complete the process.
  • When you see "Launch Now," click on it.

This will automatically launch the "StreamGaGa Disney Plus Downloader".

Step 2. Get access to Disney Plus with build-in browser

Find the page of Disney Plus by clicking "Home". When the Disney Plus top page appears, click "Login" in the upper right corner of the screen to log in. Once you are logged in, play the video content you want to record.


Step 3. Begin to download videos from Disney Plus

Once you start playing the video, StreamGaGa will start analyzing it automatically for download preparation.

A pop-up will follow for you to customize your own download settings just like the picture (for free version) shows below. After the download settings are chosen, click "Download Now" if you want to download it right now, or "Add to Queue" if you want to select other videos to download all at once.

Step 4. Now all you have to do is wait for the recording to finish


You can check the recording process by clicking "Downloading" and find the recorded videos in "Downloaded" section. By the way, to see the specific destination of the downloaded video file, you can click on the folder icon on the right side of the line where the video file is displayed.

After Updating to StreamGaGa VIP, you can enjoy faster downloading speed, more downloading options and no download limit.


This article introduces the reason why can't I screen record Disney Plus, what do I need to screen record Disney Plus and also explains how to screen record on Disney Plus.

StreamGaGa Disney Plus Video Downloader should ideally provide you access to a great performance in terms of Disney Plus video download. In essence, the ease of use, simple functionality, ability to download videos in 1080p, and even higher quality are a few factors that would definitely make it one of the reliable solutions ever for your needs.

You can take this opportunity to screen record on Disney Plus recording and create a better video viewing experience for yourself!


Q1. What to do if I can't download a video?

A1. If you are still unable to download the video due to some problems after following the above steps, you may be able to solve the problem by reinstalling the software using "Run as administrator":

You can right-click on the software installer downloaded from the StreamGaGa official website to open the menu and select "Run as administrator" to install the software. The rest of the procedure is the same as above, so if you are experiencing any problems with the software, you should definitely try "Run as administrator".

Q2. How to play recorded video from Disney Plus?

A2. You can find recorded videos in the folder you set up in advance. You can always check the folder location in the "Downloaded" section. Then you can use VLC Media Player to enjoy your favorite Disney Plus videos.

Once you launch VLC Media Player, all you have to do is click and drag the video data you want to play into the player. The basic operations are also designed to be understood intuitively, such as the "Play" and "Stop" buttons, so you'll be able to use it right away.

Q3. Is it illegal to screen record Disney Plus?

A3. No. Recording or downloading videos from Disney Plus for personal enjoyment and entertainment is generally permissible, provided that it does not violate any copyright laws or involve any commercial intentions. Therefore, it is crucial to adhere to the appropriate legal guidelines when utilizing downloaders or recorders.

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