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How to Screen Record Paravi?

Paravi can be subscribed for one month, and you can keep all of the titles you like at once. You can record all titles and then watch them offline from your tablet, smartphone or computer. StreamGaGa is a great complement to the official Download function.

While the Paravi official feature "download" seems to have eliminated the need to record videos, it is still useful to know this technique.

Paravi's video titles are as follows:

  • Some titles aren't available for download.
  • Titles that will be withdrawn after a set period
  • A separate rental title fee is required in addition to the monthly fee

Make a quick recording of them and save them to your computer so that you can play them offline with your tablet or smartphone.

Paravi can be subscribed for one month, and you can keep all of the titles you like at once. You can record all titles and then watch them offline from your tablet, smartphone or computer.

This recording technique, I believe, is a great complement to the official Download function.

Paravi offers video streaming services. This article will demonstrate how to capture video content.

I should also mention that the recording method I am going to show is completely legal and is not illegal. So you can easily record VOD!

Let's quickly take a look at how you can record video content from Paravi's video streaming platform.

Paravi's recordings

Pallavi video content cannot be recorded on any device - smartphones, tablets or HDD recorders included.

This is due to "HDCP" technology which prevents unauthorized video recording.

HDCP (Highbandwidth Digital Content Protection), which is a technology to protect digital content from unauthorized copying, is called a copyright-protection technology.

If you record normally, your screen will appear black. However, if these techniques are followed, you'll be able record stunning videos.

What you need to do for Paravi recording?

Preparing the items below will allow you to record the Paravi.

  • Personal computer (+ internet connection)
  • Pallavi's Account
  • Software to record your voice

You will need the following basic equipment to play video, except for the internet environment and a streaming service account. A dedicated recording program called " StreamGaGa Paravi downloader" is required to record Paravi.

Palavi's main economic advantage is the fact that you can cut down on fees by only signing up when you really need it.

If you have videos you would like to see on Palavi, then you only need to pay for one month. After that, you can permanently save the videos and you can view them again without having to pay a penny. This is a huge savings.

It is also very rare to be able to download complete video content that has been removed from the Internet.

It is also a huge advantage to be able rent movies for a lower price.

You don't need to worry about expiration dates and you can watch the same title any time and anywhere you want without renting it again. This is a win-win situation.

Let's download the software and begin recording!

While the full software is the best, there are no functional limitations. There is a free trial version available. This will allow you to test out the software's capabilities.

How to record Paravi?

This section will discuss the recording process for video content from Paravi's video streaming service.

Install the StreamGaGa Paravi downloader

First, visit the following URL to download the recording program "StreamGaGa Paravi Télécharger" on your computer.

Official Site: StreamGaGa Paravi Downloader

  • Click the button that says "Free Download" for the installer.
  • Click "Quick install" to begin the installation.
  • The installation will take a while to complete. It should take around five minutes, depending upon your Internet connection.
  • Click on the "Launch Now!" button.
  • This will instantly launch the "StreamGaGa Paravi Downler".

Start recording

  • Click on "VIP Service", on the left sidebar of the "StreamGaGa Paravi Downloader" screen.
  • Click on "Paravi" and you will see a list with supported streaming services.

  • Click "Login", when Palavi's top page appears.

  • Once you log in, you will be able to play any video content you wish.
  • This screen will allow you to choose the video content to be recorded.
  • Click "Download Now" after making your selection. If you'd like to immediately download the video, or "Add it to Queue", if you would like to save multiple videos at once, you can click "Download Now".
  • The video title that you have selected will appear when you click "Downloading". Click "Home" on your left side to see other video titles. Then, follow the same process to select the videos.
  • Once you have selected the videos you wish to record click "Start All". This will start recording (downloading).
  • After the recording (downloading) is completed, click on "Download" to the left of the operation screen. The video recording data you have selected will appear.
  • You can also click on the folder icons to view the specific destination for the downloaded video file.

What do you do if a video isn't downloading?

A reader sent me a way to solve the problem of not downloading videos after I had followed the above steps. It's something that I would like to share with you!

Simply right-click on the software installation file downloaded from StreamGaGa to open the menu. Then, select "Run As Administrator" to install it.

The rest of this procedure is identical to the above. You should also try "Run As Administrator" if you're having problems with the software.

There is a limit to how many recordings can be made in the free trial version.

"StreamGaGa ParaviDownloader" is a simple tool that allows you to record Paravi. However, there are limits to how many times you can record with the free trial.

The free trial version restricts the recording to three. You can purchase the paid version to record more.

It's sufficient to verify the performance of the software but not enough for you to use it long-term.

If you would like to continue recording videos with "StreamGaGa Paravi Télécharger", then purchase the paid version.

How to watch recorded video?

This section describes how to watch video recorded from Paravi, a video streaming service.

There are two main ways that you can watch a movie. You can either use a computer or a tablet, or both. The most traditional way to watch a movie is on a laptop.

How to play recorded video data?

A media player is a program that allows you to stream the video on your computer.

VLC Media Player, the free standard software, is my recommendation. This program is easy to use for beginners.

It is free software so there is no financial obligation.

You can click and drag any video data into VLC Media Player once you have launched it. This will play the video automatically.

You will be able to use it immediately because the basic operations, such as "Play" and “Stop", are intuitively understood.

How to place recorded video data on your smartphone or tablet?

For viewing, you can also save the video data from this article to your iPhone or iPad.

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