How to Stream and Watch 2023 Oscars Nominee Elvis Movie?

In this article, we have discussed the different aspects of the 2023 Oscars nominees Elvis movie and how to stream and watch it offline.

Hi there, all Elvis Presley fans! Let us guess what's been running through your mind lately, it's watching Elvis' famous biopic named after his first name (Elvis), right? I mean how can you even claim to be a fan of a singer if you're not curious about and excited for watching a whole film made after his life? And especially if the biopic belongs to a singer as amazing and inspirational as Elvis? Right?

We know where y'all are coming from, and this is exactly why we're writing this article on how and where you can watch the highly grossed movie Elvis, what the movie is about, its reviews, its cast, and so much more!

We'll tell you everything you need to know about Elvis movie streaming. Get ready to check this amazing movie off of your to-watch list, and to spend this weekend curled up on your couch, watching Elvis!

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Where to Watch Oscar Nominee 'Elvis'?

Elvis movie streaming can be done through various online platforms like HBO Max (the best), Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Vudu, Redbox and Amazon Prime.

What Is Elvis Movie About?

Basically, Elvis movie is a biography that tells the story of singer Elvis Presley from the point of view of his manager named Colonel Tom Parker. The movie starts off with Parker contemplating his first meeting with Elvis and the things that followed until Presley's death. The movie recounts different phases in Presley's life, from his childhood to death, and everything in between, as narrated by Parker.

The movie shows details of Elvis' childhood as a member of a poverty stricken family, how he seeks solace in comic books and Beale Street music, etc. Then it goes on to show how Parker and Elvis meet and form a close bond as Parker becomes his manager, guiding him through his music journey, getting him admitted into the US Army, and so much more! It also comments on how the public perceived Presley as a musician and how they reacted to his political views which he often integrated into his music.

The different successful tours and concerts are also recounted in the movie, including Parker's involvement in Presley's choice of songs that he performed at various concerts and tours, and his influence on Presley's life decisions which significantly impacted Presley emotionally at various points in time. Surprisingly, it also tells details about Presley's and Parker's feud as Presley discovers Parker's false identity being an illegal immigrant, leading to Presley's firing of Parker.

Not to mention, the movie also shows how Presley met and fell in love with his wife Priscilla, including details on their troubled love life and subsequent divorce due to Presley's drug addiction.

All in all, the movie is a marvelous recollection of the singer's interesting and equally unpredictable life with its fair share of ups and downs. The viewers will surely enjoy it, especially if they are fans of Presley, and the movie for sure will be a treat to watch due to its praiseworthy direction and well structured plot.

Movie Review: Elvis (2022)

Various websites have stats on how the movie was reviewed and rated. A total of 390 critics reviewed and rated the movie on the famous review website Rotten Tomatoes. Out of these 390 people, 77% reviews were positive and the average rating given to it was 6.8 out of 10. Another famous review website Metacritic, which evaluates movies based on weighted average, graded the movie 64/100 according to the reviews given by 60 critics. Cinemascore, a website that carries out polls from the audience, graded the movie A- on a scale of A+ to F. Lastly, PostTrak, another movie review website, scored the movie a positive 88%.

According to all these websites' stats, it's safe to say that the Elvis movie is justifiably an Oscars nominee, and that people should definitely watch it. Therefore, Elvis movie streaming is a must, if you still haven't seen it!

Different newspapers also had many critics submitting their reviews on the movie. These include The Telegraph, The Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter, The Entertainment Weekly, The Independent, The Times, IGN, etc. For example, in The Telegraph, Robbie Collin commented on the movie as: "a bright and splashy jukebox epic,". Similarly, Jim Vejvoda called it "a dizzying and at times even overwhelming chronicle of the rock icon.". Joshua Rothkopf, writing in The Entertainment Weekly, stated that the movie "delivers the icon like never before".

Who stars in Elvis (2022)?

The cast of Elvis is spectacular, starring Chaydon Jay and Justin Butler as young and old Elvis Presley respectively in the lead roles. Tom Hanks stars as Parker, Olivia Dejonge as Priscilla, along with several other co-stars.

Austin Butler is a famed American actor, mostly known for his outstanding performance as Elvis Presley in the Elvis musical biopic, for which he has received several awards. He began acting on TV in Disney and Nickelodeon.

How to Watch the Movie Elvis Offline?

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