How functional and easy to use is StreamFab? We've reviewed the various aspects you may be interested in.

StreamFab can download videos from many sites, but for those who find it difficult to use and are concerned about whether they can really download videos, we actually used and reviewed StreamFab.

StreamFab is software developed by DVDFab Software (formerly FengtaoSoftware), a Chinese software company, for downloading video content from streaming video services. When you search for video downloading software on the Internet, it appears quite high on the list, but you may be wondering if it is really useful. In this article, we will actually download StreamFab and verify it.

Basic Information on StreamFab

Looking at StreamFab's official website, we can see that the product is compatible with a variety of video distribution sites, and it will download videos from paid distribution platforms as well as video sharing sites such as YouTube. In addition, mobile apps for Windows, macOS, and Android, as well as browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome, are also available. Although it is a paid software, a free trial version is also available that allows users to download up to three free videos per product. From the overview alone, it seems like a very attractive and feature-rich download tool, but let's take a look at how to use it next.

How to use StreamFab

First, visit the official website and install the free version. You can purchase additional licenses later, so we recommend using the free version for now.

After launching the software, select "Settings" from the menu tab on the right side of the home screen and configure the necessary settings. If there is nothing special, you can leave it as it is.

There are two ways to access the viewing page of the video you wish to download and start downloading.

Method 1: Click on the service you want to use from the top page, log in with your account, and play the video in the built-in browser; you will see a message "Ready to download" and click on it to start downloading.

Method 2: Copy and paste the URL of the video into the address bar of the built-in browser and navigate to the page. The settings screen for downloading will automatically appear.

Under the "Downloading" tab on the left, you can check the progress of the download in real time. When the download is complete, the video will be saved in "Downloads" and the contents of the download will be displayed when you click on the folder icon.

The basic usage is as described above, but the procedure differs slightly between regular video sharing sites and streaming video sites, so please refer to the official website for details.

What I liked about using StreamFab

The author actually downloaded StreamFab and tried downloading videos from one of the major streaming sites, and it saved them to his computer without any problems. The speed was fast, and I can say that I had no complaints about the download function.

However, there were a few things that bothered me.

There are too many products and it is complicated.

As I mentioned earlier, it is very good that most of the paid distribution sites are supported, but there are too many products to choose from, so if you specialize in one service, or if you are a member of multiple distribution sites, you have to purchase the products for that service. This is a disadvantage. Furthermore, this software automatically starts up as soon as the computer starts up, so it would be tedious if several software programs started up at the same time.

The price is quite high.

StreamFab offers a solution to this problem in the form of an all-in-one product that also includes a service that allows users to download videos from multiple sites, but it costs a whopping 33,600 yen. That is not a cheap price. It is nice to be able to use it permanently and unlimitedly, but paying such a large sum of money at once is... But there are probably many people who hesitate to pay such a large amount of money at once.

Currently during Black Friday sales, the two products are being sold as a set, but it still costs more than 16,000 yen. If you are not sure whether to buy the unlimited version or not, one option is to try the annual plan first. If you do the math, it will be less cosmetic than the buy-one-get-one-free plan, but if you are not confident that you will use it all the time, that may be a better option.

Alternatives to StreamFab

We have introduced the basic functions of StreamFab and our impressions of using it, but in summary, the drawback is that it is pricey if you want to use multiple services. Now, I would like to introduce an alternative product to StreamFab that solves this disadvantage.


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