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100% Success! Learn how to record live from Streaming E-Plus!

In this issue, we'll explain in detail how to record Streaming E-Plus! You can save Streaming E-Plus live and archived contents and enjoy them to the fullest in high quality!

Streaming+ (Streaming ePlus / ePlus Streaming Plus) is a subscription-based streaming service launched in May 2020.

Streaming+ offers a wide range of content, including theater, live music, events, and art exhibitions.

In this article, we will explain in detail how to record Streaming E-Plus! You can save Streaming E-Plus live and archived content and enjoy it to the fullest in high quality!

Is it possible to record 100% of Streaming+ live and archived content?

Streaming ePlus uses streaming distribution.

Streaming is a method in which video and audio data is received from a server while connected to the Internet and played back one after another.

Streaming does not leave a cache on the device, thus protecting the copyright of the content. However, this is not to say that there are no ways to store streaming delivery.

However, not all streaming e-plus videos can be saved.

Currently, when streaming video or audio that requires copyright protection, the content is encrypted using a technology called DRM (Digital Rights Management). When saving encrypted streaming content, the screen may go black and not display when the recording function is activated. In addition, even if encrypted streaming content is saved using the download function, it cannot be played back without the encryption key.

Therefore, we would like to recommend a special downloader that can remove encryption.

How to record E-Plus Streaming in high quality

How to record Streaming+ with Streamgaga

First, we will show you how to record E-Plus Streaming screen using the easy-to-use recording software Streamgaga Downloader.

StreamGaGa Downloader can save Hikari TV dramas, anime, variety, sports, and other videos as MP4/MKV files with up to 2160p and AAC 2.0 audio track, and is the strongest Hikari TV downloader with no viewing time limit. You can watch anytime and anywhere under offline environment. Batch download function allows you to download and save multiple Hikari TV videos at once.

Furthermore, it has a built-in function to remove DRM protection technology, so the saved Hikari TV content can be played on any device without DRM. This is a paid Hikari TV saving software, but a free trial is available.

StreamGaGa Downloader offers two Streaming+ saving methods.

The following is a detailed explanation of the two methods.

Recording Streaming ePlus with StreamGaGa's built-in browser

Step 1: Visit the official StreamGaGa Downloader website to download and install the software according to your computer's operating environment.

Step 2: After the StreamGaGa downloader is installed on your PC, launch it. Click on "Home" on the left part of the top screen.

Step 3: Paste the link ( in the address bar at the top.

Step 4: After purchasing a ticket and playing the live show, the download screen will appear. There are download formats, quality, and subtitle downloads. Check the boxes according to your needs.

Step 5: The download screen will appear, click "Download Now" to start downloading Streaming+.

Step 6: The Streaming+ download progress will be displayed. After the download is complete, go to "Downloads" in the left sidebar of the title.

Save Streaming+ by URL

STEP1. After copying the M3U8 URL of the Streaming ePlus Live video you wish to save, enter the URL in the paste field.

How to extract M3U8 URL:

Open the playback page of a Streaming ePlus Live live or archived video, press the "F12" key, and when "Developer Tools" appears, click "Network" at the top.

Type "m3u8" in the search field (Search) and press "Enter" to search.

Click on the m3u8 file displayed and click on "Headers" on the right side. The URL of the m3u8 file will be displayed, select the URL of the m3u8 file and copy it.

STEP2: Press "Download Now" to download the Streaming ePlus Live.

That's it for how to record/save Streaming E-Plus (Streaming+) on StreamGaGa.

How to record Streaming+ with StreamRecorder

Stream Recorder is a Chrome extension that allows you to save HLS streaming videos (m3u8,ts) as MP4.


It has download and record functions: you can download and save Streaming E-Plus, or you can record and save Streaming E-Plus.

How to save Streaming E-Plus using the Stream Recorder

STEP1. After adding the "Stream Recorder" to Chrome, open the playback page of the live or archived Streaming E-Plus Live you wish to save. Click on the Stream Recorder symbol.

STEP2. Then, Streaming E-Plus content will be automatically detected and loaded. You can set the quality of the video by clicking on "Custom.

Once the Streaming E-Plus video has finished loading, you will see a "Save" button, click it to save the E-Plus streaming.

If you wish to save the Streaming+ video halfway through, click "Stop" and then "Save Halfway" to do so.


If Streaming ePlus video is not detected, turn on "Capture Mode" at the top. Then you can record while watching the Streaming E-Plus video.

Is it illegal to record Streaming+?

Recording Streaming E-Plus is not illegal, but it is a violation of the Streaming E-Plus Terms of Service.

Video (including audio) delivered through this service may only be viewed in streaming format (playback).

The streamed video (including audio) is protected by copyright law and other applicable laws. Unauthorized reproduction on the Internet may result in legal liability. Please enjoy the video with good manners.

It is illegal to reproduce copyrighted material, as well as distribute or sell streaming e-plus recordings.

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