Everything We Know About 'The Winchesters,' 'Supernatural' Prequel

Supernatural is back on screens with its fantastic prequel, The Winchesters! Let’s discover its fantasy world.

Supernatural, a project of CW, was the longest ever horror-fantasy show to broadcast on TV screens. With tearful goodbyes after a long run of 15 seasons in 15 years, the show bade finale in 2020. And now it's ready again to star on screens with a Prequel series, 'The Winchesters!' The Winchesters is here to cover some unsolved mysteries of the Supernatural. Let's discuss everything we know about The Winchesters Supernatural Prequel.

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The Winchesters Release Date: When Will It Come Out?

In a tweet, The Winchesters pilot CW confirmed that the show is coming back this fall. According to the Instagram of Danneel Ackles, the first season of The Winchesters has been entirely filmed. We can also estimate the possible time this fantasy show will come out from The Winchesters pilot CW fall 2022 schedule. According to that, The Winchesters prequel will hit back on TV screens on Tuesday nights. Let's wait till the fall to know the exact date of the premiere!

The Winchesters Cast and Characters

Fans of the supernatural are way excited for the Supernatural Prequel, The Winchesters! In this fantastic prequel, you may see new faces, but it does follow the theme of the horror hunter world created in preceded seasons.

CW has cast Drake Rodger as John Winchester and Meg Donelly as Mary Campbell. John and Mary are the main leads of the story around whom the story revolves. Jared Padalecki will bring to life the Sam, and Jensen Ackles will do the same with Dean Winchester, the two demon-hunting brothers. The rest of the cast includes Bianca Kajlich as Millie Winchester, Jojo Fleites as Carlos Cervantez, Demetria McKinney as Ada Monroe, and it continues.

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The Winchesters Plot: What Will It Be About?

Supernatural fans know quite well who The Winchesters are. They were depicted as the humanity savers; who kept fighting back against demonic entities. All of their wisdom, fighting spirits, and exceptional expertise were indirectly the family's heritage.

The Winchesters Prequel is a fantasy show featuring the unsolved mysteries of the Supernatural, like how Sam and Dean's parents, John and Mary, met each other? How they together became the savior of the world and their love! It showcased the world of 1972, starring Drake Rodger as a young guy, John. The character of John is depicted as a guy who, on return from the Vietnam War, got caught up in a perplexed condition facing the strange disappearance of his father. He then met Mary (Meg Donelly); as he helped her in a battle with a demon.

Mary is also facing the mysterious disappearance of her father. So, it was actually the disappearance of John and Mary's fathers that brought them together!

The Winchesters Trailer

The official trailer of the most anticipated The Winchesters got released on May 19, 2022. The trailer features Dean inclined on the Winchester's Chevrolet Impala, marveling about how his parents met up? As they were depicted as two extremes wrapped together in the bond of love in Supernatural.

We discover some scenes back from the Supernatural in the trailer, including a glimpse of the Men of Letters. The two unfamiliar faces in the trailer as young hunters also accompany Mary and John in their typical CW hunt. However, you may find this situation contradicted from the Supernatural’s beginning, as Mary didn’t like John until they got struck by a matchmaker's arrow. And John was totally blank in hunting until the death of Marry. These contradictions are explained in the Supernatural Prequel The Winchester through a scene with an angle that erased memory! Don’t be amazed! In the Supernatural world, everything is possible!

Where to Watch The Winchesters?

The show will air on CW every Tuesday night same as the previous long series. You can also stream The Winchesters on Netflix as it’s available on the mentioned streaming site due to a deal of CW/Netflix years ago. However, you must go with StreamGaGa CW Downloader to have the best watch-time offline! It helps you remove ads and aids in faster downloading with the availability of different language subtitles.

How to Watch the Winchesters Supernatural Prequel Offline?

Want to watch The Winchesters offline? StreamGaGa CW Downloader must be your first option as it improves your watching experience with its unlimited outstanding features. Follow this step-by-step to learn how to use StreamGaGa Downloader before the arrival of the Supernatural The Winchesters.

Guide to use StreamGaGa

Here is the simplest guide to use StreamGaGa CW Downloader. Download and install StreamGaGa Downloader on your device and follow the steps detailed below:

Step 1

On the left panel, click the Streaming services. Choose CW from the available listed premium streaming services. Another window will pop up to log into your CW account.

Step 2

Once you are logged in to your CW account, play The Winchester (but for that, you have to wait for its release). A download button will appear once the show starts playing. Select your preference and move to the next step.

Step 3

This video will start downloading, appearing in the downloading menu. You can check the downloading progress anytime in the downloading tab appearing on the left panel.

Following this guide, you can download any CW TV show, including The Winchester Supernatural Prequel, to watch offline without any ad disturbance or slow internet problem.

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Is Supernatural Coming Back in 2022?

Supernatural is coming back in fall 2022, as evident from the CW’s fall schedule. The prequel of Supernatural The Winchesters will be airing every Tuesday at 8 PM!

Is There Any Prequel to Supernatural?

Supernatural is going to be succeeded by an anticipated prequel; the Winchesters. This prequel is going to be a major comeback of Supernatural after 2020.

Which New Show Features Jensen Ackles?

The talented actor Jensen Ackles is back on screen in the prequel of Supernatural The Winchesters. He will win the hearts by playing the role of Dean Winchester.

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