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This Is US Season 6: Series Finale and Everything You Need to Know!

From the fantastic storyline to the details like; How many episodes in This Is US Season 6 are? What was the finale about? Everything you need to know is explained!

This Is US is an American NBC drama that revolves around the life of a couple, Jack and Rebecca, and their three kids; Kevin, Randall, and Kate. This incredible show is written by different writers, including; Dan Fogelman, Elizabeth Berger, Isaac Aptaker, Jas Waters, Donald Todd, Kay Oyegun, etc. Its first season started airing on 20th September 2016, and the series wrapped up with The This Is US season 6 finale on 24th May 2022.

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This Is US Season 6 Series Finale

This Is US season finale "Us" gave a heartfelt farewell to the remarkable series. This episode was not as sorrowful as the previous one, but it was still packed with many emotional moments. The episode "Us" began with the three siblings, Randall, Kate, and Kevin, sitting on their family cabin's steps after biding sorrowful goodbyes to their mother's funeral.

The episode was intertwined with Rebecca's funereal and several switchbacks from the past, one from the rainy Saturday when the three of them enjoyed themselves with their parents. The episode acknowledged many plans, with Kate opening schools for visually impaired children, Kevin doing charity works, and Randall setting eyes on President's residence, the White House.

This Is US season 6’s last scene was something that fans found perplexing as it doesn’t feature The Big Three together. Instead, a few seconds before the ending, we see a Saturday morning switchback in which Jack is pleased to watch his family playing pin the tail on the donkey. Meanwhile, young Randall comes and, looking up at his father, poses a smile. That's it! Here the journey of seven years ends!

How many episodes of This Is US Season 6?

If you are wondering, how many episodes of This Is US season 6 are there? Let me answer you. This Is US season 6; the last one had 18 episodes and started airing in January 2022. The drama broadcasted every week; on Tuesday in the US and on Thursday in the UK.

How many episodes in This Is US season 6 left you in tears? The answer must be more than half! This is us season 6 took us from many ups and downs of the Pearson Family, including troubles of Kate's wedding, Rebecca's Alzheimer and the most emotional moments from Rebecca's death. From "The Challengers to "Us," every episode of This Is US season 6 got us hooked to the TV screens. “The Train” must be the most emotional episode featuring the death of Rebecca Pearson. The season which started with a celebration ended in tears!

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When is This Is US Season Finale Going to Air?

NBC answered the most asked question when is This Is US season finale? By airing the 18th episode of season 6! The drama serial this is us started sharing the lives of Jack and Rebecca and their three children with us back in 2016. The incredible series got an emotional ending as the finale of This Is US season 6 on 24th May 2022. Leaving many hands wiping tears on Rebecca's demise, This Is the US was indeed a masterpiece!

Wrapping up in a sorrowful way, the serial didn’t enjoy a happy ending. With several happy flashbacks twisted with emotional moments, This Is US season finale is worth-watching!

This Is US Cast and Characters

The incredibly fantastic cast of This Is US season 6 can’t have any substitute as every role was played best! The two main leads of the drama serial Jan and Rebecca Pearson were played by Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore. Their kids Randall, Kevin, and Kate Pearson were come to lives by Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley, and Chrissy Metz. Miguel Rivas was the best friend of Jack; he married Rebecca after Jack's death, followed by his divorce from Shelly. Jon Huertas played the role of Miguel. Laurel, the birth mother of Randell, was played by Jennifer C. Holmes.

Kevin, nicknamed the "Number One" of the family, had an ex-fiancé Madison Simons portrayed by Caitlin Thompson. The roles of their twin kids, Nicholas and Frances Pearson are well played by Preston Oliver and Jasper McPherson. The cast list is followed by Beth Person, wife of Randall Pearson, played by Susan Kelechi Watson. The three kids of Randell and Beth, Deja, Tess, and Annie were starred by Lyric Ross, Eris Baker, and Faithe Herman. Kate's husband Toby Damon featured Chris Sullivan, and their adult son-daughter duo, Jack and Hailey, were featured by Blake Stadnik and Adelaide Kane.

This Is US Season 1 to 5 Short Recap

Season 1

Let's have a short recap of all the previous seasons before watching This Is US season 6. In This Is US season 1, Rebecca gives birth to the set of triplets same day when they are celebrating Jack Pearson's 36th birthday. During childbirth, Rebecca lost one of her triplets. Kevin and Kate were the survivors! The rest of the episodes are flashbacks from the ups and downs of their marriage life.

Season 2

This Is US season 2 is about flashbacks accompanied by flash-forwards which somehow complicated the series. In a flash-forward, we see Kate marrying Toby, and in the present timeline, we witness Jack’s death and Rebecca marrying Jack’s friend Miguel Rivas.

Season 3

In season 3, Kate informed her family of her pregnancy. Discovering this raised his husband Toby's depression. Kate promises Toby to support him in all the uncertainties of life. Zoe is ready to go with Kevin to Vietnam. We witness Kate and Toby coming back home with their premature baby and Zoe breaking up with Kevin.

Season 4

In season 4, we see a flash-forward, showing Rebecca, in her old age, got diagnosed with Alzheimer's, lying in bed in Kevin's home. This Is US season 6 how many episodes have you watched? If you were on a long run with the season, you would see this happening in the present line. Season three ended with a dispute between Randall and Kevin when the latter recognized Randall was the one who changed Rebecca's mind about doing a clinical trial in St. Louis.

Season 5

In season 5 of the series, the two brothers solve their dispute. Randall got to know about his birth mother, Laurel. Kate and Toby adopted baby Hailey, and Kate started working in a music school. Kelvin and Madison were blessed with twins; Nicholas and Frances seemed to live happily ever after, but Kate broke up with Kevin at the end of the season. A flash-forward of Rebecca's death is what makes this season full of grief. These short recaps will guide you about the storyline before watching This Is US season 6.

This Is US Review

In the current era, when there are millions and billions of TV shows airing all over the globe, eliminating the language problem by using subtitles. Creating a TV drama that with the potential of dominance is challenging. And if the series is longer, it becomes more challenging to keep the audience interested in the storyline. The two marks are well achieved by the NCB's project; This is US!

This Is US season 6 how many episodes have you streamed? Where the ending of This Is US season 6 will leave you in tears; the journey of the story will also be an emotional roller coaster for you. The fantastic cast bringing to life the incredible characters is what makes this drama worth watching!

Where to Watch This Is US Series?

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Can I Watch This Is US Offline?

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Is Episode 18 the Finale of This Is US?

Yes! The 18th episode of This Is US season 6, the finale of the drama serial, aired on 24th May 2020. An emotional goodbye from this NCB's serial left us all in tears.

Is There any season 7 of This Is US?

No, there will be no season 7 of This Is US. According to NCB, This Is US season 6 is the last season of the series, which completed its journey on TV screens with its 18th episode.

What Was the Ending of This Is US About?

The central theme of the ending and the story itself is; that you will carry the stuff forward without even thinking of it! This theme was the emotional message from the writer Dan Fogelman that hits Randall.

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