How can I download Tokyo-Hot (Tokyo-Hot) erotic videos without restrictions?

In this article, we will provide you with a secret technique to download unlimited number of Tokyo Fever erotic videos.

Tokyo-Hot is an uncensored adult site with many humiliating adult titles.

All of the movies are extreme, and are popular among those who want to enjoy violent and violent adult videos.

Tokyo-Hot offers a download function, but there is a set limit to how many movies can be downloaded per day.

In this article, we will provide you with a secret technique to download unlimited amount of Tokyo Heat erotic videos.

How to download unlimited with the cheapest plan?

The price plans of Tokyo Fever are shown above. If you want to download a lot of your favorite erotic videos, you have to go for a plan with a higher price. But actually, there is a way to download all the erotic videos you want to watch, ignoring the download capacity limit, just by subscribing to the 5,000 yen plan.

First, let me introduce how it works.

Streaming was released on Tokyo Heat around February 2019. This allows you to enjoy unlimited streaming of almost all of the movies. Streaming on Tokyo Heat does not consume download space, so you can easily enjoy all of the works online.

If it is a streaming video, there is a powerful software that allows you to download it.

It is StreamGaGa Adult Downloader.

What is StreamGaGa Adult Downloader?

  • Supported VOD: Pornhub, XNXX, XVIDEOS, xHamster, PORN.COM, YouPorn, FANZA, Redtube, EPORNER, Porntube,, WAV.TV, and over 1000 other video services
  • Supported OS: Windows/Mac
  • Download videos up to 4K UHD resolution and EAC3 5.1 audio.
  • Fast GPU acceleration; 60 minutes of video downloaded in less than 5 minutes!

Steps to download Tokyo Fever porn videos on StreamGaGa

Step 1: Free download and install StreamGaGa adult downloader.

Step 2: Launch StreamGaGa adult downloader. Enter Tokyo Heat's website ( in the address bar at the top of the home page to go to Tokyo Heat's website.

Step 3: Log in.

Click the play button of the video you wish to download, and the download settings screen will appear automatically. Press [Download Now].

When the download is complete, you will see "Download" in the lower left corner of the screen.

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