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USTVGO Shut Down - 10 Best USTVGO Alternatives in 2023

In this guide, you will read about USTVGO alternatives for endless streaming and much more.

Recently, USTVGO, a popular streaming site, has stopped working. For years, USTVGO has served as one of the best live TV websites with millions of users. Unfortunately, it has become unavailable now and it might be gone forever.

However, the USTVGO shutdown does not put an end to your streaming. There are many alternatives available for streaming your favorite content online. In this guide, you will read about USTVGO alternatives for endless streaming and much more.

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USTVGO Shut Down

Until last year, USTVGPO was one of the popular binge-watch sites. It offered all forms of content with hundreds of live TV channels. You could stream it on any device of your choice.

Sadly, the platform suddenly stopped working in the year 2023. The users were unable to access the platform. When you open the site, you see a message saying that it is closed. Users can no longer load the website on their browsers which indicates that it might be gone for good.

Luckily, numerous other sites and apps are available to make up for USTVGO. Using these platforms, you can watch Live TV and much more anywhere and anytime.

Top 10 Best USTVGO Alternatives

Are you looking for an alternative to continue your binge session? If yes, here are the top 10 options that you can use.

1. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is one of the popular streaming websites and apps that offers free streaming in many countries. This app provides you with a wide range of content with over 250 free channels. Paramount’s Pluto TV has a channel collection that includes Fox Sports, CNET, Sky News, and comedy central. This platform offers a variety of shows covering different genres like sports, news, comedy, and entertainment. It is compatible with IOS, android, Fire TV, Roku, and other devices.

2. TV247

TV247 is another free alternative to USTVGO. It offers live TV channels and videos on demand from all over the world. You can watch sports, animations, movies, comedies, and reality shows without any subscription. Aljazeera, Sky News, CNN, and BBC are some popular channels. All you need is a web browser and you can watch this channel on any device.

3. DirecTV

DirecTV is a subscription-based app that offers a wide range of content with more than 150 local and national channels. With live TV, this app also has premium movies and sports packages. Additional features like DVR, mobile streaming, and on-demand content make it a great choice for you. Never miss any NFL match with an NFL Sunday ticket.

4. DaddyHD

Do you live in the US or Canada? If yes, here is a perfect USTVGO alternative for you. With DaddyHD you can enjoy sports from across the globe. This platform offers live football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and much more. Moreover, you can watch your favorite leagues like NFL, NBA, and others on demand. This platform is easy to use and another plus point is that it is completely free. With DaddyHD, enter the world of endless sports streaming.

5. Sling TV

Another OTT service that made up this list is Sling TV. Sling TV allows you to watch live TV, and shows on demand using any device including PCs, mobile phones, and smart TVs without any cable subscription. You can watch news, sports, and entertainment shows in a budget-friendly way. Here, you can find all the mainstream channels like CNN, Comedy Central, NBC, and TLC. The channels Sling TV offers may vary by region.

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6. TVZinos

This is one of the most convenient VOD services available out there. It works like a simple video player like YouTube. Find the desired channel or video and start streaming. You do not have to register to watch anything. Another thing that makes this site different is that it contains no ads or pop-ups. It means you can stream without any disturbance. This web has over 400 free channels to entertain you.

7. Yupp TV

Yupp TV is a site with predominantly Asian content. However, it offers content that anyone can watch and enjoy. With over 500 movies and 250 live channels, Yupp TV will never let you get bored. It offers subcategories like Live TV, Catch Up, Movies, Mini-Theatre, and News. Unlike other channels, this service has more than 14 language options. This site updates content almost every day. You can stream this site from any location. With Yupp TV, enter the world of endless music, TV shows, and movies.

8. 123TV

123TV offers you channels from the US and the UK. You can stream channels of all genres like sports, news, entertainment, and movies. This does not require any subscription and has no ads. With over 90 channels, 123TV gives users the best entertainment experience. It is compatible with most devices and all you require is an internet connection to use it. The easy-to-use interface and amazing content make it a good alternative to USTVGO.

9. StreamWink

StreamWink is another VOD platform you can use. With live streaming and online video content, features like high-quality audio and video, interactive chat, and fun content make it stand out. You can watch videos of various content creators on this site. StreamWink provides a seamless and fun experience for users.

10. OK Live TV

Last but not least, the service on this list is OK Live TV. This platform enables you to watch channels and events from around the globe. You can watch sports, entertainment, movies, comedy, music, and more. Through its official site and app, you can access its live TV content. This site can serve as a great replacement for USTVGO.

How to Download Videos from OTT Platforms for Offline Watching?

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Above, you have read about many OTT platforms that you can use instead of USTVGO. But what if you want to download videos? Do not worry, StreamGaGa gives a perfect solution for you. Using the StreamGaGa web app, you can download any OTT video you want and watch it anywhere and anytime. Here is how you can do it.

  • Click on the download option to install the app on your computer. Finish the installation process.
  • Now, go to any OTT website you want to download videos from and click onthe video you want to download (You can also download the video using the video link from the OTT site.)

  • Select the language options for theaudioand subtitles you want.
  • Click on the download button. Wait for the download to complete.

You can save videos from any site you want using StreamGaGa and watch them without ads.


To sum up, you can find many alternatives to the USTVGO. Pick any of the options from the list above and enjoy endless streaming. Besides that, you can download videos from these OTT sites using StreamGaGa.


Why is USTVGO not Working?

USTVGO is currently unavailable, and the exact reason is still not known.

What devices do you need for USTVGO alternatives?

You can watch the above OTT sites on any device with an internet connection. These work on android phones, iPhones, smart TV, PCs, and the web.

Are USTVGO alternatives free?

Some of the sites are available for free. However, some services like Pluto TV, DirecTV, and Sling TV, require a subscription for full access.
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