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How to Watch Paramount Plus on Xfinity? (Latest 2022)

Watch Paramount Plus on Xfinity in just a few steps. Moreover, find how you can download Paramount Plus content for free!

Did you know that Xfinity has been ranked as the number 1 fastest hotspot in the world? The internet service and TV provider is always on the run to improve itself to provide its consumers with the best.

There are several streaming services on Xfinity, such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney plus, and Paramount plus. The latter is compatible with only some devices of Xfinity. Here is all you need to know to stream Paramount Plus/Xfinity easily.

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How to Watch Paramount Plus on Xfinity?

Follow the steps below to watch Paramount Plus/Xfinity:

  • On your Xfinity device, search for Paramount plus and sign up for an account.
  • Visit the Paramount Plus/Xfinity website on your computer or phone.
  • Enter the activation code given to you at the time of signing up. After that, click on 'Activate'.
  • To continue, select a subscription plan.
  • Enter your payment details.
  • Log in to your paramount plus account that you just created. Click ‘Continue’.
  • Click on 'Start Paramount plus' and stream your favorite shows and movies!

Compatible Xfinity Models:

Paramount plus is compatible with the following Xfinity device models:

  • XG2v2-P
  • XG1v4
  • XG1v3
  • XClass TV
  • XiOne
  • Xi6

How to Sign Up for Paramount Plus?

Did you know that Paramount Plus gained around 6.8 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2022? The amount made the platform's subscriber count reach 40 million! Signing up for an account on Paramount Plus is easy. Follow the tutorials below:

Sign up Using Computer

  1. If you are using your computer, hop over to the Paramount Plus website.
  2. Click on ‘Sign Up for Paramount plus’ and then on, 'Continue'.
  3. After that, put in your name, email address, and password.
  4. Choose a subscription plan and enter your payment information.

Sign up Using Phone

If you want to sign up for Paramount Plus on your phones, then follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Download the Paramount Plus app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. After the app is installed, click on ‘Get Started’.
  3. Select a subscription plan and click on ‘Continue’.
  4. Enter in your full name, email address, and password.
  5. Next, click on ‘Subscribe’, and start streaming!

One of the best things that Paramount Plus offers is after you sign up for an account on the platform. It automatically starts your free trial and doesn't charge for it until it ends!

Where to Find Paramount Plus Xfinity code?

To use Paramount Plus on your computer or phone is easy. However, using Paramount Plus/Xfinity can be a bit tricky.

You will see a confirmation message on your TV screen after signing into your Paramount Plus account. After that message, you will be given an activation code which you must enter to stream Paramount Plus/Xfinity.

Through your computer or phone, hop over to the Paramount Plus/Xfinity website. Enter your activation code and enjoy watching your favorite content on Paramount Plus/Xfinity!

Is Paramount Plus Free with Xfinity?

You might be wondering if Paramount Plus/Xfinity is free to stream if you watch it on an Xfinity device. To answer your question, Paramount Plus/Xfinity is free to watch on Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex. You can activate Paramount Plus by saying 'Paramount Plus' through the Xfinity Voice Remote.

However, Paramount Plus is not free to watch on other Xfinity devices the platform is compatible with. The platform charges $5.99 for a basic one-month plan, and for ad-free streaming, it charges $11.99.

What if Paramount Plus does not Work on Xfinity?

Sometimes Paramount Plus/Xfinity stops working, which is a common problem. Here are some things you can do to fix the problem:

Check Your Subscription Fee History

Paramount Plus allows you to watch content on its platform by charging a subscription fee. If the platform is not up for streaming on your Xfinity device; make sure to take a look at your subscription fee history.

Check for Connectivity Issue

Sometimes Paramount Plus does not work on Xfinity devices due to a slow internet connection. For this, restart your router and wait for a few minutes.

Restart Your Device

You can also choose to restart your Xfinity device. In this way, you will resolve all the bugs and glitches.

Check if you are Using the Updated Version of Xfinity?

As mentioned earlier, Xfinity devices are always on the go to improve their services for users. For this, Xfinity devices get updated regularly. It removes bugs and keeps it running smoothly. Sometimes the device isn't updated, which may cause problems with your streaming. So make sure to get your Xfinity device updated.

How to Watch Paramount Plus Videos Offline without Error?

Who wouldn’t want to watch their favorite shows on streaming platforms without paying a subscription fee? Of course, everyone! How about we tell you a way through which you can watch Paramount Plus offline in the best quality? Enter, the StreamGaGa Paramount Plus Downloader!

The product lets you download your favorite shows and movies that stream on Paramount Plus. The downloaded videos have a resolution of up to HD 1080 and come with subtitles too! Here is how you can use StreamGaGa to download videos and watch them ad-free:

  1. Select the streaming platform you want to download shows or movies from. In this case, select Paramount Plus.
  2. Select the TV series or movie you want to download. Choose the resolution quality of the downloaded content and the language of subtitles.
  3. Start downloading and enjoy it once it’s done!


How long is the Paramount Plus Free Trial?

The Paramount Plus free trial is for seven days only.

Does Paramount Plus Come as a Package with Xfinity Devices?

You will have to pay the subscription fees to watch Paramount Plus on compatible Xfinity devices.

Is Xfinity the Best to Watch Paramount Plus on?

Even though Paramount Plus/Xfinity may be steeper in price, it features a fast hotspot, is reliable, and overall the best. So yes, Xfinity is a good choice!

StreamGaGa Paramount Plus Downloader
StreamGaGa Paramount Plus Downloader is a software to download videos from Paramount Plus, offering high-resolution up to HD 1080p, high-speed downloading, broad format support of MP4/MKV, batch downloading and more. Learn More >
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