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10 Greatest Pixar Characters of All-Time

Disney and Pixar have come up with incredible movies which have left lasting impacts. If you want to watch all your favorite Pixar characters again, then StreamGaGa will help you.

Over the years, Pixar has become an integral part of many childhoods. The production since its launch has deeply rooted itself in everyone's home and has produced exceptional, heart-touching movies over the years.

With so many incredible movies and exceptional characters to choose from, it can be hard to jot down Pixar's ten greatest characters ever. However, we tried our best, so read on below and find out whether your favorite character made the list.

10 Best Pixar Characters of All- Time:

From the tough man Carl who in reality is a fluff ball of emotions, to the friendships of Dory and Nemo, Pixar has given us a lot of beautiful characters and moments. Some of our top favorite ones are:

Nemo – Finding Nemo


Originally released in 2003, however, made its DVD debut in 2013, Finding Nemo is a movie that all adults and kids have watched.

Nemo is a baby fish with a "lucky" fin and a very over-protective dad who doesn't let him roam around a lot. However, one day Nemo sets out on an adventure, and his father goes to find him. Nemo's characters beautifully highlight the struggles people who are different have. However, the movie portrays not letting your disability define you and setting out to achieve what you want.

Many people resonate with Nemo on different levels making it one of the best characters of all time.

Dory – Finding Nemo

dory 2.jpg

Finding Nemo for sure produced some great characters in 2003, and Dory is at the top of the list.

Dory, throughout the movie, has said some beautiful quotes which can be termed as great life lessons. The character portrays what true friendship looks like when Dory travels with Marlin to find Nemo. His sincerity, gentleness, and trust define a true friendship, and his kindness makes him one of the greatest Disney Pixar characters ever to exist. The characters, its lines, and the beautiful quotes it left behind are still alive in many people's hearts years after the movie was released.

Carl Fredericksen – Up


There are characters who steal your heart minutes into the movie, and Carls' story is one of them. Though he seemed grumpy, the old man only tried to hide the emotions he felt. Carl had lived a beautiful life with his wife, and the two planned to move to Paradise Falls. However, with his wife passing away, Carl is left alone.

The character transition of how Carl went on from being a rude old man to the change of heart he had for Russell and Dug will make anyone fall in love with him. The movie and character transition left us all in tears, and we are sure you had a few tissues in hand too.

Wall - E - Wall –E


A movie with literally no dialogues and a moral which should have opened our minds stole our hearts away. Released in 2008, Wall- E is a movie that portrays the last surviving machine after a post-apocalyptic Earth.

Wall-E is a machine designed to clean the Earth, heavily littered once humans abandoned it. Though Wall-E himself doesn't have any dialogues, his emotions and movements were enough for the audience to resonate with him and leave the movie theatres with a broken heart in hand.

Woody –Toy Story

woody 2.jpg

Released in 1995, Toy Story is still an iconic part of every kid's childhood, and Woody's presence makes it even more meaningful.

Woody is Andy's favorite toy, and hence it made him the leader of Andy's vast toy collection. The wooden doll is a characterization of true friendship, a kind heart, and never missing on adventures and opportunities.

Woody, though, is a little neurotic has a knack for adventures. The doll might be wooden, but his heart was defiantly made from gold. He is kind, compassionate, loyal, and is always ready to help his friends and those in need. Hence, though Toy Story got released all those years back, Woody's presence is still alive in many hearts.

Remy – Ratatouille


While the movie did show some exceptional food, it wasn't this which helped it hit the big screen and made it famous. In fact, it was the little Rat's immense compassion.

Remy is among the iconic Pixar characters, which shows how one can balance life and run after their dreams at the same time. The little one might be small, but his dreams were big, and he made sure to run after them. The character teaches us that no matter how impossible your dream may seem if you work hard and believe in yourself, nothing will stop you from getting it.

Sully – Monster's Inc.


A land full of monsters and baby Boo, Monster Inc, for sure, took our hearts in November of 2001.

Sully, though he has a reputation for holding at Monster Inc, he doesn't let it overrule his moral standards. So when the time comes, the giant blue furry creature takes up the responsibility for Boo despite his best friend Mike being unsure of it.

Sully's character represents humbleness and caring nature. It teaches that though things might not work for you, it is always best to do what you feel is right.

Mike Wazoswki (Monster's Inc)


Monster's Inc for sure left a bunch of Pixar characters for us to enjoy back in 2001. Mike the round green monster was one of them.

Mike took away the audience's hearts with his goofy, caring, and loyal nature. The round green monster finds his world a bit crazy, and his goofy tactics in his world for sure helped massive laughs erupt in the cinema halls. While Mike was introduced long back, the character portrayed was iconic, and it helped him stay in the hearts and minds of people to this date. Hence, you still see Mike in many memes and content circulating around social media.

Rex – Toy Story

Rex | Disney Wiki | Fandom

An incredible one of Pixar characters from the Toy Story world, Rex is one to remember for sure. While he had a small part in the movie, Rex significantly impacted. This was because of the lesson and trait the green dinosaur brought with him.

Though Rex represented a lineage of dinosaurs meant to be fierce and dangerous, Rex was entirely the opposite. The difference between his character's expectation and what he actually is like, for sure, gave us a few laughs. However, it also represented the common insecurity we all have of not being enough. Hence, Rex's character made a significant impact on screen.

Crush – Finding Nemo


Another pick from Finding Nemo has got to be Crush. Though the wise turtle was far from being the main character and only had a number of scenes, it was enough for him to leave an impact.

Crush's character represents a healthy relationship between a father and son and how boundaries and mutual respect are essential between all. Crush helped Marlin understand a lot about fatherhood and gave him a shoulder to rely on too.

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