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How to Install and Watch Sling TV on LG Smart TV in 2022?

This article gives a detailed guide on the code entry page helping you to activate your Sling TV on LG TV.

You can easily watch all your favorite shows using an internet connection on your new smart LG TV saving the struggles of a cable connection. All you need is to make a Sling TV account at “ activate your account page” and activate it on your LG TV through the code.

Sling TV is an internet-based streaming service that provides all your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, and famous documentaries on one platform. Get the Sling TV App for your LG TV and activate it by visiting the lg activation page on the web and entering your activation code in enter code box.

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Can You Watch Sling TV on LG Smart TV?

Sling TV works best on smart TVs just like any other online streaming service. Sling TV is also compatible with your LG smart TV if you have the activation code for the device.

You should first install and activate your Sling TV account in order to enjoy all the privileges offered by Sling TV. You can do so by visiting or “ lg enter code” on your browser.

How Do I Sign Up for Sling TV?

Before activating Sling TV on your smart TVs and other devices, you must sign up first. The following steps will help you sign up for a Sling TV account easily:

  • Visit the official Sling TV website on your browser and click on the button saying "Subscribe Now."

  • On the next page, enter your account's email address and password.
  • Now select the preferred package depending on the number of channels you want to be included in your Sling TV account. (30+ channels, 40+ channels, 50+ channels)
  • Scroll down the page to add additional Premium channels like Starz or Showtime.
  • Enter your payment detail and select “Finish and Submit” to get started on Sling TV.

How to Install Sling TV App on LG Smart TV?

Playing your Sling TV account on a large screen is not a one-step procedure. After signing into your account, you need to get the app on your device to start watching.

  • Ensure that your LG smart TV has a secure internet connection.
  • Pick up your LG smart TV remote and press the Home Button.

  • Now open LG Content Store on your smart TV and navigate to the search icon.

  • Type "sling TV App" in the search and select it from the results.

  • Open the detailed Sling TV page and choose the " Install " option in the extreme down-right corner. It will install your Sling TV app.

How to Activate Sling TV on LG Smart TV |

Installing the Sling TV App on your TV is an easy step but not the only step to get your Sling TV working on your LG. it involves the activation of Sling TV by visiting to make your streaming service compatible with your device.

Visiting activate, generating an activation code on your LG TV, and putting it up on code for the activation box are the prime steps of the procedure.

  • Once the Sling TV is installed on your device, launch it and note the activation code displayed on the screen.
  • Now go to your browser and search activate. You can do this procedure using any device.
  • Typing “ code for activation” will also take you to a similar page.
  • The next page will show you a box for entry of the activation code that previously appeared on your LG TV. Type it here.

  • Your LG TV is set to run Sling TV without interruption after this activation. However, if you haven't signed up or subscribed to the Sling TV app, do it after activation.

What Devices Does Sling TV Support?

Once you have subscribed to Sling TV, you can watch it on many devices. It is not specified for Smart TVs, but it is compatible with many other devices, including desktops, consoles, and mobile phones. The activation process for each device remains the same and involves visiting enter code window.

You can also approach Sling TV through a browser, or you can download the app to avoid the struggle of browsing and searching. The app is available and perfectly functional on Apple and Android devices. It is also supported on many Xbox consoles and Windows 10. The plans are universal, and whatever package you get will run similarly on all mentioned devices.

Other Ways to Watch Sling TV on LG TV:

You still have other options if you cannot learn to download the Sling TV app on your LG TV or face difficulty following steps involving

Cast Sling TV on LG Smart TV:

Sling TV is officially supported on Chromecast. Following are some simple steps to get it working through Chromecast:

  • Download the Sling TV app on any of your devices and log in to it.
  • Now set up your Chromecast-associated device with your LG smart TV.
  • Connect your Chromecast and device containing the Sling TV app to the same internet connection.
  • Now get access to Sling TV on your device and play your favorite title.

  • Now opt for theCast iconinSling TVand choose yourChromecastdevice name (LG smart TV) from your device. You are all set to watch your Sling TV shows on LG TV.

Get Sling TV on LG Smart TV via Streaming Devices:

You can easily merge other streaming devices with your LG TV. To do so, launch your streaming device with LG Smart TV. Now connect the internet connection to your streaming device. Next, install the Sling TV app from the app store on your streaming device and activate the Sling TV on the streaming devices by visiting and start streaming Sling TV on LG TV.

Sling TV Subscription Plan:

Sling TV has three different subscription plans with different pricing and channels.

  • Sling Blue, for $35/month, offers 20+ channels.
  • Sling Orange for $35/month.
  • Sling Orange + Blue for $50/month, offering 50+ channels.

Besides these packages, some channels not provided in the offer can be activated individually by paying specific amounts for each channel. Like AMC+ costs $4 and Heartland Plus costs $6 additionally.

Can I Download and Watch Videos Offline from Sling TV?

You can easily cancel your Sling TV subscriptions if you are more of an offline streaming fan than watching online on Sling TV. However, before cancellation, you can avail the option of downloading it with StreamGaGa Video Downloader.

How to Use StreamGaGa Step by Step?

  1. Download and install SreamGaGa Video Downloader on your device and search Sling TV from VIP services.

  1. Now search for your preferred shows from the streaming service and look for the download option.
  2. Select the preferred subtitles and audio and start your download. Your downloads will appear in the downloads section.


Can You Watch Sling TV for Free?

The free trial is now unavailable, but Sling TV still offers a list of some shows, including Dexter and Rick and Morty, that you can watch for free.

Is Sling TV Available Internationally?

No, Sling TV works only in the US. But a VPN can help you play it in some other regions.

Does Sling TV Offer Any Discount?

Yes, all three plans have a 10% off for the first month.

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