What Channel Is TLC on DirecTV? (latest 2023)

If you are using DirecTV as your TV provider and want to know what channel is TLC on DirecTV. Read this guide until the end to learn more about TLC on DirecTV.

As we all know, DirecTV offers several channels to fulfill your entertainment needs. This TV provider has taken your experience to the next level and changed your attitude toward watching TV.

Unlike other satellite TV providers, DirecTV is known for providing more channels and more content in HD. If you have DirecTV, all your local channels are available in HD. What more do you want?

All the famous channels are available on DirecTV, including TLC, and in this guide, we will show you what channel is TLC. Furthermore, this guide will provide you with a list of top shows on TLC. Read this guide until the end to learn more about this channel on DirecTV.

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What Channel is TLC on DirecTV?

TLC, aka The Learning Channel, was first available in 2015 on DirecTV, and more than 95 million people living in the USA have this channel on their cable TV network. This channel is an excellent option if you prefer learning while watching your favorite shows on your TV.

You can get this channel with any bundle of DirecTV, and no matter what package you have chosen, the TLC channel is available on Channel 280.

Channel 280 is the best place to start your journey with DirecTV and enjoy entertainment content with education.

Which DirecTV plans is TLC included?

As we told you earlier, the TLC channel is available on all the packages DirecTV offers.

Here is the list of all the packages offered by DirecTV

  • Entertainment
  • Choice
  • Ultimate
  • Premier


This package will cost you $102 Per Month, but if you are new to this platform, it will cost $64.99 for the first month.


To get this bundle, you must pay $122 monthly, but if you are a new customer, you must pay $64.99 for the first month.


To access this bundle on your DirecTV, you have to pay $155 Per Month, but if you are a new customer, then the promotional fee for the first month will be reduced to $84.99


Premier is one of the most expensive bundles that DirecTV provides to its customers. This plan will cost you $206 every month, but if you sign this plan for the first time, you will have to pay $134.99 for the first month.

Above is the bundle list provided by DirecTV with their per-month prices; no matter what bundle you choose, the TLC channel is available on Channel 280.

How to get TLC on DirecTV?

Follow these instructions to get TLC on DirecTV.

  • To get your TLC channel, first, you have to get a DirecTV subscription
  • Choose any DirecTV bundles such as Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier
  • Once you have chosen any suitable package, dial 1-866-996-2797 to subscribe to your DirecTV Package

Now you have to subscribe to DirecTV, and you can enjoy hundreds of channels on your TV, including TLC

Popular TLC TV Shows on DirecTV

In the start, the main focus of this channel was to showcase only educational content. But with the passage of time, these channels started to broadcast dramas, reality shows, interior design shows, and many more.

Here is the list of the top show currently available on this channel.

  • We are sisters
  • My name is Jazz
  • The Amish are breaking
  • Sister Wives
  • The Little Couple
  • Who do you think you are
  • Out Daughter
  • Long Lost Family
  • 7 Little Johnstons
  • Dr.Pimple Popper
  • Cake Boss
  • Untold Stories of ER
  • Say yes to the Dress
  • 90 days Fiance

These were the list of popular shows available on TLC Networks.

How to Download TLC Videos for Offline Watching?

TLC Networks offers many educational as well entertaining content. But the worst thing is that you can’t download them to watch offline because this Network doesn’t provide any downloading feature. However, there is a possible way to download TLC videos for offline watching.

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With the help of this downloader, you can easily download videos in HD quality with Subtitles. The best feature of this program is that all the downloaded videos are saved in MP4 format so that you can stream those videos on any desired device.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to download videos from StreamGaGa.

  • Visit StreamGaGa's official site and download the program on your device
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On Which Platform TLC channel is available?

You can access this channel on various platforms, such as Sling TV, Hulu, Fubo, YouTube TV, Philo, and more.

How do you Add a TLC channel on DirecTV?

The TLC channel is already available on DirecTV. Just navigate to Channel number 280 to access this channel on your TV.

Is TLC on Amazon Prime?

Yes, all the content of TLC is available on Amazon Prime videos. You just have to pay $79 per year to get Amazon Subscription.

On which device is TLC go compatible?

You access TLC Go from any web browser from a device like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Samsung TV, LG TV, and more.

On which channel TLC is available on DirecTV Premier?

You can watch this TLC on channel number 280. This channel is available on all the packages offered by DirecTV on 280.

Is DirecTV available outside the USA?

No, this TV provider is only available in the USA; if you live outside the USA, you have to subscribe to a TV provider that offers services in your region.
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